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This page notes Blue-Eyes Combo Deck profile, including essential cards and the best character and skill to use the deck.
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update 30/05/2017


A high cost deck that has a potential of ending the duel in two turns.


Using Kaibaman, you can special summon Blue-Eyes very easily without using monsters for tribute summon. Part of what makes this card good is because it can be obtain from the card trader instead of packs, making it easy to obtain and having more than 1 copy, as well as special summoning a high attack monster compared to Black Dragon's Chick.

Deck profile

KaibamanKaibamanKaibamanBlue Dragon SummonerBlue Dragon SummonerBlue Dragon Summoner
Blue-Eyes White DragonBlue-Eyes White DragonBlue-Eyes White DragonCrystal SeerCrystal SeerCrystal Seer
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerChampion's VigilanceChampion's VigilanceChampion's Vigilance
Jar of GreedWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Last Gamble
Can be used in your Main Phase, starting from the fifth turn. Upon activation, reduces your LP to 100 and discards 2 cards from your hand. You roll a die and draw that number of cards. This skill can only be used once per Duel.

Joey Wheeler

How to use this deck

What makes this deck strong is using BEWD together with Champion's Vigilance. With just 3 cards, you can summon a high attack monster that can prevent your opponent from summoning monsters, or negate a spell/trap card to prevent their plays.

Starting the duel

Early in the duel, you can either summon BEWD right away with Champion's Vigilance if you have them, or set a Blue Dragon Summoner to get a BEWD. Once you manage to get BEWD and champion's vigilance, you can regain board control by preventing your opponent from summoning so you can direct attack, or use it to negate traps your opponent might use that can stop your attack.

Playing it safe

Setting a champion vigilance early before you summon BEWD can be good to get it ready for when you summon the dragon, but there's always a risk of it being locked by Sergeant Electro, or Nobleman of Extermination. If you want to play it safe, set it once you summon BEWD and don't attack if you are unsure if your opponent has a Mirror Wall or any other defensive cards.

Other useful cards

Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Red-Eyes B. Dragon
This deck is also usable with Red-Eyes, with its support cards Red-Eyes Spirit and Black Dragon's Chick.
Vanguard of the Dragon
Vanguard of the Dragon
Using more lower level monsters will prevent possible dead hands.
Totem Dragon
Totem Dragon
Effective in a Dragon monsters only deck. This can help with summoning Blue-Eyes easier.
Kaiser Sea Horse
Kaiser Sea Horse
Helps with summoning Blue-Eyes, and this won't give away your Champion's Vigilance plays.


Hot New Top
KingApex 1days ago
What can I improve
<< Anonymous(KingApex)
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
Take out sphere cancer and put in like a red eyes wyvern or another vanguard
<< Anonymous(KingApex)
Player J 1days ago Reply
KingApex, I think in your heart, you already know what needs to be improved in your deck.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
KingApex 1days ago Reply
I really don't why do you think I asked?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
Why tf would I put in a wyvern and why would I get rid of sphere kuriboh
Anoymous 2days ago
Do you think Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon would be too op for the meta?
Pvp beast 4days ago
Cool deck
Curvasud 19days ago
This is my BEWD deck with Last Gamble
<< Anonymous
AJ 17days ago Reply
storm prevents OtC/econ/divine wrath when u summon kaiba
<< Anonymous(AJ)
Anoymous 16days ago Reply
So you mean you would use storm first to destroy as many spell traps and then summon kaibaman ? I don't see how else it would work.
<< Anonymous(Curvasud)
Anoymous 15days ago Reply
If u use storm, use wild tornado
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 5days ago Reply
Storm is there to help clear the back row to make sure that kaibaman and blue eyes are summoned successfully or blue eyes attack goes through without any interruptions to stop you
Noah 8days ago
<< Anonymous(Noah)
Tiernan Adel 6days ago Reply
Need 2 more Storms and I can try this, looks fun!
Ricodadonmf 6days ago
Use lab builder skill in open turn to stall unless u have both kaibaman and bewd...the only reason I use the pots is because I have 2 beud...n I like having 2 on field...i have lost very few duels with this deck...feed back plz
<< Anonymous(Ricodadonmf)
Tiernan Adel 6days ago Reply
Try to cut down to 20 cards perhaps?
thoughts? 12days ago
Working on getting more econ and cv's,
<< Anonymous(thoughts?)
Anoymous 12days ago Reply
26 card deck?wut?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 12days ago Reply
I'm shaving it down. Suggestions and/or opinions, please.
<< Anonymous(thoughts?)
updated 12days ago Reply
Two more cv's are a must and will be replacing gearfried, and trap hole but any other suggestions?
Anoymous 11days ago
Hybrid im workin on
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 11days ago Reply
Sometimes it works well sometimes not...but its not finished yet so yea
<< Anonymous
cal 9days ago Reply
why double summon if you only have 2x blue eyes normal monsters?
Tjannick 21days ago
Any Thoughts? I only have 1 CV and 2 Econs. Would some way to use the Paladin. I also have BEUD in the extra deck.
<< Anonymous(Tjannick)
Anoymous 16days ago Reply
I think this deck is trying to do too many things. I really doubt it could play against any top tier decks even with great starting hand
<< Anonymous
Tjannick 10days ago Reply
I made a lot of changes to this deck. Got up to Gold 1. Here is the new deck list (until I get those dang CV's). I did get a third Econ finally. I used Joey and Reinforcements Kaibaman - 3 Blue Dragon Summoner - 3 BEWD - 3 Stamping Destruction - 1 Econs - 2 Divine Wrath - 1 Michizure - 1 7 Tools of the bandit - 1 CV - 1 Trap Jammer - 1 Windstorm of Etaqua - 1 Riryoku field - 2
<< Anonymous(Tjannick)
Gaia 9days ago Reply
Hey Tjannick, I definitely feel like you should put crystal seers back in your deck. You're losing the previously mentioned draw power, and don't have any significant way of stalling or saving your lifepoints (blue summoner being the only monster worth setting). All the counter traps are great but don't really help if you don't have any monster presence on the field.
<< Anonymous(Gaia)
Gaia 9days ago Reply
I would also recommend replacing Stamping Destruction with another back row removal card like the Nobleman of Extermination, if you have any. That way you can remove possible threats before getting Blue Eyes on the field (or any other dragon to use stamping desctruction).
Drizzdrinkz 20days ago
Any suggestions for this deck? I don't have champions vigilance,mirror wall or enemy controller.
<< Anonymous(DrizzyDrinkz)
Player J 16days ago Reply
Yeah, I would trade out 1 Blue-eyes for 1 copy of the above picture. The reason why is because if you go against Relinquish. Relinquish will try to suck up your Blue-eyes. Than attack you for 3k which is really bad. The plan with transporter is to chain to Relinquish! This way when he tries to suck it up. Your monster will get banished. Than it will come back after his turn.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J 16days ago Reply
If you chain transport, Relinquish will be unable to suck up BEWD. Relinquish has 0 attack. He can't really damage you with 0 attack. It can also help you tribute summon with Kaiser. You can transport Kaiser away for a turn keeping it from dying so you can tribute summon BEWD in some situations. Just make sure that your opponent can't finish your life points off when you do it.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
DrizzyDrinkz 16days ago Reply
Ok hell yeah. I've been searching for something to combat that exact issue. Relinquished is a douche. Lmao
<< Anonymous(Drizzdrinkz)
Anoymous 10days ago Reply
Yea, don't build the damn deck then you idiot when you literally miss the most important cards
BaDumTss 14days ago
I am thinking to replace 1 Mirage Drag for another Mirror Wall. Any thoughts?
<< Anonymous(BaDumTss)
Anoymous 12days ago Reply
maybe another kuriboh or windstorm,with kaibaman decks u need to protect yourself until u get the combo,so a lot of times u wont have a monster on the field or have blue eyes,so mirror wall wont help in both situations since with no monster u will still take the half damage of your opponents monsters and with blue eyes people dont attack him since his atk is one of the highest in the game
<< Anonymous(BaDumTss)
BaDumTss 11days ago Reply
Thanks for the tip bro.
Anoymous 12days ago
Any suggestions of how I can improve this deck?

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