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Example deck

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
[Menace from the Deep]
Can be used if "Umi" is on the field, and you have a Water-attribute normal monster on your field. That monster can attack your opponent directly. this turn. At the end of the Battle Phase, that monster is sent to the Graveyard. This skill can only be used once per turn.

Deck rating

PVP6.0 / 10
PVE6.0 / 10
Auto DuelPoor
Deck GradeLow
→ See deck database for what each measure mean


This deck is relatively easy to build. You need to get just three cards, Order to Charge, High Tide Gyojin, and Common Charity, from booster packs.

Not easy to use due to dependence on combos.


How to use this deck

This deck is built to use Mako's very powerful Menace from the Deep skill that allows a level 4 or lower non-effect Water-attribute monster to attack your opponent's Life points directly. However, the monster is sent to the graveyard in the end phase.

To take full advantage of a Water monster affected by the skill, the deck contains Order to Charge spell, Aquamirror Cycle trap, and Forgotten Temple of the Deep. For how to use them, check explanations below.

Combo 1

Menace from the Deep + Order to Charge + Umi (Forgotten Temple of the Deep)

1Summon a level 4 or lower non-effect Water-attribute monster while a Umi (or Forgotten Temple of the Deep) is activated.
2Get the Water monster to attack your opponent's Life points directly using Mako's Menance from the Deep skill.
3During the battle phase, activate an Order to Charge spell and select the Water monster. Tribute the monster and destroy a monster your opponent controls.
4At the end of the battle phase, the monster should be sent to the graveyard because the effect of Menace from the Deep skill. However, it is already tributed involving 1 of your opponent's monster for the effect of the Order to Charge.

Combo 2

Menance from the Deep + Forgotten Temple of the Deep

1Summon a level 4 or lower non-effect Water-attribute monster while a Forgotten Temple of the Deep is activated.
2Get the Water monster to attack your opponent's Life points directly using Mako's Menance from the Deep skill.
3During the battle phase, banish the Water monster using the effect of the Forgotten Temple of the Deep.
4Since the monster is not on the field at the end of the battle phase, it can avoid being sent to the graveyard due to the effect of the Menace from the Deep skill .
5For the effect of the Forgotten Temple of the Deep, the monster is special summoned to the field during your end phase.

Other useful skills

The deck is built to use Mako's Menace from the Deep skill, so you need to get Mako to acquire the skill. Whether other characters are able to obtain the skill is still unknown.


Vipper 14days ago
After 5 times farming yugi !
I'd say throw in some gagagigos and us a legendary ocean instead of umi
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
also can use michuzre
Only had one Lancer but the deck's still a ton of fun.

Set Activation confirmation to Toggle, and set it to ON at the end of your turn to be able to re-banish a monster and summon a turtle for extra wall.
<< Anonymous
Wooster Reply
Staunch Defender is really handy. If you half shut Slim, you practically win, even against Toons. Alternatively you can use it to force your opponent to attack a turtle, and give yourself another opportunity to attack.

Econ isn't super handy in this deck. Forgotten Temple more or less acts like a persistent Econ. If anything, Chaos Zone might be better.
<< Anonymous(Wooster)
Anonymous Reply
Why isn't econ handy? Turtle semi floats so you can do econ take play with it. Eg. direct attack with lancer, banish with temple, ss turtle, steal opponent mons, direct attack again for game. Handy against opponents with BIG mons like red eyes etc. Also can be used for defensive play. Chaos zone seems too slow for this deck to be useful. Is slime not dead too often? Without supervise, its useless
<< Anonymous
Wooster Reply
I didn't find Econ too handy because most of the time it just sat in my back row. A lot of the utility of screwing with your opponent was covered by FTOD, but maybe I should reexamine it.

Chaos Zone isn't as slow as you'd think. You get a banish in your turn and your opponent's turn, that's half a summon right there. Problem is that it's only worth it if you get it early, and only then.
<< Anonymous
Wooster Reply
(Double post 'cause character limit)

As for Slime, I've found it to be an MVP. Arm Shield, Half Shut, and Supervise can all give it the turn it needs to summon. Not to mention if it gets resummoned by Supervise, it's ready to deal damage again next turn. And worse comes to worse, it can keep the turtle engine running.

If anything, this deck needs a third half shut, but it's too expensive.
I feel like this deck has potential now, especially against relinquished but no one farms mako. It also seems very underpowered aganist harpies which is a problem
<< Anonymous
CreativiTimothy Reply
Yeah this deck is great against everything, esp clown deck, but HHG. Maybe run De-Spell or Twister
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yh this deck is resident sleeper
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Kabazalus is a better water monster replacement
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Needle Sunfish deserves a mention because when it is sent to the graveyard it can lower the attack of a monster by 500 although it doesn't work very well with the other cards requiring normal monsters
Swap 3 red archer girl for 3 dragonray suggest.
<< Anonymous(Zuhke)
Claire Reply
But then you couldn't use Common Charity with it, since it doesn't count as an Effect Monster in the hand.
<< Anonymous(Zuhke)
Claire Reply
Does count*

Not sure why my auto-spell said "doesn't".
This skill is suuuuuppppeeerrr OP. Why is this a thing?
<< Anonymous(Lance)
Anonymous Reply
Everything in yugioh duel links is op but this takes the cake this deck is basically hit your opponents lifepoints directly and then banish it repeat till you win

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