Dark Magician Combo: deck recipe

This page notes Dark Magician Deck profile, including essential cards and the best character and skill to use the deck.
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update 09/02/2017



  • You can pressure your opponent with strong tribute monsters and spell card effect synergy.
  • Fun deck. If you are a fan of the anime, it might remind you of some Yugi duels.


  • The low level monsters don’t have good stats and can get easily killed if you can’t protect them with a trap card.
  • If you take long to tribute summon your Dark Magicians, this deck may lose to a faster deck.

Example deck

Dark MagicianDark Magician Girl
Dark Magician Girl
Legion the Fiend JesterLegion the Fiend JesterDouble Coston
Blue Dragon SummonerBlue Dragon SummonerBlue Dragon SummonerRogue DollRogue DollRogue Doll
Sage's StoneThousand KnivesDark Magic AttackWonder WandRiryokuMagician's Circle
Windstorm of EtaquaMirror Wall--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Power of Dark
Begins Duel with the Field Spell "Yami" activated.

How to use the deck

The deck’s objective is to make use of the low level monster’s effects in order to summon Dark Magician (DM) from your deck or hand so you will have a good advantage with your spells Dark Magic Attack and Thousand Knives, as well as a high stats monster on the field.

Support Cards

Thousand Knives
Thousand Knives
May save your DM from dying from monster’s effects like Yomi Ship or Hane-Hane, it can also open way for a direct attack.
Magician's Circle
Magician's Circle
can be used to summon more spellcaster’s in 1 turn, including DMG.
Mirror Wall
Mirror Wall
Mirror Wall and Windstorm of Etaqua are used to protect your low stats monsters before you can play your DM.

When to use Dark Magic Attack

Be careful with trap cards like Blast Held by a Tribute. If your opponent has many set spell or traps, wait until you can destroy them with Dark Magic Attack. You may have your DM back from graveyard with Legion’s effect, but it’s not so reliable once you would have to summon it again somehow and you might lose control of the game, but don’t be too afraid as well, one set card could be just bluff or not be a dangerous card to you.

Other useful cards

Dark Effigy
Dark Effigy
A budget substitute for Double Coston.
Arsenal Summoner
Arsenal Summoner
Rogue Doll is in the deck because it is a normal spellcaster monster, so she can be used with Legion’s effect, but if you don’t have them you can put Arsenal Summoner.
Champion's Vigilance
Champion's Vigilance
Useful to protect your Dark Magician against card such as Blast Held by a Tribute.
Escape from the Dark Dimension
Escape from the Dark Dimension
After using Common Charity and removing your Dark Magician from play. You can special summon it with the use of this card.
Common Charity
Common Charity
A useful draw engine for this deck, along side with Escape from the Dark Dimension you can special summon the monster you removed.


Hot New Top
Is my deck any good?
<< Anonymous(Raul_Daq)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
I would try throwing in a magicians circle.
I want my waifu ^_^
Guys pla help a newbie out.
Some of the cards needs to be farmed from "Lds" like "Dark magician girl". I have been farming lvl.30 Tèa from the gate a lot, but unfortunately with no success. So, does farming her with a higher level than 30 improve the rate of getting the UR card? or it's just completely random?

<< Anonymous(I want my waifu ^_^)
Anonymous Reply
you can both share DMG! i'll stay with gemini elf ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^Gemini Elf is not female...
<< Anonymous
Malefic Reply
Lol Gemini Elf are female. Can you see a difference between male and female?
<< Anonymous(I want my waifu ^_^)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Definitely a waste. Especially if you're doing a successful farm with 8000 or more points. Wait till you're able to duel lvl 40 Tea. Otherwise it's just a waste of keys.
darkrebel 31days ago
I think duellinks is unfair to DM. there are so many great supporting cards to DM deck that are still not included in duel links. in other games, those cards allowed me to summon both MDG and DM in my first turn. at some point, DM and buster blader then next turn i got dark paladin.
well even if i think it's a bit unfair, i'm sticking to DM deck! enjoying my favorite cards, that's why i'm playing the game!
here's to hoping konami adds more magician cards!
How do I get mirror wall, sages stone, jester, champions vigilance & magician circle? I really wanna try this out?
<< Anonymous(LeequanSenpai)
Anonymous Reply
mirror wall and magician circle is from neo impact box. jester is from flame of tyrant. sage stone from tea. vigilance from kaiba.
Still need cards to complete it, but how will this work out in PvP:

3 Dark Magician Girl
3 Legion the Fiend Jester
3 Neo the Magic Swordsman
2 Dark Magician

1 Wonder Wand
2 Sage's Stone
2 Enemy Controller

2 Champion's Vigilance
1 Magician's Circle
1 Mirrorwall
<< Anonymous
OP Reply
Trade 2 Enemy Controller for: 1 Dark Burning Attack 1 Dark Magic Attack
What do you guys think?
One more legion?
<< Anonymous(Leon)
Anonymous Reply
At least 2
Add her . Plz not op and better version of legion
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
how to get this card?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not in the game he asks them to add her xD she isamazing tho
<< Anonymous
Danp22 Reply
She's a really good card. Legion is better because it searches deck and graveyard and gives you +1
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Fr tho Irl,my dm deck has 2
Road to KOG
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Is it consistent? How far has it taken you?
Dama do Macabro (Maiden of Macabre) pode ser uma sugestão para trocar a Rogue Doll, pois, em meus jogos, a Rogue Doll não desencadeou a trap Magician's Circle
I think it sucks, at the moment you can't let a spellcaster survive. They are too week. Other decks just have removals or better stat monsters, and you will never summon DM/DMG.
<< Anonymous(Stef)
Anonymous Reply
I fit Double Summon in this deck for that
<< Anonymous(Ale)
Anonymous Reply
Gravekeepers still the best spellcaster deck
<< Anonymous(Ale)
Anonymous Reply
Add tragedy to combo with windstorm so once a stronger monster attack sand is changed to defence position with windstorm tragedy will destroy that monster
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*typo* monster attacks it will change
Can you help
Me with my deck. Recomendations?
<< Anonymous(Mark)
I reckon you only need one normal spell caster and that's neo. Jester can bring him from grave and blue dragon from deck. If u have half shot. Use it to protect your double custom and jester as these cards get Dm on the field following turn.
<< Anonymous(Mark)
How?!?? Reply
How did u get the old school design of dark magician?!?!
<< Anonymous(How?!??)
Troll Reply
The same way i did. Start playing the game before the first Pegasus event :P
<< Anonymous(Mark)
Anonymous Reply
add a sages stone & another DMG girl. & another magicians circle if you have it. take out your voodoo dolls and some of those dragon summoners. put some traps in like mirror wall / metalmorph / rising energy. no need for summoned skull. try to level up tea to level 38 for DBA
How do u get the dark magician.not the one that Yugi gives u
<< Anonymous
Nubashet Reply
Defeat Level 30/40 Yugi at the Gate or Duel World.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well right now arkana an event that happening gives you a different DM he looks cooler and different then the others

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