Dinosaur / Cu Chulain deck to farm Pegasus Lvl 40

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update 24/04/2017


This is the cheapest deck to farm Pegasus Lvl 40 probably. Although win rate is not high relative to other farming decks with the Unhappy Girl or Dream Clown, it will work for you who did not roll the 1st and the 2nd card boxes and started the game recently.

Obtainable score5,000 - 6,000
Popular skillDinosaur Kingdom
Essential cards
  • Dinosaur monsters
  • Piranha Army

Example deck

Cú Chulainn the AwakenedElement SaurusElement SaurusOtohimeOtohimeBlue-Eyes White Dragon
Crawling Dragon #2Crawling Dragon #2Crawling Dragon #2Two-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King Rex
Ritual WeaponPolymerizationEmblem of the AwakeningDe-SpellDe-SpellMetalmorph
Curse of AnubisWindstorm of Etaqua------Bracchio-raidus

Set skill

How to use this deck


With the dinosaur kingdom skill, most of your dinosaur monsters will have high enough attack to beat most of Pegasus' monsters with ease, use Otohime for his higher attack monsters. Tribute summon Blue-Eyes at any point in the duel to get the tribute summon bonus. Ritual summon Cú Chulainn the Awakened using BEWD as the sacrifice to make sure he is in the graveyard, activate Cu's ability and equip him with Ritual Weapon and Metalmorph to deal over 5,000 damage. You can also replace ritual weapon with Gift of the Martyr for more flexibility.

Get "Titan Showdown" skill!

Using Rex to farm Pegasus will also help you get Rex's exclusive skill "Titan Showdown". It's a skill that can be essential in some farming decks by doubling damage dealt(or receive), making any monster that can reach 5,000 attack to be able to deal 10,000 for higher score bonus.

To get better score with higher win rate

To increase your score, use glossy or prismatic cards. Every time you use a glossy card, it's worth 100 points, 200 for prismatic cards. Once you get better cards, you can replace cards like de-spell for better ones such as Wild Tornado or use Master of Oz as the fusion monster.


I'd suggest sticking with the De-Spells over Wild Tornado, so you don't have to worry about Mimicat blowing up your Fusion Weapon on the last turn.
<< Anonymous(Rooster)
Rooster Reply
Ok scratch that, I didn't realise Pegasus actually runs WT himself.
What can I replace Otohime with?
This deck sucks lost 3 times in a row
It has a chance of winning, but you have to have a good starting hand and pegasaus an average one, having otohime and a dino will surely win you the game.

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Low defence means he's weak to enemy controller and then a simple attack. Also super rush...
Weird I unlocked him as a playable charackter
You only have 1 LP? I smell hacks.
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