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update 10/12/2016

Level Modulation

Level Modulation
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect


Your opponent draws 2 cards. Special Summon 1 "LV" monster from your Graveyard, ignoring the Summoning conditions. The monster that was Special Summoned by this effect cannot attack, nor activate or apply its effect this turn.

How to get / rarity

PackEchoes of Silence [N]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherSpellbound Silence [N]








ActionsYour opponent draws cards
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesPrevents activation of your Effect Monsters
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your Graveyard / Ignoring the Summoning conditions
Attack categoriesPrevents your monsters from attacking


Hot New Top
Card Trader 3days ago
Why ignore summoning condition on "Level Up" work and "Level Modulation" didn't work in the same way, it can only work if we already summon that monster on the field first, they should fix this card text so no one get confuse...
<< Anonymous(Card Trader)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
That's just how ignoring Summoning Conditions works. It's a game mechanic, it's not unique to Level Modulation.
This card is BUGGED you can only use it twice per duel, the third copy won't do anything at all.
Wtf man I made a deck with dark magician silent and I discarded him and then I could activate this card
<< Anonymous(Yami)
Ang3lic Reply
needs to leave from field, (glitch) but that's how it works, whatever you are trying to summon from GY, has to have left from field, not hand or deck
An "LV" monster that normally cannot be Special Summoned except by the method in its text CANNOT be Special Summoned from the Graveyard with "Level Modulation" unless it has been previously Special Summoned by the correct procedure. The "ignore the Summoning conditions" text allows for these monsters to be Special Summoned only after they have been properly Summoned by their own effect. This applies to "Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8", "Armed Dragon LV7", "Silent Swordsman LV7", "Silent Magician LV8", and "Winged Kuriboh LV10".
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Note:Level-up doesn't count towards properly Summoned
<< Anonymous
Ang3lic Reply
even if u use level up, u can summon them back, the only CONDITION is, whatever you are trying to summon from GY, have left from field, not hand or deck, i have succesfully summoned horus, 8 with level up, and then 6 from GY with modulation
so, what i have observed with this card is, if a card left from field, it can be summoned from GY, while, if LV monster was sent from hand or deck directly, you cannot summon him, my observation on Horus, silent magician and armed dragons
Glitch in this card. I summoned silent magician level 8 and it was destroyed, so i used this card but it didnt let me summon iy
<< Anonymous
Silent Magician Lv 8 Reply
My duelist also tried to summon me several times in Duel Links, yet the game engine blocked me from being summoned, although I was properly discarded.
<< Anonymous
Silent Magician Lv 8 Reply
That's not true. In several non PVP duels, Level Modulation allowed me to summon a level 8 card from my graveyard, without having any of the other cards in my deck. It's a glitch because it will not allow me to use the card. The card states that it ignores all previous conditions, so discarding and using Level Modulation should work.
<< Anonymous(Silent Magician Lv 8)
Just a Guy Reply

Semi-Nomi rule.
<< Anonymous(Silent Magician Lv 8)
Anonymous Reply
There are some high-Level LV monsters WITHOUT any Summoning restrictions. You could Summon a card like Dark Lucius LV8 or Ultimate Insect LV7 if you discarded them.
This card is broken - it doesn't even summon the high level monster that has previous been properly summoned.
Just doesn't work for shit - worthless
<< Anonymous(TheCringer)
Anonymous Reply
I feel like it's worth noting that Level Up! doesn't properly Summon the monster, which I'd assume is likely the reason you were unsuccessful.
In episode 61, look up in wiki. Thier is proof that this card is not working the way intended to be. Here are the text from Chazz Duel.

Turn 3: Chazz
Chazz draws "Graceful Charity" and subsequently activates it to draw three cards and discard two. Chazz then activates "Level Modulation" to allow Sartorius to draw two cards and allow Chazz himself to Special Summon "Armed Dragon LV7" (2800/1000) from his Graveyard in Attack Position, ignoring the summoning conditions. Chazz then Tributes "Armed Dragon LV7" in order to Special Summon "Armed Dragon LV10" (3000/1000) in Attack Position.

<< Anonymous(derloin)
Sirloin Reply
<< Anonymous(Tilter)
testis Reply
lol... you talk about anime.. and try to look episode when yami yugi vs slifer using jam deffender & jam breeding machine combo
<< Anonymous(Tilter)
Anonymous Reply
Back then cards working differently (or flat out having different effects) between anime and real life, is not that uncommon.

It's for the sake of balance. You don't have to worry about balance in anime since everything is scripted, but in real life, balance is important.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nowadays though, cards in anime tends to work similarly in real life, because people complained that they can't reproduce the cool actions in anime with the same cards.
This has to be a bug. This card won't summon either SM lvl 4 or 8, just tried it. I see no reason this can't work, it says on the card "Ignores summoning conditions" so this is a bug and needs to be fixed
<< Anonymous(DragonbaneXXI)
DragonbaneXXI Reply
Just read a comment explaining the bug, and why it won't work for Silent Magician, Armed Dragon, etc. But it works fine on Ultimate Insect, so I say again, but and it needs to be fixed.
<< Anonymous(DragonbaneXXI)
DragonbaneXXI Reply
Bug** (stupid phone)
<< Anonymous(DragonbaneXXI)
Anonymous Reply
Ultimate Insect is not a Nomi -_-
The properly way to use this cards is as follow:
1.SM lvl 4 must have 5 counters
2.Activate SM lvl 4 to SP lvl 8 from hand/deck
3.If Lvl 8 is in the graveyard,u may use
Level Modulation if steps 1 and 2 were follow
This card doesn't work at all! If there are hidden rules then put them on the card description. How negligent can someone be?
This card and level up can be op.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
with ultimate insect? it will be sick.(in a lot of way :X)

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