Kazejin & BEWD: deck recipe

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update 21/01/2017
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[Skill] descriptionUser
Return 1 card in your hand to your Deck and draw another. The skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.

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PVP5.0 / 10
PVE5.0 / 10
Auto DuelGood
Deck GradeReratively low
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Very easy to build. You can collect essential cards by just beating Seto Kaiba and opening "Age of Discovery" packs. Stray Lambs is the most difficult card to get.


The theme of this deck is very simple: summoning high level powerful monsters and attacking with them. That may make you feel bored.

How to use the deck

Summon Kazejin or BEWD instantly

There are the following two ways to instantly summon those two high level monsters.

  • Light Effigy (or Whirlwind Prodigy) + Celestial Transformation

    Celestial Transformation allows you to special summon a Fairy-type monster from your hand. Then you can perform a tribute summon by tributing the special summoned double tributer.
  • Stray Lambs + Tribute Set

    You can still perform a tribute set right after activate Stray Lambs.

Negate the activation of Trap/Monster Effect

You almost win once summon a Kazejin or a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Defend them from being destroyed by using "Overwhelm" counter trap.


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The A.I. sucks. it don't summon any BEWD or Kazejin with Stray Lambs
This deck is good, well done sir
This is a pretty 🔥ty deck TBH. I wonder if whoever moron thought this up actually tried it out themselves.
first of all, it does not work with both kazejin and BEWD together. You need to choose one or the other as the main beatstick. Don't mix both because they require different tribute monsters and it will screw up your hand if you get incompatible monsters (e.g you have a whirlwind prodigy but a blue-eyes as well).
Even if you used only one pairing as advised (whirldwind+kaze/light effigy+bewd) it is still extremely difficult to get the right combination to appear conveniently since you need 3 cards together to make it work (tribute monster+celestial+bewd/kaze). Don't be surprised if you start to "brick" often because you got all 3 celestial transformations/overwhelm in your hand and no monsters or some other mismatched combo appearing. It's a really bad deck.
It't not that high a cost of a deck to build. I had enough gems saved from doing missions and such that I bought 30 packs of Age of Discovery and got almost everything I need. Only thing I have left is light effigy and one more stray lamb. Light effigy may be hard to get than stray lamb if RNG hates you lol. Got to just battle kaiba over and over again.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I don't think 3 Lambs is even necessary. 2 is perfectly fine with a 20 card deck. Substitute the 3rd for a Windstorm of Etaqua, Michizure, Enemy Controller, Sphere Kuriboh, or even Mystic Box.
Cost is based on essential cards, Light Effigy (or Whirlwind Prodigy) + Celestial Transformation
Don't know why so many haters. This deck works fine for me, just do some minor changes depend on your cards. Btw, this is for auto duel after manually summoned high lv monster, and not for PVP, so stop saying it's not good for PVP. But it can used for PVP too after some modification.
use skill last gamble, works fine for me. until the enemy have mirrors wall
Seto kaiba
This deck is a 🔥
Lala Li-Ooh
I changed a little bit for more effective , the monster for Tribute DEF is 1600 , with Yellow Pluster Shield the monsters gain 300 more Def and 600 Def if you have 2 on the Field , totally safe , lamb strays for instant tribute , if you have 3 i think it would be bettet
<< Anonymous(Lala Li-Ooh)
Anonymous Reply
Celestial transformation allows you to special summon a fairy and, in the same turn, normal summon Kazejin or BEWD. You don't need to worry about DEF points or being attacked, so, your changes are not more effective.
<< Anonymous(Lala Li-Ooh)
Felix Reply
Show! *0*
I think balance is better than swicharu. You can git 3 monster and 1spell 1 trap
Can someone explain to me how to activate kazejins effect it was attacked and nothing popped up for me to activate it.
<< Anonymous(Whoever )
Anonymous Reply
What can we explain if there's really nothing that can be done about it? The game hates stupid and idiotic people, that's why the effect won't come off. Go uninstall Duel Links or something...
<< Anonymous(Whoever )
Weekerr Reply
The game can be buggy sometimes. The effect can also be activated once per game (as I unfortunately learned the hard way). Ignore the other comment, he's just an internet warrior who thinks he can fix the world with his mean comments.
A con to this deck is that even with Switcheroo, you're still vulnerable to dead hands, to the point of being unable to play anything before losing the game.

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Regular Atticus is very boring. Nightshroud however would be a nice addition.
...and that's why it is categorized under "Invoked Roid" instead of stall/ burn / ...
no, in the beginning was the Word
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