World Legacy Clash

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update 25/07/2019

World Legacy Clash

World Legacy Clash
TypeQuick-Play Spell


Banish 1 face-up monster you control (until the End Phase), then target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; that target loses ATK/DEF equal to the original ATK/DEF of that banished monster.

How to Get

PackBlazing Rose [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Temporarily banishing your monster can be used to dodge effects.
  • Debuffs your opponent's monster and it can stop the monsters attack


  • Does not get rid of the opponent's monster on its own.


Similar Effects

The debuff effect is good but quite common, and there are more powerful options. The temporary banishing is much more interesting, because you can use it to dodge your opponent's effects and remove any negatives effects the monster is afflicted with.

Other cards that can do this include Interdimensional Matter Transporter, Dimension Gate and Dimensionhole. World Legacy Clash outshines the aforementioned cards by simply being a Quick-Play Spell, the debuff effect also adds to its utility.


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Anonymous 25days ago
Heres another good thing for it. You can avoid attacks in the damage step. And if the opponent has a negater for it. It will only negate the atk and def decrease and you would be able to still negate that attack.
Can someone please explain how does this particular card negatives an attack when it’s just banishing your monster whereas other cards with similar effect does not have such a hidden ability, not to mention how crazy overpowered this card is.
<< Anonymous(ZaneLover)
Anonymous Reply
Short answer: It can be activated in the damage step.

Long answer:
doesnt work to shiranui shogunsaga?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thank God

I know the only reason u keep this card limited is because it will make a F2P deck tier again

When World Legacy Clash removes a monster from play, if the monster was "special summoned" or "normal summoned", what does it become when it comes back ?

Does every monster that comes back with legacy clash become "normal summoned" monsters ?
<< Anonymous
FC_T Reply
Nice, thanks for your answers guys.

I wonder if there is a card that can change a monster's status from "special summoned" to "normal summoned".
The reason is that I would like to easily put World Legacy - "World Armor" on the field and then use his secondary effect that requires you to "normal summon" him first.

I mean, 2 tributes is kind of expensive.
In some decks you need 3 turns.
<< Anonymous(FC_T)
Anonymous Reply
Double summon maybe ?
If you want to summon/set him as fast as possible

But you will need 4 cards to put that one monster on the field : 2 tributes, 1 magic + "World armor".

From what I can guess, "World Armor" is a hard counter for Quintet Magician.
But only when it is "normal summoned/set"
<< Anonymous(FC_T)
Anonymous Reply
You can't change a card's status from "Special Summoned" to "Normal Summoned" or vice versa. If you want to Tribute Summon, you should run some monsters that can special summon themselves from the hand or use cards that let you special summon monsters or tokens. Or run some trap monsters, but they might be too slow.
<< Anonymous
FC_T Reply
Well, too bad. I guess I have to give up on using that monster then.

Hmm, I wonder why the 'World Legacy - "World Armor"' card is Ultra Rare when its best effect (return itself and the special summoned monster) is nearly impossible to use (against decent players).
It never gets old.
true this care useful in many decks, i was using it mostly in a six sam deck but now either remove some cards(six sam ones) or remove my legacy cards from the deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
this card is useful
I can't believe it gets limited because you needed 1 monster on the field to activate it, but well... I guess they know what they do :)
<< Anonymous(fella)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, I think so
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah, its limitation was a bit strange... but I guess the card was becoming kinda too popular
<< Anonymous
BWC Reply
Nothing strange about a quick play that does permanent attack decrease by simply banishing a monster that comes right back all while blocking up to 2 attacks depending on attack decrease. The one card alone can end the duel with only 4K LP giving you upset win it’s easily the most broken non archetype spell/trap in the game currently. Limit was deserved
<< Anonymous(fella)
Anonymous Reply
WLC is probably one of the most versatile cards. You can use it for OTKs, to block an attack and decrease the ATK of another monster, to weaken a strong monster permanently, and even for some gimmicky strategy (e.g. reset Barbaros' ATK).
I wanna know why it does not work with fortune ladies
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Fortune Ladies don't have definite original ATK/DEF stats that are required for this card's effect. It can work with cards that are 0/0, but not ?/?.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
? original ATK is considered 0 while on the field. You can't banish a 0 ATK monster with World Legacy Clash. (Reducing a monster's ATK by 0 isn't considered "doing something", and you can't activate a card for no effect.)
<< Anonymous(Abdoryu)
Anonymous Reply
True. I cannot use World Legacy Clash to save my Terror Incarnate from opponent's Dual Wield since she has 0 ATK/DEF
<< Anonymous
Abdoryu Reply
Thank you so much sir I appreciate it
six sam, how are you! doing good? oh you have very hard day there I see..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
every single top tier deck have this.. 6 sam, desperado, neos, darklord... limiting this will hit every single top tier deck fair enough
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"six sam, how are you! doing good? oh you have very hard day there I see.."

Six Sam don't even need this card. Banning this and everyone will be abusing Power of the Guardians and other staple traps.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Six Sam, Neos, Darklord & Desperado all will be affected by this banlist. Unless you are saying that you don't play any of the top tier deck then it won't affect you.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
darklords never use this...
Why this 🔥(card) is not limited? vomit inducing 🔥 card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I agree. It needs to get hit so 🔥 tryhards can’t get away with using TTH and avoiding the backrow issues it causes (since it interferes with Enemy Controller which is also on limit 2).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wish granted XD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah finally, i don't mind easy to get good cards, but good lord, this card was in every deck...

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