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update 16/10/2016

Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective

Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective
Monster TypePyro
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeIgnition Effect / Continuous Effect / Trigger Effect


Once per turn: You can Tribute up to 2 Pyro-Type monsters; this card gains 1000 ATK for each. If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent. During the End Phase: Destroy this card.

How to Get

PackFlame of the Tyrant
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--


How to GetRarity
Flame of the TyrantSR


Rating7.0 /10


  • High attack among low level monsters, and can increase its attack up to 4,000.
  • Has pierce ability and that works well with its high attack.


  • Only able to be used for one turn.


  • Should really only be used in a deck with many pyro monsters, otherwise there are other monsters that have more effective burst potential, such as The Hunter with 7 Weapons.






ActionsTributes for cost
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys itself
Stat changesThis card gains ATK
Attack categoriesPiercing

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I want this card being meta
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I kinda want it too....this card has the potential with the amount of power it has.
Dun see how is this card sr? Karate man vs this? Further more, the chances of tributing fire monster is not that high. End phase self destroyed, will leave ur field exposed, isnt that very bad?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
then pair it up with Des Counterblow :)

All you need is this card with Domino effect, then set up Des Counterblow so when it's your opponent's turn and they summon a monster to do a direct attack, since you don't have a monster on your field, you use Des Counterblow to counter that by destroying their monster (no damage), then it's your turn to draw.
<< Anonymous
Ririricchie Reply
Also this card could be really useful if you play a FIRE deck with Kickfire.

Btw I prefer use The Golden Apples then Des Counterblow. But yeah. Both of The Golden Apples and Des Counterblow could be useful and not depend on enemy's deck.
Can i ask if it works together with michizure?
<< Anonymous
Ririricchie Reply
Michizure only could activate during damage step.
This card destroy itself in the end phase, not battle phase. So it doesn't work together with Michizure.
You could use other trap like Kickfire.
Or other cards that need to destroys a monster on your field like "Assault on GHQ" and "Domino Effect".
Isn't this card a little too overpowered?
Just combo this with [Micro Ray] and maybe [Block Attack]
<< Anonymous(Guy)
Guy Reply
And [Kick Fire]
<< Anonymous(Guy)
Agent Smith Reply
Hmm, it's tributing of two monsters adds no counter to Kickfire, but it's own End Phase destruction does. Am I not properly understanding Kickfire?
<< Anonymous(Guy)
Agent Smith Reply
Edit: Oh, and Jigen Bakudan does add to Kickfire. 0_o
<< Anonymous(Agent Smith)
Ricchi Reply
If the effect said "destroy card", it adds counter. If it's not (like "tribute card"), it doesn't add counter.
Pair this with a copy of Domino Effect. Destroy one of the enemy monsters, then sacrifice him to kill another one. Good for a Fire Beatdown deck.
<< Anonymous(Mardon82)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, sure bro. Lemme econ, kuriboh, windstorm, security orb your monster before it touch mine. Wow it blow itself in the end phase, what a useful card!
WHAT? A level 4 card with 2k Attack? Lol no more dino meta?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Self destruct
And no freaking drawbacks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Self destruct...?
Pair this with angel 07
Is this card could be "saved" with dimensionhole/ IMT?
When I play this card and have a pyro monster in hand it doesn't let me tribute it for 1000 Atk. Am I doing something wrong ??
<< Anonymous(Kyle)
Anonymous Reply
You have to tribute it from the field not your hand
Oh wait. It's destroyed in end phase. Ok
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

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