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update 16/03/2018


Example deck

Armored BeeArmored BeeArmored BeeMan-Eater BugMan-Eater BugMan-Eater Bug
Doom DozerDoom DozerResonance InsectResonance InsectHey, Trunade!Dark Core
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerSwamp MirrorerSwamp MirrorerMirror Wall
Mirror WallMirror Wall

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
[Insect Uprising]
You can use the skill when you control 3 or more Insect-type monsters. Decreases the ATK of face-up attack position monsters your opponent controls by 800. You can only use the skill once per turn.
Weevil Underwood

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Armored bee is actually pretty decent
I like to use this deck recipe. It's cheaper in the ling run because it only requires you to go through certain boxes once each. Also, i like to use some cards that you don't normally see get much play. Like Silent Insect for example. This recipe is a little old, though. I would swap out one of the traps for Widespread Ruin at this point.
In my deck I also added;
- Metamorphosed Insect queen
- Cocoon of Ultra Evolution
- Any equip spell card
- The Card Trader (used only if Meta Insect queen happens to be in your hand)

(Sorry for bad english)
<< Anonymous(Bogas)
Bogas Reply
Now that I think about it, you just need a pinch hopper to summon her.

So, yeah
"Cost: mid"

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
>3x Mirror Wall
>"Cost: Mid"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Even better:

>3x Mirror Wall
>3x Armored Bee (which is also an UR)
>3x Man-Eater Bug (also an UR)
>2x Doom Dozer (an SR)
>1x each for Hey, Trunade and Dark Core (both SR)
>"Cost: Mid"
A better insect uprising deck is 3x bladefly combined with 3x worm bait. Worm bait doesn't let you set level 3 or 4 monsters the turn you use it, but bladefly is lv 2 and lets you decrease the attack of earth monsters. It's 1100 attack when summoned, so anything less than 1900 attack is guaranteed to die. A few spider eggs lets you negate an attack when necessary and get 3 insects onto the field.

Millennium scorpion and grasschopper are good tribute summons, and cocoon of evolution and 4 star ladybug help stall. 2 of the best additions to the deck are Desert Twister and The Atmosphere, which take advantage of insects' typing and the deck's readily available tributes. Pinchhopper and Quill Pen of Gulldog are nice additions too.
Awful Insect Uprising deck. A far more consistent version uses Gokipon, Pinch Hopper, Scorpion and Graschopper along with Worm Bait. Worm Bait ensures you can activate Insect Uprising 100% of the time you get it on hand.
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Kerry17 Reply
I'm trying to build an insect uprising deck. I was grinding with joey to get heart of the underdog, what would you recommend for an insect uprising DECK? I'm really new to making decent decks. I'm stage 30(no pay to win)
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Edgar81539 Reply
Out of everything I named nothing is PTW. Gokipon and Arsenal Bug are card trader cards, Grasschopper and Millenium Scorpion are drops from Weevil and Odion respectively. Pinch Hopper is a rare drop from Flame of the Tyrant and Worm Bait is a normal drop.

<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Kerry17 Reply
Okay! Thanks! Wish me luck!
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Some guy Reply
" Edgar81539 1days ago
Awful Insect Uprising deck."
Agree with you 100%. This deck sucks and is outdated as hell. They need to update asap. A viable insect uprising theme deck does (probably) exist. I'm personally looking for one myself as I am bored of using typical "parasite infestation" burn decks and I want to build a fun competitive insect deck instead.
someone please post their deck tips.
I only won one game with this deck. HOWEVER it made the slug through "summon 60 insects" mission of stage 52 that much easier. 10/10
The term "swarm" has never been more appropriate.

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op :d
can KoG be demoted ?
They can hit other cards. They are not limited Komushrumo (SR) but noone play Sylvans anymore.
Grepher is an option i guess
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