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update 27/02/2017

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[Skill] descriptionUser
Return 1 card in your hand to your Deck and draw another. The skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.

Deck rating

PVP7.5 / 10
PVE6.5 / 10
Auto DuelModerate
Cost Mid
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Increasing attack while lowering your opponent’s attack.


If you discard your cards and your Wonder Balloons get destroyed then it will be very difficult to make a comeback since you are left with only a few cards in your hand.

How to use this deck

Slow approach:

It is recommended to not start by using Wonder Balloons and discard your hands early on against other players. Start by slowly decreasing their attack by discarding one at a time, this will prevent you from being vulnerable to getting your wonder balloons getting destroyed and left with a few cards.

Draw to discard:

Cards like Thunder Dragon can be used to draw more cards for you to discard, very useful for when you need an immediate decrease on the first or second turn. Chances of drawing a thunder dragon is also pretty high if you only put 20 cards.


I remember that lame 🔥 Timmymon tried to play this card against Dkayed and failed miserably and got YouTube'd.
<< Anonymous(Lmao)
Anonymous Reply
"Timmy" is a cursed name! HAHAHA
<< Anonymous(Lmao)
Anonymous Reply
bc it sounds like Teemo
I'm considering making this deck but taking out Element Doom to squeeze in setup for Relinquished or Darksoul/Fulhelmknight combo for XX-Saber Hyunlei backrow removal. Thoughts?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cont: If I go x sabers, i would also consider replacing mirror wall with Canadia/Hallucigenia, so I can also throw in generic level 5 synchros(X-Saber Wayne, Goyo Chaser) as well as Flamvell Uruquizas and Giganticastle, just cause there's space and they're possible.
Can Flash Assailant just be replaced with Jerry Beans Man or other high attack 4 star monsters?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'd say no, as the idea is to have wonder balloons plus out plus your flash assailant, making every discard a 700 atk point swing (300 down, 400 up), which is better than a single banish bazoo
lol I used a much different version and ruined some kids night 48 turn deck out lol ok sorrrrey
is there any use into putting twin headed thunder dragon and a poly in this deck?
2x Balloons
2x Pumprincess
2x Dweller In The Depths
2x Twister
3x Flash Assailant
1x Swift Gaia
1x Sword of Deep Seated
2x Shard of Greed
1x Pot of Dichotomy

Obviously you want to leave a spell slot open and use Twister when you need room. Having 2 PP and 2 WB almost guarantees one first hand. Ideally, you have one of each out. You can either A. Add a bunch of cards inc CoA and PoB and go for a trolly deck out. I'd also add 4star and TBD. Or B. Add SoI + Piranha + Secret Pass + GotM to not only troll but finish with a 9999 for extra salt.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Is is too much to type these cards name so all the way out
I try to build this deck
I understand that Element Doom is necessary to clear any pesky effect monsters, but is there no alternative? I have 3, but I feel like there's a better option.
It's a great deck in theory. Add in pumprincess for added effect.

Biggest problem is all those mons are Card Trader mons. Soooo many SR orbs needed. Like what? 39? Ridiculous
Pumprincess The Princess of Ghosts is way better. Opponent's monsters lose 100 both attack and defense every standby phase. And you don't have to discard any of your precious cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
accept, you know. It's a monster and much easier to answer than a spell in the current card pool.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Except when it dies as a monster it turns into a continuous spell. So it blocks an attack and then turns into a spell.

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