Standard Duelist Lvl 45

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update 06/01/2017

Stage 45-50

Here is a list of decks that used by standard duelists. Defeat them by getting to know what cards are used in the deck!

Divine Grace

Meteor B. Dragon

Meteor B. Dragon Lvl: 45

Monster Cards x12
(Fusion Monster x3)
Lord of D.Lord of D.3
Spirit RyuSpirit Ryu3
Meteor DragonMeteor Dragon3
Red-Eyes B. DragonRed-Eyes B. Dragon3
Meteor B. DragonMeteor B. Dragon3
Spell Cards x8QTY
Stamping DestructionStamping Destruction1
The Flute of Summoning DragonThe Flute of Summoning Dragon3
Shard of GreedShard of Greed1
Trap Cards x0QTY

Masked Beast

Machine's Unrest

Silent Magician

Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon

Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon Lvl: 45

Monster Cards x13
(Fusion Monster x3)
Thunder DragonThunder Dragon3
Versago the DestroyerVersago the Destroyer2
Goddess with the Third EyeGoddess with the Third Eye2
Mystical Sheep #1Mystical Sheep #12
An Owl of LuckAn Owl of Luck1
Twin-Headed Thunder DragonTwin-Headed Thunder Dragon3
Spell Cards x7QTY
Fusion GateFusion Gate3
Shard of GreedShard of Greed3
Makiu, the Magical MistMakiu, the Magical Mist1
Trap Cards x0QTY

White Dragon Ritual


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Anon 2days ago
Just got off the page of level 25-30 decks and the people bitching there have no clue what's in store for them...
Dan 7days ago
Focus on summoning Monster of Oz as early on in the duel as you possibly can (always pick any fusion related card if Crystal Seer lets you). If you don't get Oz right away, use Nutrient Z, Enchanted Javelin, Windstorm and Apophis to stall, and Golden Apples in defense position at the right time on their strongest monsters (which should be obvious if you've played them a few times), to make epic stall. When you summon Oz, none of these duelists can do a thing. They just sit there and burn turns. Deck out and Piranha Army combo your way to a reliable 6k score.
<< Anonymous(Dan)
Dan 7days ago Reply
Oops shitty picture. Trying again.
Anonymous 11days ago
This works really well. You'll have to interfere with Masked Beast deck so the AI doesn't attack into Golden Apples with the strongest monster
Yami Yugi 24days ago
Guys use this deck to defeat them all with 7-8k (except machine's unrest)..
Note : for decks with stamping destination try to regain some LP before you play any Spell/Trap cards
Well... This is an Elements Unit Deck with some "modifications" that i add.
1. Add your highest Atk Fusion Monater (BEUD if u have it)
2.if u have union attack replace it with the 2 GOM and replace parahana army with grave keeper's vessel.
3.Shards of Greed if u have some...
4.i dont suggest that u remove goblin's secret remedy(just to make sure your life will ve 100)
5.Enjoy this Shity deck.. And collect some keys to prepare for Marik.
Anonymous 29days ago
I love watching these goddamn bastards smear themselves dead all over my Mirror Wall's and Rising Energy's.
NARUTO DARCK 30days ago
It's ridiculous the standard Dulelist can ritual summon During their second turn
My solution is to prepare 2 decks. One deck designed for ritual and one deck for fusion. Lose only if enemy gets 2 twin thunder dragon in the same turn, but that's just rng.
Am I the only one who wants to hit Mickie, Emma, and Chrstine upside the head? lol Motherfu..kers are annoying as sh.t
Freaking white dragon ritual is annoying
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hahaha weak
What is a standard duelist? Is that a person that's just in the duel world or is it an actual pvp duelist
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah Standard Duelists are just the normal people spawn in
Does anybody have a good farming budget deck that doesnt include relinquished, sphere kuriboh, mirror wall or enemy controller?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Using it for event right? :)

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What a bullshit .. more randomness and luck based cards will never benefit this game.
are the Servers down? cant enter the game right now
me too
i prefer blue eyes right dragon
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