Note: This deck is built when the "Flame of the Tyrant" booster pack is released.

Example deck

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Return 1 card in your hand to your Deck and draw another. The skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.

Burst potential

Since this deck is based around fire attribute, it has a really nice burst potential with “Gaia the Combustible Collective”. Even though it dies at the end of the turn, it is always going to deal nice amount of damage. You can even trigger its effect to tribute a fire monster and gain 1000 attack and even if you attack the defense position monster, it has piercing damage so no matter what you are going to hurt your opponent unless some combinations of traps/spells stop you.

Deck rating


  • Has potential to quickly finish the game.


  • Currently there are not many fire support cards available.
  • There is no skill that supports fire type decks.
  • Not very good in current meta.

How to use this deck

Be the aggressor

This deck is meant to be the aggressor thanks to cards like “Flame Spirit Ignis” and “Gaia the Combustible Collective” so always aim to finish the game as quickly as possible.


Hot New Top
What about goka for this build? Easy special summon and drops fire/pryo tokens for ignis? I'm pretty new so I donno what meta means. This is my first tcg so sorry if this is a bad idea...
I've been wondering if kickfire can be added to the deck since there are some effects that destroy monsters (Flame spirit ignis, Gaia soul) and maybe even with a two-pronged attack.
I'm using the kickfire strategy for some time, and i think that "Bonfire Colossus" is the best card gor this deck. He can be easily summoned and destroy 2 fire monsters you own without leaving your field defensless but with a 2600 atk monster. A Perfect card.
Btw is spirit ignis still reliable? Actually need tribute to just burn opponemt with little damage
In speed duel and aggresive type deck i eztimate it just will inflict about 500 or lower damage per turn and u must tribute
It still safe with the meta now?
<< Anonymous(An0nymUs)
Anonymous Reply
If you have it and an monster, you can inflict 1000 or more. It is effective if your oppoment has low LP and strong monsters.
Can anybody do a good spirit deck place for me
<< Anonymous(Goku)
Anonymous Reply
I have a Relinquished Spirit deck that got me to Gold 4 w/ 16 game undefeated streak.
If you want the list HMU.
<< Anonymous
WithoutAnAnswer Reply
List it bro
Pyro Mania
I will share my fire deck recipe (basic).
Personally, i would rate this deck as 8/8 (pretty strong/cheap to build, i spent all newbie gems on tyrant pack).
NB : with a fire up field, this deck can be one of a top tier deck (sadly, no skill nor "fire" field spell are available currently).

Infernal Flame Emperor (2)
- 9 star, cant be special summon, combo it with Flame Ruler. It's special effect to destroy spell/trap rocks !!!
Twin Headed Fire D. (3)
- 6 star, combo with The Thing in the Crater to quick summon it.
Flame Ruler (3)
- Count as 2 fire tribute. Flame Emperor show time!
The Thing in the Crater (3)
- Special summon a pyro monster ! 5 star or above can be summoned instantly !
Little Chimera (2)
- Pseudo "fire" field, add 500 att to all fire monstah!
Gaia soul C.C
- i recommend you put only 1 Gaia on your deck, since it will be destroyed at the end of turn (to get 3000+ damage or when you need to secure a win).

You can add another fire card in this deck, rigorous reaver, sergeant electro, Warm worm, but they re not in the combo squad ...

For the spell, you can use support card to increase the att, like banner of courage or burning spear.

Trap is important ! I like to use reinforcements or curse of aging, wait till the opponent attacking your monstah, its jaw dropping when you attacking a monster that suddenly having an att boost xD
<< Anonymous(Pyro Mania)
Nikolay Reply
Why no Tyrant Dragon?
Any opinions
My version so far. Need more Michizure.
<< Anonymous(Marciano)
Marciano Reply
If you go first and draw The Thing in Crater, Michizure, Twin Headed Fire Dragon and Gaia you can do 4200 on your 2nd turn. Set The Thing in Crater, opponent attacks and kills it, you get to Michizure and Special Summon Fire Dragon, then you go and summon Gaia and attack for 4200 on a open field. As long as they don't have Kuriboh or Windstorm or EC or something you win.
3 gaia and 3 apples seem good. When the gaia dies at the end of your turn, the apples will keep you alive next turn.
This example deck doesn't have the elite combo that the Flame of the Tyrant pack cards allow you to do. Which is a shame.

Combine "The thing in the crater" with the 6 star "Twin-headed fire dragon" from the same pack.

With both cards in your hand, set "thing in the crater" in defensive position. When your opponent attacks and kills it, use it's monster effect to instantly summon "Twin-headed fire dragon" to the field from your hand.

Or, attack your opponents' stronger monster with "thing in the crater" just to let it die, and instant summon your 6 star dragon, who can immediately attack.

I'm quite sure this 2 card combo has made many of my opponents rather upset with me, as it immediately changes the fight in my favor.

Vath is the deck I run, works well against lvl 33 SD's. Flame ruler is best set, with a protective spell and tribute summon in hand. Switcheroo is the best skill for hand consistency.
<< Anonymous(Vath)
Anonymous Reply
i tried to make a new account and open only this pack.
im at stage 23 now and realize that the pack really not good for pvpers.
<< Anonymous(Roberto)
Blah blah Reply
Ouch! That can change though since this deck is just missing some fire support cards and a character that can synergize with it

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