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update 18/03/2017

Raging Mad Plants

Raging Mad Plants
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect


All Plant-Type monsters you currently control gain 300 ATK for each Plant-Type monster currently in your Graveyard, until the end of this turn. During the End Phase, destroy all Plant-Type monsters you control.

How to get / rarity

PackLand of the Titans [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Provides a good boost of attack depending on the number of plant monster in your graveyard.
  • A quick-play spell, usable from your hand or during your opponent's turn and during damage step.


  • Destroys your plant monsters at the end phase the turn you activate the card.

Tips, related cards, skills

  • You can use cards like Interdimensional Matter Transporter to banish your monsters before the end phase so your monsters don't get destroyed.
  • Can be useful in some farm decks using Talaya, which is a high attack plant monsters, and raging mad plants to get high attack that can reach certain high damage thresholds.

Talaya, Princess of Cherry Blossoms

Used together with Talaya so your other monsters won't get destroyed from the spell's effect.



Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys your Monster Cards
Stat changesYour monsters gain ATK

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Hot New Top
back in the day this card was actually kinda hilarious because sylvan decks used to play 3 of it... yep, way before econ and divine wrath were used.
Does it stack if I use 2 at once?
Only rich people use this card, I use 2 copies of this card so yeah.
Heheheh, use this card with sylvans and have the graveyard plenty is the best thing there is. Since if they attacked you, you might otk them in their turn, heheheh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Assuming you survive, that is. This card is usually used once they cleared your board and ready to blast away all your remaining LP.
Limited removall
King of Games Budget Sylvans;
ass version of limiter removal for plant type.
This shit and Talaya should be N rarity. Its just an outright terrible card that nobody going to use. Even usefull stuff like Moisture Creature and Gift of the Martyr is only N rarity
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"nobody going to use" becoming "most people use" now new pack is here, lol
From trashio to meta
From tier garbage to tier 0, better combo than Dark World Dealings.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's meant to be a burst finisher for plant decks, possibly after special summoning one or two of them. Just 3 plants in your graveyard is an extra 900 damage, which definitely should not be taken lightly, even if you only have one monster.
<< Anonymous(Medrin)
Anonymous Reply
If you draw that card early in the game, it is useless. When you get a good chance to activate it, you have to worry about ur opponent trap cards and sphere kuribohs. Risky move.
<< Anonymous(Medrin)
Anonymous Reply
Its trash that anybody with at least a half working brain should avoid. Low boost without setup(which requires tremendous effort) with an unnecessary side effect means its shit. This is NOT Limiter Removal. You might as well run Reinforcement or Rising Energy if you want an attack booster
<< Anonymous(Medrin)
Anonymous Reply
It also works well if you have a world tree in your field,so even if you fail you still have a few counters on your field.Also,with the aromage deck ,if you have the field on, you get 1000 hp for each monster destroyed,allowing for survivability and a counter the next round
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So you would go -2 up to -4 just to get counter that only get you +1 OR measly 1k - 3k LP? Thats exactly the strategies of someone with not even half working brain will do
Kind of a useless card for plant decks. It drstroys your own monsters at the end of your turn.

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Same here, 17k with karakuri and keep rising
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