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update 26/01/2021

Steelswarm Roach

Steelswarm Roach
Monster TypeFiend
Card typeXyz / Effect
Card Effect TypeQuick Effect
ArchetypesSteelswarm / lswarm


2 Level 4 monsters
During either player's turn, when a Level 5 or higher monster would be Special Summoned: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; negate the Special Summon, and if you do, destroy it.









How to Get

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Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys Monster Cards / Destroys negated Summons
Summoning categoriesNegates Special Summons / 2 Xyz Materials

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I just can see it, there will be lots of questions about this card in the future, due to its effect being only able to respond to built-in/inherent Special Summon, and cannot respond to Special Summon that starts a Chain/occur due to resolution of a card's effect (since you cannot interrupt a card in the middle of resolving).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
tra tras rash trash can
<< Anonymous
Not KoG 17days ago Reply
Unfortunately Roach CANNOT negate XYZ because it does not have a level.
<< Anonymous
Not KoG 17days ago Reply
Very good card because it is easier to side this in the extra slot. Kills Levianeer all day.
Newkama kenpo
Can steelswarm roach negate special summon level 5 or more of

* synchro summon? (harpies, blue eyes, stardust, red dragon archfiend)

* fusion summon? (ddd, cavalry, red eyes, masked hero)

* levianeer, blue eyes from ancient stone, dragonduo
<< Anonymous(somesmuck)
Anonymous Reply
Roach can negate and destroy special summon of junk synchron and stardust
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^Its junk warrior not junk synchron
<< Anonymous(somesmuck)
Ho Lee Fuk 17days ago Reply
Defaq, roach CAN negate synchro you imbecile
<< Anonymous(Newkama kenpo)
Not KoG 17days ago Reply
Steelswarm is a strong card as it negates the meta creatures (BE, HARPIE, PENDULUM YES PENDULUM TAKE THAT MAIOSENJU)
Yes to Synchro, SS by Effect, AND Fusion Summon as long as it is LEVEL 5+.
how to get not updated

Did not activate on Battle phase
<< Anonymous(Mukai)
Anonymous Reply
This card has some restrictions. Scroll down to see some of those
Does this guy do anything, I keep summoning him but he hasn't been able to prevent even one special summon of a level 5 or higher
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Read a few post down below, about this card's ruling
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I used him against blue eyes, doesn t stop sage,stone, ancient rules, poly, spirit of white summoning be
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
When facing a BE deck this card can only negate syncros. Note that Spirit dragon effect to summon another syncro blue eyes doesn't count as syncro summon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

Well yeah, all of those are not inherent Summon.

As he above anon says, the only thing you can stop with Roach in a BE deck is BE's Synchro Summon.

Against BE, bring out Abyss Dweller instead.
Inherent summon....pure bs surely konami invented that s*it to print another card that does exactly the same but not tied by that bs and making it expensive af
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
that is exactly what happened

I see you know konami very well
Casual Niz
Was super excited to tech this card into my rank 4 deck only to find out it can stop virtually nothing in the format. I got one on the date release and cant recall negating a single summon. Ty Roach. I would have preferred you to cost 3 materials and stop non inherent summons as well.
<< Anonymous(Casual Niz)
Anonymous Reply
Roach would have been huge some months ago when we were in the syncro era
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They can't release an Xyz in Synchro era, though.
I feel bad for those people who got clickbaited by DLM
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
DLM is Konami's best salesman.
fear the roach
<< Anonymous
michael_gb Reply

Michael Cotton
After trying this for a while, I'm realizing this is actually overrated.
There are too many ways to play around this card, it's extremely situational, and has too low attack. It might be the most underwhelming among all staples in the same box.

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