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Dinosaur deck

It puts the opponent under a huge amount of pressure from the early turns if Jurassic World is active. Its strategy revolves around removing the opponent’s monster and leaving 2 or more high ATK monsters. It uses really powerful spells to get a huge tempo advantage, such as Riryoku and Order to Charge.

Destroy the field spell to win against

Other than being the strongest deck, there’s no doubt it is the most consistent as well. Once Jurassic World is destroyed though, dealing with Dinosaur monster becomes easier, and the Dinosaur player will quickly run out of resources.

Gravekeeper's deck

A deck that is becoming a lot more popular lately. It can pull off some really strong combos when drawing Gravekeeper's Recruiter. Since the Necrovalley Field Spell card can’t be obtained, it relies heavily on Gravekeeper's Priestess.

Getting the upper hand

What often gives an edge to this deck is catching the opponent off guard using strong defensive options such as Mirror Wall, Sphere Kuriboh, Half Shut and Windstorm of Etaqua. They will probably summon Gravekeeper's Chief or Gravekeeper’s Oracle to get a huge advantage on the following turn.

Being able to trade successfully into their monsters is the key to beat this deck.

Umi deck

Its ace card Levia-Dragon - Daedalus can destroy the whole field except itself, leading to a comfortable victory when played at the right time. The deck heavily revolves around having the Field Spell Umi.

Best use of the deck

The most suited Character to play the deck is “Mako Tsunami”. He can place “Umi” on the field on turn 0 thanks to his Skill, making it harder for the opponent to deal with WATER Monsters. Furthermore, the deck always contains at least 1 more copy of Umi, so removing it once could be pointless.

When going against them

You need to be careful when playing and setting your cards, as the deck is able to summon Daedalus even with no cards on the field. Big Wave Small Wave or Water Hazard together with Unshaven Angler are the cards you have to watch out for in that scenario.

Pyro deck

A deck that focuses on summoning either Tyrant Dragon or Infernal Flame Emperor. They can generate a lot of advantage once summoned. The deck is able to “easily” summon them using The Shallow Grave and Flame Ruler.

They could either destroy all your Spell/Trap cards or 2 of your monsters through their ace cards. It is a fun deck to play but there are a lot of stronger decks out there.

Dream Clown/Tragedy deck

There’s not many people playing this deck. Its aim is defending your monster cards like Dream Clown, Crass Clown and Blade Rabbit. Those cards can perform a good tempo swing or card advantage. Once they’ve established a decent board, it will be hard for most of the decks to get back in the game. Watch out for Tragedy, as the deck has a lot of ways to activate it (Sphere Kuriboh, Enemy Controller, Windstorm of Etaqua ,Earthquake and Curse of Anubis).


Really strong deck but relies heavily on its starting hand. You need to own 2-3 copies of “Enemy Controller” to play the deck.

Parasite Infestation Burn deck

Fun deck to play. Relies on “Weevil Underwood” ‘s Parasite Infestation Skill, but really inconsistent since the skill can sometimes give only 1 parasite in the enemy deck, out of a possible 3.

Key cards

Jade Insect Whistle allows the deck to bring Parasite Paracide on the field on the following turn. It can win games doing effect damage from “Parasite Paracide” and 3 copies of Mask of the Accursed.


Its strategy is easy to break if you can Tribute Summon a monster. Be careful though, as they always run 1 or 2 copies of Blast Held by a Tribute.

Ritual decks

They are among the most explosive decks in the game. They are not really popular due to their key cards not being easy to get. Their aim is removing your Monsters through cards like Garlandolf, King of Destruction or Relinquished.

Proper setup

What makes these decks somehow consistent are Sonic Bird and Senju of the Thousand Hands. They both generate card advantage and help you bring your ace cards on the field easily.

These decks should always run some copies of Sphere Kuriboh (2-3 in “Relinquished” decks), as they can use such a good card to its full potential. Don’t play these decks until you own at least 2 “Sonic Bird” and 2 “Senju of the Thousand Hands”.

Standard Beatdown deck

The beatdown style is a really good option to win games fast and consistently. These decks revolve around high ATK low-level monsters and Spell/Trap cards to boost their ATK. Playing against those decks you need to watch out for ATK/DEF modifiers, as losing one trade during your turn could lead you to losing the game during your opponent’s next turn. Beatdown decks often run Spell/Trap cards like “Wonder Balloons”, “Riryoku” and “Metalmorph”, as their aim is removing your monsters and forcing you to remove theirs.


Comments appreciated!


Fajar Lisong
Just thinking how good would a blue eyes, white paladin deck be with sonic bird, fulfillment of contract and a couple of negation cards?
<< Anonymous(acpilotcatz)
Giangle Reply
Not good enough !
cheezy !!
Can you setup a deck that focus on 3x dark magician girl and magician circle trap card
<< Anonymous(Winand)
✺Boc4rdi GOD Reply
you could do it yourself man
The ace cards of your deck you already said.
i recomend Cerberus + Graceful dice (from Joey)
So you have cerberus, activate dices afer using the trap, if you can... see? high atk spellcasters... you could also run skull dice.
Any tips or example deck for fusion deck ?
You can easily one turn kill with cu :)
*Lists dragon fusions and blue eyes + kazejin as two of the best possible decks right now on their website*

*Neither make the list*
<< Anonymous
SergioSoldani Reply
Do you know what meta means? Neither of those 2 decks - unlike the others - is popular at the moment. Why should they be in a metagame discussion? :)
When I playing a lot of Gold and Platinum games I saw quite a few people play Harpie decks with Hunting Ground.
I run an Odin trap/mill deck only have two warm worms but it still gets the job done haven't played much this season but made it to platinum 3 last season, 3x conscription, 3x attack and receive, 3x javelin, 2x warm worm, 2x rebirth, 2x golden apple, 2x nutrient Z, 2x jar of greed, 1x embodiment of aphopis. The jars of greed and embodiment should be replaced with another worm, rebirth and apple but don't have them.., it's a really fun deck and if there was a chat in the duels I'm sure I would be getting some hate, sometimes I add a reinforcement to easily proc my nutrient Z after people realize im running all traps they won't attack or use there 2000+ monsters so I use reinforcement to increase there monsters by 500 putting them over the 2000 for nutrient works best when combined with an apple that way you get a stronger monster then theirs, the shallow grave could also work but it would be situational with only the two-three monsters in the deck and if you don't have enough protection traps they could summon a high attack monster and win
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Mill decks are not fun. Period.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
interesting insight. I'd love to give it a try but still no luck on getting the worms...
<< Anonymous
Inti Reply
It is about as fun as facing a 30 card stall deck using Wonder Balloons and Caccoon of Evolution.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Mill deck rely ezy countered by baou equip either element saurus similar card..It rely auto lose if facing that card..So its not rely good deck
lol ritual decks are and were pretty bad in real yugioh and in this game due to the lack of common removal like bottomless trap hole they are among the best. I would like to use one but they are pretty expensive to build.

Btw: Great post! thanks
<< Anonymous(Crisalid-X)
Chronomalous Reply
The Necroz cards were meta, and Relinquished probably was quite strong in its heyday.

Nevertheless, this game has cards from all eras, original series to Arc-V, but is basically a series 1.5 metagame. It's no wonder certain themes are "stronger" than in real 1.5.
<< Anonymous(Crisalid-X)
weqqweqwe Reply
jeff jones made top8 of a ycs with herald of perfection
<< Anonymous(Crisalid-X)
Vampire Link Reply
Ritual decks were bad as you said Crisalid, until Nekroz came out and changed the way that you saw the ritual summons, so Konami made a list just to kill them cuz they were to powerfull for the Metagame on that time, now, speaking of this game you should see 1st the limitations, you can win with only a monster equiped with a sword/axe and some enemy controllers.

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