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Essential skillBluff Trap
Essential cards


  • Provides card advantage over your opponent.
  • Very good against decks that are dependent on back row cards.


  • You will slightly more often have unfavourable starting hand.
  • Very low attack power.

Example deck

Diskblade RiderDiskblade RiderMefist the Infernal GeneralMefist the Infernal GeneralMefist the Infernal GeneralPossessed Dark Soul
Possessed Dark SoulAmazoness Chain MasterAmazoness Chain MasterDark Mimic LV3Dark Mimic LV3Enemy Controller
Enemy ControllerStormStormStormWild TornadoWild Tornado
Wild TornadoWindstorm of Etaqua----

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Bluff Trap
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1200. "Statue of the Wicked" is set in your Spell & Trap Zone.

How to use this deck


Bluff Trap is a very unique skill that only Odion can use. Whenever you take at least 1200 damage to your LP, you will be able to activate this skill. This skill offers you a face-down set trap, Statue of the Wicked. This gives you 2-card advantage. If Storm is used, it increases the number of spell/trap cards that you can destroy by 1. When this face-down card is destroyed by card effects such as Storm, you can special summon a Wicked Statue token which is mainly used for a tribute summon afterwards.

Wild Tornado

The ideal setting: Use Storm with face-down cards, Wild Tornado and Statue of the Wicked. You are able to destroy 2 spell/trap cards that your opponent controls. In addition, you gain a token that can be used as a tribute. On top of that, you get to destroy any face-up card due to Wild Tornado's effect. Overall, that is a 4-card advantage over your opponent.

Other useful cards

Airknight Parshath
Airknight Parshath
A strong board presence and a powerful draw engine.
also inflict battle damage difference from ATK and DEF of defense position monster.
Sphere Kuriboh
Sphere Kuriboh
1 copy of it can be replaced with a 3rd Enemy Controller or vice-versa.
Dark Mimic LV1
Dark Mimic LV1
A useful filler to draw card, especially if effect is successfully activated.
Jerry Beans Man
Jerry Beans Man
A strong beatdown monster but prone to Possessed Dark Soul but not affected by 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom effect.
Order to Charge
Order to Charge
If a normal monster will be use in this deck this card may come handy.
Smoke Grenade of the Thief
Smoke Grenade of the Thief
A useful but situational card, once resolved it has the potential to discard 1 card from your opponent's hand even Sphere Kuriboh.
Big Bang Shot
Big Bang Shot
A support card for your beatdown monster, it can also be equipped to your opponent's monster and destroy using your Storm.
Dark Coffin
Dark Coffin
Since Storm is one of the keycards of this deck, this card also works like Statue of the Wicked that needs to be destroyed faced down to activate.
Embodiment of Apophis
Embodiment of Apophis
A trap card that summons a normal monster with great DEF, useful to stall turns.


Hot New Top
This is Good deck. Even i no have Diskblade Rider. It's work very well. I hope i can pull atleast 1 DiskBlade Rider. thx for sharing deck guy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Pumprincess + storm. Great combo. kappa
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it is idiot, one free card destroyed.
<< Anonymous
Starve Venom Dragon Reply
"<< Anonymous
Anonymous close reply
it is idiot, one free card destroyed."
what he means is that, if you use storm to destroy your own pumpprincess , you'll lose it's effect of gradually reducing your opponent's attack -100 per turn. Is it worth destroying your opponent's 1 spell/trap card over that? Sometimes it's not a very good trade.
You can't use Mefist the Infernal General anymore because of the ATT power creep...
Same with Parshath. Just use some strong 5-6 Star Tribute Monsters
Baron Gelid
Here's a list I've been using, any feedback would be appreciated. I plan on taking out the Twin Barrels for another Pumprincess and Heavy Knight.
Skill: Bluff Trap
3x Chaos Command Magician
2x Twin Barrel Dragon
2x Sphere Kuriboh
1x Heavy Knight of the Flame
1x Pumprincess
1x 4-Starred Ladybug
1x Possessed Dark Soul
1x Mefist the Infernal General
1x Soul Exchange
1x Enemy Controller
3x Storm
2x Wild Tornado
1x Windstorm of Etaqua
Mefist has been power crept into uselessness
captain ring
u can use the stupid ANTeatingANT card whatever it is calleed :)
<< Anonymous(captain ring)
Anonymous Reply
Nope, Anteatereatingant only sends your cards to the grave, but doesn't destroy them. Statue of the Wicked and Wild Tornado have to be destroyed for their effects to activate
<< Anonymous(captain ring)
lord2022 Reply
captain ring read it again it is send to grave not destroy
<< Anonymous(lord2022)
lordedge2022 Reply
you're stupid lord edge, as they specify they need to be destroyed you 🔥ing idiot. The only cards that don't need to be destroyed are Big Bang Shot
<< Anonymous(lordedge2022)
Anonymous Reply
Reread that comment before you go full edgelord and call others stupid. 🔥ing autist
Anybody try Magical Hats with this? Seems like an interesting try, which could deck-thin, if nothing else
<< Anonymous
Jimi Reply
Wild Tornado's effect won't go off
<< Anonymous(Jimi)
Trix Reply
It will go off if they don't attack it
These versions of non-meta/rogue decks are terribly outdated.

The KoG version of Bluff Trap ran 3 Chaos Command Magician, Soul Exchange and Big Core.
It took me 14 duels of 8k points to get the skill
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wow u really go count? Very impressed with the length people go into for articulating their journey.
hi can anyone recommend me a good deck for farming kaiba lvl 30?
<< Anonymous(daniel)
Anonymous Reply
Cerberus with riyorku field
<< Anonymous(daniel)
Sal Reply
Use kaibaman, BEWD, Blue dragon summoner and Security orbs + riryuko fields, windstorm and add the final attack, either Vassal - union attack or Pirana Army with riruokos.
Don't like this deck. It needs multi ec, kuribo. That's just the usual exploit deck, like any ridiculous deck can work with multi mirror wall, kuribo.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This deck will work without 2 kuribohs. And econ is easy to get if you have the skills to farm Kaiba. I'm a f2p player and i have 2 econs and 2 kuribohs by gems and farming alone. You need to step up your game man.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I did not say its not possible to get another EC. (kuribo not possible now) I just wanna stress that any deck can work by having multiple of these cards: such as ec,kuribo,mw...

Lets be frank, people exploit these cards to win at all cost.

<< Anonymous
Sal Reply
I am F2P and i got 3 Kuribos and 2 Econs one Econ from Farming Kaiba 40 and the other is from the WCS qualifiers. 1 Mirror wall only in my cards pool.
This deck needs to be updated and I am tempted to build the deck since I got the skill. I think the best tribute monsters for this deck at the moment are Chaos Commander,Gravity Behemoth, Beast of Talwar, and maybe B.E.S Core (If you worry about Mirror Wall).
<< Anonymous(Inti)
Ghoul635 Reply
My current Deck Runs 3 Mefist (discard is soo strong), 2 Grasschopper and 1 Fiend Megacyber. The only thing 🔥ing me up is a deck with 2 or more Sphere Kuriboh because of the low defense of Chopper and Mefist.
I think Infernal general is better combo with yami skill = 2000 attck + discard 1 card
<< Anonymous(OC)
Anonymous Reply
The deck is built around bluff trap not yami.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i thought u said this deck is 🔥 haha

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Not that good now, but once we get Stardust/Assault Mode, it'll be a Godsend.
plus u play gilfe for that reason.
if it would be any monster then it would be better.
tell me .what a deck?
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