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No Holy Guard deck to farm the bros!
update 31/01/2017

Note: This deck is built when the "Flame of the Tyrant" booster pack is released.


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Essential cards


  • Very easy to mill your opponents deck.
  • Does not care about opponent’s monsters, no matter how high their attacks are.


  • Can get overrun by faster decks.
  • Slower approach, making it weak against OTK decks like Daedalus or Karate Man.
  • Weak to Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou or other flip negating effects.
  • More difficult to win against more opponents that bring more than 20 cards.

Example deck

Sphere KuribohWarm WormWarm WormWarm Worm4-Starred Ladybug of Doom4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
Cocoon of EvolutionGokiponHiro's Shadow ScoutHiro's Shadow ScoutHiro's Shadow ScoutInsect Imitation
The Shallow GraveThunder CrashCurse of AnubisAssault on GHQWindstorm of EtaquaA Feint Plan
A Feint PlanA Feint Plan--------

Set skill

How to use this deck

Useful cards

Assault on GHQ
Assault on GHQ
A great card for milling decks, activate its effect along side Warm Worm can discard 5 cards in your opponents deck in total.
Hiro's Shadow Scout
Hiro's Shadow Scout
Helpful to thin your opponent's deck, can also discard spells.
A great card that can be fully utilize along side Peeking Goblin.
Cup of Ace
Cup of Ace
Regardless the outcome this card is a WIN-WIN case,
it can thin your opponent's deck or gives you more cards in your hand.
Peeking Goblin
Peeking Goblin
A great card that is capable of switching momentum, fully utilize with Conscription.
Can be considered as a defensive card for this deck and good in maintaining board control.
Warm Worm
Warm Worm
One of the keycard for this deck, use along side Regretful Rebirth can discard 6 cards in your opponent's deck in total.
Regretful Rebirth
Regretful Rebirth
Useful to Warm Worm for fast milling.
The Shallow Grave
The Shallow Grave
Another support card useful to Warm Worm
for fast milling, and retain board presence.
Useful in pulling out Warm Worm out of your deck and a good stalling card for this deck.
Insect Imitation
Insect Imitation
Can be use to Skelengel to special summon Warm Worm from your deck.
Cocoon of Evolution
Cocoon of Evolution
Another useful card for defensive purposes. Be aware that it can easily countered by Possessed Dark Soul.
The Golden Apples
The Golden Apples
A defensive card to support and maintain board presence.
Chain Destruction
Chain Destruction
A good situational support card, can be use against deck such as "harpies" and also to your own monster Warm Worm to mill your opponent faster.
Thunder Crash
Thunder Crash
Useful since this deck is a burn out milling deck, while destroying your monster such as Warm Worm you can thin your opponent's deck faster and inflict effect damage.
Infinite Dismissal
Infinite Dismissal
A support card for faster milling by sending your Warm Worm to the graveyard, if your opponent decided not to destroy it, or can even be use to stop cards such as Jerry Beans Man and Sonic Duck.
A Feint Plan
A Feint Plan
Another support card useful to stall turns, and to pull out combo such as flipping Warm Worm and activating Chain Destruction.
Delg the Dark Monarch
Delg the Dark Monarch
A strong board presence and which effect is immediately activated once summoned, discarding two cards from your opponent's deck for faster milling.


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4est 5days ago
Please bear in mind there is an ANNOYING glitch associated with this deck.

If your opponent has 2 cards remaining in their deck and your Hiro or Warm Worm is activated, they will NOT deck out and lose. They just discard their remaining 2 cards and you do not receive the deck-out win until their following draw phase or until a second Hiro/Warm Worm is activated while they have 0 cards remaining.

I've lost so many games because of this glitch x.x

I also have no idea if it still glitches if Hiro/Warm Worm is activated while your opponent has 1 remaining card in their deck.
<< Anonymous(4est)
Otong 5days ago Reply
If u activated hiro's effect while their deck contain 2 or less card, it should be deck out. But if you activated warm worm's effect while their deck contain 2 or less card, it wont be a deck out cause it was not drawing a card, it was discarding a card from their deck to graveyard. So if you activated the warm worm's effect, make sure u can survive that turn before ur opponent deck out
<< Anonymous(4est)
Anoymous 4days ago Reply
It's not a glitch, it's the mechanics. A deck out is achieved when there are insufficient card(s) to fulfill a draw condition. Warm worm sends cards to the graveyard vs. Hiro forcing the opponent to draw card(s). Similarly, GHQ will not cause a deck out victory while a cup of ace can.
<< Anonymous(4est)
4est 3days ago Reply
Ah, makes sense now. Thanks for shedding light guys.
Super Mill Deck 19days ago
Anoymous 19days ago
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 19days ago Reply
Milling deck...
this will get crushed by gravekeepers deck
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
When I played this in the KC cup, I won all my gravekeepers matchups lol
Current build
<< Anonymous(Thevegasbomb)
Anoymous Reply
Hope this helps ✌️
Current build
What about 'Regretful Rebirth'? Brings back Warm Worm or Hiro for 1 turn and it automatically gets destroyed after.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
it can be used on warm worm, but not hiro. coz hiro need to be flip, while warm worm count it as destroyed twice. so the effect would activate twice
Oh boy this deck pisses me off
This decklist suck :v
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
your ':v' suck
Why there is no cup of ace in this deck ?
Imagine this when all cards come out: x3 warm worms, x3 cocoon of evolution, x1 poison jar, x3 regretful rebirth, x3 shallow grave, x3 time machine when it's out, x2 skull invitation, which makes 18 cards.

Scenario 1: add 2 attacking monsters like jerry bean man to make 20 cards.

Scenario 2: add 2 insect limitations to makes 20 cards.

Scenario 3: add 2 cyber steins or whatever they're called.

Skill 1: Life Cost 0 to combine with cyber stein as a back up to call upon Fusion monsters.

Skill 2: Odion's 3 trap card in graveyard revive so you can add time machine (when it's out) or regretful rebirth back to your hand

Skill 3: Odion's chain reaction as it could deal around 1400 damage to give opponents something else to think about.

Let me know what you guys think and when is time machine out?

Thanks guys.
<< Anonymous(Mikey)
Mikey Reply
Skill 4: Joey's Last gamble to get more trap cards at the ready
Imagine with x3 Time machine's too! When is that card out btw?

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Damn. Thats a great drop rate. Was really looking for gold. Who needs skills or gems... -.-
low win ratio, low points. bad deck
It's true and that is why i put 3 copies for each monster. So that probability to get good h...
how do you counter this? I can't seem to activate Divine wrath even when it's controlli...
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