Cat's Ear Lockdown: deck recipe

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update 21/01/2017

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Curse of Royal
Curse of Royal
Used to negate the activation of Twister.
Level reward: Odion Lv16

Work in progress...

How to use the Deck


Add the Sorcerous Spell Wall field spell. It's effectively Yellow Luster Shield, but also boosts Black Ptera's attack for cannoning.

Enemy Controller is really useful in this deck. Tribute Black Ptera to take control of your opponent's monster, recover Black Ptera, then shoot the monster for over the usual 500 damage.

Catapult Turtle is vulnerable when trying to summon to start cannoning. Desert Sunlight might help.
<< Anonymous(Wooster)
BassMemes Reply
Acidic Downpour is strictly better than spell wall. Continuous 400 DEF boost
You will only do 500 a turn. What stops them from just tribute something to 🔥 catapult turtle
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh mask of the accursed. Nvm can't delete comment
There is a better catlock deck now that localized tornado has been released.
which skill is best to use with this?
Dont get it
<< Anonymous
Claire Reply
Yellow Luster Shield buffs the DEF of Cats Ear Tribe, so while it's in Defense Position, it won't be destroyed unless the opppnent uses an Equip Spell, etc. Then you proceed to throw Black Ptera with Catapult Turtle, allowing it to return to the hand for continual throwing. Sphere Kuriboh and Masks are there to stall.
Jesús Rodríguez Hern
Discover this "Rescue Cat" inside the garbage recipe basket jajaja...
<< Anonymous(Jesús Rodríguez Hern)
Anonymous Reply
If you're gonna type in English, don't use "Jaja".
<< Anonymous(Jesús Rodríguez Hern)
Anonymous Reply
Get in the bin
<< Anonymous(Jesús Rodríguez Hern)
Anonymous Reply
jajajaja hi

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Trigger type quick effects are very logical.
What did you get? Were you able to get any stratos or adoration?
I just used Elemental hero Shining flare wingman
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