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update 21/01/2017

Example deck

Daedalus decks

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
[Mythic Depths]
Begins Duel with the Field Spell "Umi" activated.

Deck rating

PVP9.0 / 10
PVE9.0 / 10
Auto DuelPoor
Deck CostHigh
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  • Level 4 monsters with very high ATK or versatile effect.
  • Daedalus is the true finisher in current card pool.


The rarity of the ace card of this deck, Levia-Dragon - Daedalus, is UR, so it is difficult to pull that card.

How to use the deck

Summon Daedalus using Water supports

Since the goal of this deck is to summon Levia-Dragon - Daedalus and to activate the effect of this monster. Use the following two combos:

Other useful skills

None. Mako's "Mythic Depth" skill is necessary to use this deck.


KAMI 2days ago
This is my umi deck it ok ?what carts i need to change ?
anoymous 3days ago
I've seen many people mention that this deck isn't great currently. Are there any variations on the above deck that are good currently?
anoymous 8days ago
Can anyone explain me why Kaiser sea horse is in this Deck? Its no Target for Big Wave small Wave and for daedalus.
Ale 8days ago
with Umi is a 1900 ATK.
anoymous 11days ago
Any ideas? Lost 10 Games in a row, stuck in Gold 1, dropped from Gold 3.

Maybe change stray lambs? Because I never draw it. And maybe exchange one Big Wave, Small Wave, because I have terrible luck with my starting hand, all the time. Tried "Balance" but I need that Umi buff.

Dont want to play Rex, just to hit Plat. Its boring as hell. Currently building a Spellcaster Deck. :)

I do not have a Daedalus in this Deck, because it always seems like a dead draw! Its DEF is too low and it doesnt get the results I hoped for(Got 2 Daedalus').

But I cant seem to win with this Deck and I really want to play Mako! Any advice? I do not have Mirror Wall.
anoymous 3days ago
edit: also, Dinos aren't top tier anymore either. They can be competitive, but GK's and Reliq is just plain overall stronger now. You can even build a non themed beatdown deck that is stronger than the other 2.
anoymous 3days ago
try not to run more than 2 level 7 cards. You're too likely to get a dead draw with 2 of those in hand, and nothing to summon with. Get a 2nd Umi, if they despell/twister you, your deck is too low atk points to deal with a standard beatdown deck. Maybe add a 2nd yomi, piercing moray. Preferably go for deadalus rather than sujin, but know that Mako decks aren't what they were a month ago.
QEQAN 3days ago
Wheres your water hazard?
Ger 11days ago
i think that use a lot of monster level 7 is too heavy for the deck beside u use 3 unshaven angler, u can put traps like full house, mirror wall, change that level 7 monster for daedalus, and change that magics too, search for better staple
Oceanmk 12days ago
After playing with many different strategy. I'm back to basic.
Oceanmk 3days ago
Yeah I also face similar problem with kuribo and reliquesh. Even divine wrath, order to charge and enemy controller eat me for dinner. So sad.. Now other deck getting stronger. This deck need to change a lot to keep up.
anoymous 3days ago
edit: also noticed you're not running a 2nd umi. If they drop twister or de-spell on you, you'll likely end up with 3 deadalus in your hands that you can't summon, and can't field clear.
anoymous 3days ago
waaaaaaay too many monsters, not enough variety in spells. You're not going to get into Platinum with this deck. And honestly Deadalus is not what it used to be. GK's have a better nuke option that DOESN'T clear the whole field and leave you SOL if they've got a kuriboh. Any relinquished deck with kuriboh and fulfillment of the contract will eat this for lunch.
Oceanmk 3days ago
This deck can reach gold 2 at ease. Changes needed to go gold 4/5 and above. When comes to speed, this deck is awesome. Pure power~ Recently I'm testing some hand and field disruption cards. Amazon chain master seems interesting.
QEQAN 3days ago
This deck is crazy! I bet you wont stand a chance against parasite deck or a deck with order to charge and enemy controler or even a simple card like twister LOL
anoymous 12days ago
I no have Mirror Wall
anoymous 13days ago
When I use Daedalus destroyed everything,then I will change my card on hand with opponents
Oceanmk 12days ago
Nice strategy :)
anoymous 13days ago
When I use Daedalus destroyed everything,then I will change my card on hand with opponents
anoymous 14days ago
Advice? :)

Seems like the days of this Deck are over. Farming for the Spellcaster Deck und Dino Deck atm.

And I really need an E-Con(Got none) and Mirror Wall. :/
anoymous 13days ago
Ignore the dude. I DO have one copy of E-Con, I total forgot about that bad! Trying with one more Suijin, stray lambs and E-Con! Thanks!
anoymous 13days ago
You dont have Econ? You didnt join the KC Event?
anoymous 13days ago
If opponent manages to despell your Umi your daedalus becomes dead weight since you have no backup Umi in your deck.
anoymous 13days ago
get rid of Deadalus and one of the amulet and replace with one more Suijin and a Stray lamb.
anoymous 14days ago
Once neo daedalus gets released, it'll make all your kuriboh obsolete, since it's effect is similar to Chaos Emperor Dragon (send all cards in field and hand to graveyard).
anoymous 14days ago
divine wrath
anoymous 15days ago
This deck is obsolete. Everybody uses 2-3 twisters in their decks nowadays. Pretty sure everbody have a Sphere Kuriboh too, which makes Daedalus useless since his defense is weak. Suijin is a much better replacement.
anoymous 14days ago
wait neo-daedalus
anoymous 15days ago
not tier 1 anymore. harpie + hhg + otc, divine wrath completely destroy this deck
anoymous 17days ago
Daedalus deck isn't tier 1 anymore... I've been loosing for the last 2 days. I'm so pissed.
I was ~1000 in the rank... Now I'm near 55000. I won't get the KC icon nor the UR card...
anoymous 15days ago
It's super easy to counter Daedalus deck that alot of noobs seem to love to play. I have a beatdown deck running 3 twisters and 3 Riryoku so your Daedalus deck won't stand a chance.
j 16days ago
i made it to top 30k with only about 2 days of playing KC cup with a watered down version of this deck... maybe not tier 1 still - as other decks seem to help you go farther against tougher cards... but knowing when and when not to pull out the daedelus ace is i think your problem
anoymous 18days ago
Anyone else run into twister and kuriboh on turn one EVERY game with this deck? I have one I feel has to be at least decent yet lost 8 in a row because everyone gets magical hands.
Oceanmk 12days ago
The above post interesting. Can test the card 'Exchange'. Take his kuribo to your hand xD
anoymous 16days ago
must take some luck to go 6 straight i guess. hate sphere kuriboh
Oceanmk 18days ago
Haha yeah I also lost 6 in a row after last night 6 win in a row. That's how funny sometimes i feel this deck is. Well, enjoy it.. (-^-^)/
anoymous 18days ago
How on earth could I get 2 or more Daedaulus, Yomi Ship or Needle Seafish if there's just one of each in the boxes?
anoymous 18days ago
You reset the box in the buy menu. This way, you can draw them again.
anoymous 19days ago
Where are the Blizzeds and the jars?
This deck doesn't have enough draw power.
An aggressive Daedalus deck gets punished hard, you have to defend and draw until you can end the game with Daedalus.
suijin 16days ago
suijin can help on the stall due to his effect. I also have a moray of greed. good for cycling and a +1 draw, but can feel like dead weight too.
Oceanmk 19days ago
Sea Lord Amulet is the way to go.
RAW 19days ago
Hey could you help me to improve this deck...
thinking of runing 3 levia ...getting metalmorph and enemy controller soon :/
anoymous 16days ago
need a water hazard or another wave for summoning (i run 3 waves...) mizichure is great with yomi as a combo. maybe lose moray of greed for one of the more versatile spell cards (ECon). Sometimes that card feels like dead weight, and you have enough stall tacticts with yomi/miz.
anoymous 19days ago
People who think this deck is bad are being ignorant. Too many counters? Bring the counter of the counter. Sea Lord's Amulet and Interdimensional Matter Transporter helps. A LOT.
anoymous 16days ago
Sea Lord's Amulet doesnt help against kuriboh or Windstorm of etaqua
Apams 19days ago
What do you remove to put it ?
Raiden 19days ago
This deck actually sux in the current meta... Too many counters to it

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