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28th Mini Box: Chronicle of Glory
update 22/11/2016

Jade Insect Whistle

Jade Insect Whistle
TypeSpell Card


Your opponent selects 1 Insect-Type Monster from their Deck. After shuffling the Deck, place the card on top of the Deck.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory againstStandard duelists
Card trader--


How to GetRarity
Standard duelistsN



  • Can be used for a combo with Parasite Paracide.


  • Does not give you card advantage.
  • Useless when used by itself.


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ActionsAdds from Deck to Top of Deck

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Imagine being a weevil (I’m not) playing this but your opponent plays insects and is allowed to topdeck a card they need
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Heh, this brings back memories of when Gemini was my main PvP deck. More than a few games were won from them giving me a Blazewing Butterfly with Whistle, lol.
how do you get it fast?
Jade insect whistle
I finally got it!!!!
What happens if your opponent doesn't have an insect type monster?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Then it basically just shuffles their deck.
Stage 58. 500+ hours into the game and still none of these.
i just got 3 copy of this card today. i play this game about 3 month. got one from stage 33 after more than 100 duel SD because i didnt want to move up, but i got boring and move to stage 35 just to reset farm SD for Espa Rosa, and today i got 2 copy.
just an auto duel
first one i got from the SD name David(i use Mokuba Kaiba) ( not GX yugioh)
second one from the boy, forgot which one ( i use ARkana) ( not from GX)
Hope this help.
<< Anonymous(Vinh )
Vinh Reply
Last one , i forgot which one drop because i just so happy, ( use ARkana )
I already at stage 48 but still didn't get this card from standard duelists...

Anyone knows why? Please tell me...
<< Anonymous(Someone.)
Anonymous Reply
card is still alive and kicking, got it just yet ;)
<< Anonymous(yuei)
Guess What Reply
Try to use different character to farm. I use mai lv29 at mission 41 versus SD with dino card then got 1 only win in 2200 asessment
<< Anonymous(Bryce)
Guess What Reply
I use odion lv18 at stage 41 farm SD with fire cards then got it with only 3100 asessment
<< Anonymous(yuei)
Anonymous Reply
git gud
🔥 this Ring-a-Ding Baby ban this & limit it to one only !!
I hope you have Man Eater Bug in your deck otherwise be prepared to have this thing come out not only to take your draw and life points but to also be on the field for lava golem
if only y could choose the card on top
Stage 51 and i got 2 in one day after not getting any. First time was just an auto duel and second time i forgot to change off unhappy girl farming deck and "farmed" an SD, got ~6000 points and dropped it.

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The deck is back in the tier list with Ultimate Dragon. Kaiba boy doesn't want to see his BE...
Best synchro card in the game. Must have 1 copy.
If you don't draw floodgate in your starting hand then you are gone. I saw people running la...
weak...gets completely shutdown by witchcrafter decks
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