Made by King Halo

Obtainable score
Essential skillSwitcheroo
Essential cards


  • Can control the field and cards in hand/deck.
  • No UR cards.


  • The combinations can fail you if your opponent does not have any monster for you to use conscription.
  • Possible dead hands even with switcheroo.

Example deck

Twin-Barrel DragonTwin-Barrel DragonThunder DragonThunder DragonThunder Dragon4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
4-Starred Ladybug of DoomPossessed Dark SoulPossessed Dark SoulPeeking GoblinPeeking GoblinPeeking Goblin
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerExchangeExchangeExchangeConscription

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Return 1 card in your hand to your Deck and draw another. The skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.

How to use this deck

Deck Aim

The aim of the deck is to be able to control your opponent's cards in their hand, deck, as well as their field by using the 3 card combinations of Peeking Goblin, Conscription and Exchange.

Peeking Goblin

This card allows you to see what your opponent's next cards are, and give you some control over what they will get next.
You can choose to keep giving them spells so they won't get new monsters, or flood them with monsters and no spells. Either way, you know what's coming next so this allows you to plan ahead.


Conscription allows you to special summon a monster from your opponent's deck. Even high level monster can be special summoned with this without requiring any tribute. This is usually more of a gamble if used on its own since you don't know what the top card of your opponent's deck is, but combined with peeking goblin, it will ensure that you won't fail with this.
Note:It's important to keep in mind that some cards cannot be special summoned without doing the requirements, as written in the card's text.


The main reason why exchange is good is because it lets you know what cards your opponent has, and be able to take 1 card from them. This can disrupt your opponent's plan while also giving you some advantage. The price is that you need to give 1 of your card as well, but if you have a useless card that aren't that good on its own, like Thunder Dragon, then you just essentially gave them a dead card.

Field control

Knowing all the main uses of those cards, the rest can be filled with cards that can compliment the combination. Since the 3 cards gives you some control over your opponent's card in their hand and deck, the monster card(s) can be used to control the field.

Possessed Dark Soul will let you steal your opponent's monster if it's a 3 star or lower, while 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom destroys 4 stars. You can also use other cards to maintain some control, cards like Sergeant Electro can lock their spell/trap cards if you are certain that electro can manage on its own.

When to use them

You can either use bandit keith's switcheroo tactic by using a Thunder Dragon's effect to draw the other 2 so you can switcheroo one of them, or keep both thunder dragons to be used for exchange. Use exchange when the cards in your hands are only thunder dragons, or cards that your opponent will likely not be able to use, or don't want to use. Take whichever card to help you win the duel or give your opponent a disadvantage.

Possible replacements

Sergeant Electro
Sergeant Electro
Can be useful to lock your opponent's spell/trap.
Jar of Greed
Jar of Greed
If you are lacking some of the cards, you can always replace it with this.
Magical Arm Shield
Magical Arm Shield
Forces your opponent's monster to attack each other, possibly destroying both.
Mind Haxorz
Mind Haxorz
You won't be exchanging your thunder dragon with this, but this can provide an alternative if you want to see your opponent's card in their hand.


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"No UR Cards"

Has 2 Twin barrel dragons
This deck is not good for exchange. Most of time that is his dead draw. First person just play bad as you can see how he windstorm for nothing. Second is okay he mainly lose because of two lady-bug and dark soul. The youtuber is almost lost if he didn't draw all of them out fast.
good thing they didn't release change of heart along with this event
King Halo the Number 1 Japanese Kaiba cup player built this deck. It's not meant to be competitive, but he says it performs quite well. It's a hard deck to pull off because you need to make decisions based on predictions.

Watch his original video, he show cases how to use it properly. The voice is in Japanese though
Its not even about weak or strong deck. Its more like a cheap deck, stealing and using your monster against yourself, just like what relinquished did. Not much strategy involved, therefore I am not supporting.
No idea how to play this deck properly
this deck most likely will get crush by gravekeeper though...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
and relinquished, (as always)
This deck wins by giving the opponent 🔥. I hereby name it 'the carcinogen puppetmaster deck'. Although 'the carcinogen ventriloquist' would also be a good name, since that also implies you're fisting their derrière.
Will you at least credit the original creator?
The main effect of this deck is pissing your opponent off lol...
cool deck but weak
I'm going to test this deck for sure.

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