Back Row Destruction: deck recipe

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update 14/03/2017

Example deck

Sergeant ElectroSergeant ElectroSergeant ElectroAmazoness SageAmazoness SageAmazoness Sage
Toy MagicianToy MagicianToy Magician4-Starred Ladybug of Doom4-Starred Ladybug of DoomGuardian Statue
Adhesion Trap HoleAdhesion Trap HoleMirror WallMirror WallWindstorm of EtaquaMetalmorph

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Return 1 card in your hand to your Deck and draw another. The skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.


Deck rating


  • Rules over the back row, punishes 'back row'-dependent decks.
  • Strong counter cards to maintain control and flow throughout the duel.


  • Your monsters can be easily destroyed without depending on counter cards as most of them have low stats.
  • Trap Jammer and Twister are your biggest enemies.

How to use

Lock down your opponent's back row

Sergeant Electro, Amazoness Sage and Toy Magician are cards that will disrupt your opponent's back row cards. Amazoness Sage and Toy Magician can especially destroy your opponent's Field Spell cards.

  • Amazoness Sage destroys spell/trap cards as long as she stays on the field after attacking. (You do not necessarily need to inflict damage to activate its effect )
  • Toy Magician destroys spell/trap cards when flipped face-up from face-down position. Having multiple face-up Toy Magicians on the field will allow it to destroy more spell/trap cards on the field.
  • Sergeant Electro is able to disable a face-down spell/trap card that your opponent controls. This effect lasts as long as the same Sergeant Electro is present on the field. This will persuade them to destroy your Sergeant Electro with their monster which will not end up in their favor as you have counter cards such as Mirror Wall.

Maintaining control throughout the duel

Cards like 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom and Guardian Statue helps you to maintain control.

  • 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom helps you in situations where you are overwhelmed with multiple 4-starred monsters, specifically the Dino beatdown monsters.
  • Guardian Statue helps to bounce off your opponent's monsters back to their hand each turn which forces them to use their normal summon on their next turn for their returned monster.

Notable additions and replacements

Xing Zhen Hu
Xing Zhen Hu
This card can replace a copy of Sergeant Electro as it is able to lock 2 face-down spell/trap cards instead of one at a time. However, it can easily be destroyed by Twister which is commonly used in most decks.
Possessed Dark Soul
Possessed Dark Soul
This card can replace a copy of 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom. It functions similarly to 4-Starred LadyBug of Doom except that it counters monsters that are 3-starred or less. This gives the deck extra versatility if needed.


You can add silent magician in this deck! If you play it right, he will come in good use!
Machine deck version noob
Oh look, another electro that's wrong. Balance? Are you serious? No no no no... switcharoo. Unless you want to draw doubles all day. Toy magician is alright, but this deck needs higher atk beaters for survivability. Throw in 2 of the 2000 atk amazon girls, or even bazoo. Electro does enough back board locking alone. He doesn't need 2 other monsters to help.

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