Ritual Level 7: deck recipe

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update 22/01/2017

Deck profile

Set skill

None (this deck works without skill).

Deck rating

PVP4 / 10
PVE6.0 / 10
Auto DuelExcellent!
CostVery Low
→ See deck database for what each measure mean


  • Can summon a high attack monster very early in the duel.
  • Easily auto-able with score around 3000 and ends fast.


  • Susceptible to bad hand draw being unable to summon any monsters for a few turns, or even after ritual summoning a card.

How to use the deck

The start of the duel

Use cards like Skelengel or Arsenal Summoner face down during the first turn, this is to bait an enemy into attack position and also allow you to draw another card or call Skull Guardian while also protecting you from a direct attack.

Start Ritual Summoning!

This deck is mainly used to ritual summon monsters, it can be done at early turns to get an advantage and summon a high attack monsters. You can also use this deck to clear missions that require ritual summoning many monsters.

Good at Auto Duel in the early Stages

The best part about this deck is that it also does well with auto while earning around 3000 points each duel without requiring any character skills so any characters can use it.

Note: This mainly works against Standard Duelists below lvl 45 (Some of SD Lvl39 decks are also difficult to beat with this deck).


  • What for high-level normal monsters?

    The other high lvl monsters are there mainly to either be used as a sacrifice for the ritual summon or to tribute summon since their attacks are higher than the ritual monsters.
  • Can I add Club Turtle and does it work?

    Adding Crab Turtle will not work as easily since the other ritual monster’s level are both 7 while summoning Crab Turtle requires lvl 8, which means either 2 ritual monsters or 1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
  • Why doesn't this deck contain Sonic Bird and Senju of the Thousand Hands?

    Putting sonic bird or senju can work in the deck, but it will become less consistent with the draws and requires multiple copies to be effective, it is also difficult to get each copy since they are both UR rarity from different packs while this deck is mainly built for newer players.

Other useful skills

Working without skills is the main advantage of this deck. That means you can level up any characters with deck. However you can set skills like the followings if you have.

[Skill] descriptionUser
Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck.
Boosts the ATK of face-up attack position monsters you control by 300 per level 5 or more monsters you control. You can only use the skill once per turn.


Hot New Top
i made another version of level 8 ritual monsters, comments are appreciated :)
<< Anonymous(YouMadBro?)
Linneaus Reply
looks good, choice of skill and cards are impressive. I would like to question on your use for Enchanted Javelin and Riryoku field. What opponents are you expecting to use them against?

I'm thankful that you shared with us your auto duel 8* Ritual deck and made a few changes for SD 57. i prefer to insert Kuriboh and Dark Mimic in exchange of spells / traps. Good 2.8k+ duel score <('-'< )"

<< Anonymous(YouMadBro?)
Wes Reply
I am 2 Ultra Rares and a Normal from finishing this deck. How good is this deck as of January 2019?
<< Anonymous(YouMadBro?)
Wes Reply
Also, is Master of Rites a good alternative? Asking because I don't have Balance yet for Pegasus.
<< Anonymous(YouMadBro?)
Impforge Reply
This has been very helpful for the "summon x ritual monsters" objectives. Swapped in some 'The First Monarch" for extra defense and lvl6 ritual fodder, but otherwise works pretty well with a high auto-duel win ratio.
Very bad deck. It's not for beginners at all, took me 140 packs to make the full deck, and besides that, it barely wins against lvl 20 duelists.
Please please please please take this deck off the site. It can't get 4k points at all and the auto duel wins maybe half the time (even against lv20 SDs). This is a total trap for new players
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is an extremely idiotic comment. this is meant for beginners and people who dont want to spend 100 packs on making a deck. this is a good auto-duel decks for beginning, and is meant to get 3k. that last 1k imo is good enough.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Funny thing is, it actually took me 100 packs to make this deck. So rip, I guess.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Congrats you have successfully built an outdated deck (by a year)
Thank you it’s starting to work
lvl 45, not working. rating: 2/10
<< Anonymous(Reviews)
PSA Reply
This is a low level, low cost buy in deck for beginners to increase from 2000 rewards to 3000. You should not be using it competitively or at higher levels.
<< Anonymous(PSA)
Anonymous Reply
not exactly low cost, many players will not have multiple copies of some of those cards for quite a while on the F2P plan. A standard "auto build" deck with a few tiny mods for traps and spells can also usually yield 3K against most SD at least up to 39.
I've had good success with this deck mainly not using auto. I've had usually a 8/10 wins with this. Could be because i'm dueling lvl 20 SDs but it works well for me. This deck does sometimes screw me over with bad hands resulting in me not being able to summon a single monster. I have found that using this deck on auto is pretty crap due to the AI being 🔥ed as all hell with summoning and defense/attack positioning. The only deck that gives me trouble is the Thousand Dragon deck because of Thousand Dragon and Time Wizard (of course).I've also found that using Mako with his Mystic Depths skill saves my 🔥 quite a bit against the Thousand Dragon deck. Umi boosts Fortress Whale from 2350atk to 2550 beating out Thousand Dragon's 2400atk. For the most part I enjoy using this deck as I have pretty good luck with it, i have not tried it in pvp nor do I plan to. Overall I'd say it's a great starter deck.
<< Anonymous(SureThingHD)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah it is because you are at lv20. But I ask you, what is the point of an Auto Deck when you don't use auto lol.
<< Anonymous(SureThingHD)
Anonymous Reply
I'm low stage and silver in ranked and I use this for both and it does great
Added Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight instead of magician and red eyes for easier summoning
Level 39 still decent if you swap out 3 Whale Fortress with 2 Magician of Black Chaos, swap REBD and Dark Magician for 8+ Star Dragons and add in 2 Kidmoto Dragons (I also added in Michizure).

Skill: Reset
Built a variation on this deck: a lvl 8 Ritual deck.

3x Magician of Black Chaos
3x Zera the Mant
1x Dark Necrofear
1x Senju
1x Sonic Bird
2x Pumprincess (optional)
3x Ritual Raven
1x Black Magic Ritual
3x Contract with the Abyss
1x Zera Ritual
1x filler
<< Anonymous
Kx Yoshi Reply
This deck seems to be much stronger and eventually more competetive in higher level of SDs.

I thought about to replace Necrofear with a "Garlandolf, King of Destruction".
While Magician of Black Chaos has a higher DEF than Garlandolf ATK he would stay on the field. Only Zera the Mant would die (but make Garlandolf stronger) .. Just a suggestion. =)
<< Anonymous
Sirius56 Reply
Good deck; i tried 6 times got 4 wins againts 39 SD
<< Anonymous
Nephalès Reply
Filler ?!
<< Anonymous
balsemotot Reply
nice deck, built a cheap version of it without pumprincess and sonic bird. still workds 60% against lvl 45 SDs. thanks bud.
this deck is pure garbage at stage 43 im 0 for 3. probably just use this to complete the stage reward of 20 ritual summons then never use it again
<< Anonymous(stefvel)
Anonymous Reply
Well this is a deck for beginners, stage 43 doesn't look like much of a beginner to me.
This deck is 🔥... i lose more now.
This deck is a lot better.

3x Chakra
3x Garma Sword
3x Dark Mimic LV3
3x Ritual Raven
3x Garma Sword Oath
3x Resurrection of Chakra
2x Jar of Greed or Dark Mimic LV1

I used this deck in my side account. Works very well. 2450 and 2550 atk is very fine.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This deck works until the LV 27 decks. Then they get stronger.

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lol and what different name spells will be put in?econ chalice slipper s castle then?plus it does...
if it would be any monster then it would be better.
tell me .what a deck?
Sorry about that. I'll have to look into that more. Truth be told, I've never used magn...
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