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Deck to achieve 8-9k against Pegasus!
update 22/02/2017

Example deck

Big Shield GardnaSphere KuribohSergeant ElectroSergeant ElectroSergeant ElectroCocoon of Evolution
Tenkabito ShienTenkabito ShienTenkabito ShienGravity Axe - GrarlGravity Axe - GrarlReload
ReloadEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerCard of SanctityCard of SanctityMask of the Accursed
Mirror WallWindstorm of Etaqua----

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
[Surprise Present]
Select 1 card Set in your Spell & Trap Zone, and force it on your opponent. Only the player that activates this skill can view this card. This skill can only be used once per Duel.

How to use this deck

Give them a Surprise Present!

This deck is mainly built to use with Tea's skill "Surprise Present" and giving your opponent Card of Sanctity. Set down your Card of Sanctity and use Tea's skill to give them to your opponent. They are not forced to use the hidden card that you give them, and it does not mean that it is an instant win if they use it, but players tend to be discouraged after this and surrender or disconnect afterwards. If not, then manually attack with your monsters.

Only works once per player

If they know what's the hidden card then they can simply choose to never activate it. It is by no means a serious deck to be used with a high and consistent win rate.

Lock down your opponent

Use Sergeant Electro or Tenkabito Shien together with Gravity Axe - Grarl to lock down your opponent. This makes you unaffected by traps and enemies can't use their flip effect monsters, especially if you don't attack their set monster. This will eventually leave them with no choice but to use the hidden card that you gave them, only to find out that all of their cards will be discarded.

Possible replacements

Jerry Beans Man
Jerry Beans Man
Since this deck is built just to use Tea's "Surprise Present" skill, any useful monster can be added.
Magic Jammer
Magic Jammer
This counters cards like Riryoku or Order to Charge to prevent enemies from turning it around.
Mystic Box
Mystic Box
Use this to destroy their monsters without having to worry about flip or monster effects.
Card Trader
Card Trader
An alternative to Reload but it can still help with searching for the card you want to use.

Cards will be sent to your opponent

Card of Sanctity
Card of Sanctity
Add more of this card to increase the chance of drawing it early and potentially ending the duels fast.
Jam Breeding Machine
Jam Breeding Machine
This card will prevent them from being able to summon more monsters, unless they destroy the Jam machine.
The Cheerful Coffin
The Cheerful Coffin
Forces them to discard at least 1 monster card, up to 3 monster cards, from their hand to the graveyard.
The Humble Sentry
The Humble Sentry
Use this if you want to see what cards they have in their hand. 1 of them will be shuffled into the deck but they will not draw another card.


Comments appreciated!


anoymous 1days ago
Its actually a hilarious deck since curiosity kills %99 of people that I face with this
anoymous 1/1/1970
Xing Zhen Hu is a fun card for this deck. Your opponent's thinking "surely there's a reason they gave me this, I better not use it"? Well, block their other Spells/Traps so they MUST activate it to make room! Of course, they could just never set 2, but that's pretty restrictive on its own.
frostyrade 1/1/1970
what about giving them pot of generosity? -2 for them right there if they activate it
anoymous 1/1/1970
They made a typo with the mirror wall and windstorm. Besides that being able to have 3 windstorms would be so amazing, I love the card!
VeganCrocodile 1/1/1970
there are at least 2 more yugioh cards that are very similar to windstorm one of them is better than windstorm i'd say because it flips them face down and then they are not allowed to change position by regular means after this effect takes place
Frost 1/1/1970
What a funny deck. Would love to try it, but too bad I only got 1 Card of Sanctity from Pegasus. :(
CreativiTimothy 15days ago
Same problem. Hoping for a pegasus event soon again
Claire 1/1/1970
How can this Deck have 3 "Windstorm of Etaquas" when you can only get one as a reward for leveling Mai to 25?
anoymous 1/1/1970
That's a wrong type, i think. Cause they only count one each trap card.
anoymous 1/1/1970
Yeah its supposed to be 1 each

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You got lucky
A cerberus for farming Yugi Muto or any kind? Farming Weevil, Tea, Rex, Odion, etc.
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Guess who recycled this card *cries*
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