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update 13/03/2017

Deck list

The idea of this deck was kindly submitted by IceT, the player who made the deck during the KC Cup period.

Barrel DragonThe Fiend MegacyberThe Fiend MegacyberTwin-Barrel DragonTwin-Barrel DragonTwin-Barrel Dragon
Sphere KuribohSphere KuribohBazoo the Soul-EaterBazoo the Soul-EaterPumprincess the Princess of GhostsPumprincess the Princess of Ghosts
Wrecker PandaWrecker PandaCreeping DarknessEscape from the Dark DimensionEscape from the Dark DimensionDivine Wrath
Mirror WallWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
[Aroma Strategy]
You can see the card at the top of your deck even before drawing it.

Deck rating


  • Strong versatility.
  • Potentially able to summon multiple strong monsters.
  • Operates by banish synergies.


  • Requires some degree of luck.
  • Expensive to make as it consists of many UR and SR cards.

How to use

Key idea of the deck

The aim of this deck is to banish strong DARK-attribute monsters, such as The Fiend Megacyber and Barrel Dragon to fully utilize the effect of Escape from the Dark Dimension with the help of Creeping Darkness and Bazoo the Soul-Eater.

Starting turns

Start the duel by setting a face-down Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts or a face-up Wrecker Panda. You may summon Twin-Barrel Dragon if the situation calls for it. Avoid unnecessary damage by using Sphere Kuriboh and Windstorm of Etaqua.

Steps to banish

Before you can use Escape from the Dark Dimension, you will need monsters in the 'removed from play' zone. To do that, you will need to send your monsters to the graveyard first. Cards such as Wrecker Panda, Sphere Kuriboh and Divine Wrath can achieve this effect.

When there are some monster cards in your graveyard, you may proceed to use the effects of Creeping Darkness and Bazoo the Soul-Eater to banish them off of the graveyard. These banished cards can then be used for Escape from the Dark Dimension as long as they fit the criteria of the said card. Doing the procedure alone can already grant bonus ATK for Bazoo the Soul Eater and Wrecker Panda.

Notable additions and replacements

Dimensional Alchemist
Dimensional Alchemist
This card can replace Wrecker Panda as it can remove from play the top card of your deck immediately, without needing it to enter the graveyard. It also has great stats to back it up from being destroyed easily.
Cosmo Queen
Cosmo Queen
This card can replace Barrel Dragon as it is an 8-starred monster which may better boost Wrecker Panda's stats. It also has better stats than Barrel Dragon. This replacement is dependent on one's preferences.

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Would you guys recommend replacing wrecker Panda with alchemist? Because I have 2 Alchemist
Can Escape from the dark dimension special summon Gate Guardian when it is banished?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
dark voltanis on barrel dragon and counter traps instead of etaqua/miror wall ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
or better, on the kuriboh
I like the normal monster build of this deck better. More consistent, and runs through itself faster.
Is it a good idea to put 2 alchemists and 2 wrecker panda together in the same deck?
Is it a good idea to put 2 alchemists and 2 wrecker panda together in the same deck?
No skull lair, no chaos zone. You need to go back in the shop
Cool idea but time would have been better spent with skull lair as well rather than some of the cards being used here considering how hard it is right now to attack straight up this let in the game with most now having 2 SK 2 MW 2 Econ and etaqua.......... you need a way around these things
Named the deck "D.D"
Have no single D.D. card on it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dark Dimension?
Any reason why divine is in this deck? Is it to prevent Garlandolf and 4 star lady bug type effects?
<< Anonymous(Grimsykins)
iceT Reply
Divine was actually in there for Gravekeeper mostly. This deck can easily end up with cards in hand and divine could get rid of barrel dragon if you opened with it. Relinquished honestly wasn't a problem because Panda is the biggest threat usually and if they take him they only get 800 atk. Also I do think this deck's success in the KC came from people not knowing how it worked

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Yeah I guess they were pretty hyped overall. I just hope the repeat of the Kalin event comes with...
Oh yeah gravekeepers, these guys can humiliate meta decks and make them surrender turn 2 or ...
Este no lo entiedo mucho para desbloquear
Como quiero ese Konami lo puedes regalar de nuevo o vender por fa no estube en esos tienpos
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