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Does this guy do anything, I keep summoning him but he hasn't been able to prevent even one special summon of a level 5 or higher
Read a few post down below, about this card's ruling
I used him against blue eyes, doesn t stop sage,stone, ancient rules, poly, spirit of white summoning be
<< Anonymous
When facing a BE deck this card can only negate syncros. Note that Spirit dragon effect to summon another syncro blue eyes doesn't count as syncro summon
<< Anonymous

Well yeah, all of those are not inherent Summon.

As he above anon says, the only thing you can stop with Roach in a BE deck is BE's Synchro Summon.

Against BE, bring out Abyss Dweller instead.
It's completly bugged, pardon the pun in my experience. I havent even had it activate once ever.
Not KoG
In the ED, Steelswarm Roach is paired with Abyss Dweller. If the player sets, XYZ Abyss Dweller because that is a GY trigger. If the player sets TRAPS, XYZ Steelswarm Roach first because it wants to clear your board to summon a big stick.


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batman looking @@@
Dear player, we discourage players from playing excessively. It is intended to reduce screen-time...
There's a DSOD design Dark Magician playmat for 100 summons, that's the only one I know...
You cannot use Mahad as a cost
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