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update 09/04/2017



  • Level 4 monsters with very high ATK or versatile effect.
  • Daedalus is the true finisher in current card pool.


The rarity of the ace card of this deck, Levia-Dragon - Daedalus, is UR, so it is difficult to pull that card.

Example deck

Levia-Dragon - DaedalusLevia-Dragon - DaedalusSphere KuribohSphere KuribohYomi ShipYomi Ship
Unshaven AnglerUnshaven AnglerUnshaven AnglerHigh Tide GyojinHigh Tide GyojinHigh Tide Gyojin
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerUmiBig Wave Small WaveBig Wave Small WaveInterdimensional Matter Transporter
Interdimensional Matter TransporterWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Mythic Depths
Begins Duel with the Field Spell "Umi" activated.

How to use this deck

Summon Daedalus using Water supports

Since the goal of this deck is to summon Levia-Dragon - Daedalus and to activate the effect of this monster. Use the following two combos:

Other useful cards

Needle Sunfish
Needle Sunfish
This monsters' effect will provide you an option to which monsters on your opponents field to apply.
Blizzed, Defender of the Ice Barrier
Blizzed, Defender of the Ice Barrier
Can serve as a draw engine, and might give you a better hand next turn.
Kaiser Sea Horse
Kaiser Sea Horse
Serves as a two tribute, it also has a balance ATK and DEF. It can gain a huge boost with Umi faced up in the field.
Provides a better board control, it can also serve as a stalling card while removing monster on your opponents side of the field.
Regretful Rebirth
Regretful Rebirth
It will help to easily conduct summoning of Levia-Dragon - Daedalus when used on Unshaven Angler.
Double Summon
Double Summon
With this card you can summon Unshaven Angler and Levia-Dragon - Daedalus and still enable to attack the same turn.


Winner 11days ago
This deck has to find a way to beat relinquished
Oceanmk 7days ago
Recently I'm farming for both the new chaotic pack and wonder sky pack. I want skreech and lekunga with pot of benevolent and dimensional distortion.
anoymous 12days ago
New pack arrives with water support. Maybe this deck will revive..
anoymous 11days ago
anoymous 11days ago
Gale lizard 1400 attack seems fit better than yomi ship for attacking purpose ---> 2600 levia + 1400 = 4000 Skreech (dump 2 water monster from deck) and monster reincarnation I think will be make this deck consistent. Double summon also help both attacking and defensively. All these new cards give chance to recover from lost board with relinquish and similar decks.
Winner 11days ago
yeah it got boosted monster reincarnation and skreech
Oceanmk 16days ago
Lol now a tier 4 deck ~_~
KILLUA 19days ago
What do you guys think?
Should I change somthing?

I have 2 of those sheep card and 1 wa water hazard that I can add
anoymous 6days ago
lol nice pay2win
Chucky 23days ago
How do i counter this deck ? Please help....
anoymous 21days ago
divine wrath
anoymous 18days ago
Wild Tornado helps too. When he activates Daedalus's effect, let Wild Tornado be destroyed and you can destroy Daedalus with it's secondary effect. And his field is now bare, open wide to your attack next turn. Or your opponent will most likely just surrender lol.
Inti 8days ago
Remember not to summon to many monster against the deck unless you can otk turn 1 and set a chainable back row cards to counter Levia or use Sphere Kuriboh.
LOLP2W 25days ago
Lol what a joke. A very expensive but useless deck.
anoymous 25days ago
pls this was meta like 2 months ago...
A Dead Daedalus 18days ago
Valkyrie's Rage release just murder this deck mercilessly.
Meniqo 25days ago
What would u change :/ ?
anoymous 25days ago
Remove autonomous action unit for another high tide gyojin. If you don't have that try water hazard/kaiser sea horse/piercing moray/sphere kurbioh etc.
anoymous 25days ago
Remove autonomous for water hazard. Change one needle fish for moray and perhaps a gyojin for a phantom dragonray
anoymous 25days ago
Also, consider magic jammer in place of windstorm
Sam 26days ago
This is my deck
im in pelatinum league 2 , but im always finish the season in KOG
Hope you enjoy it
Inti 8days ago
There is nothing there.
anoymous 29days ago
Is Unshaven Angler really that necessary when you already have BWSW and Water Hazard?
anon 29days ago
water hazard + unshaven angler = daedalus its for combo, play the deck before asking i know bwsw can summon it too, but do you always has it in your hand? think of it as alternative to bwsw
KAMI 1/1/1970
This is my umi deck it ok ?what carts i need to change ?
whitekatana 31days ago
Play 3 Big Wave Small Wave, get rid of twister, the token card, and the equip spell, and add 2 Moray of Greed. Super OP.
anoymous 1/1/1970
I've seen many people mention that this deck isn't great currently. Are there any variations on the above deck that are good currently?
whitekatana 31days ago
Playing 2x Moray of Greed, very easy to activate since you're playing heavy Water monsters which allows you to get Daedelus much faster.
anoymous 1/1/1970
Can anyone explain me why Kaiser sea horse is in this Deck? Its no Target for Big Wave small Wave and for daedalus.
Ale 1/1/1970
with Umi is a 1900 ATK.

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