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update 11/10/2016

The Flute of Summoning Dragon

The Flute of Summoning Dragon
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect / Condition


Special Summon up to 2 Dragon-Type monsters from your hand. "Lord of D." must be on the field to activate and to resolve this effect.

How to get / rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstSeto Kaiba all levels [R]
Card trader--


Rating5.0 / 10

The condition to use the spell is not easy to achieve, but capability of summoning high level dragon-type monsters without tributes is useful.



Is it better to challenge a level 20 or 30 than a level 10 kaiba to get the flute? It takes time to farm the keys and i want to use them properly.
<< Anonymous(Elig)
Cuck Reply
Uh, whoever keeps saying lvl40 has the best droprate is spreading fake, unproven news. Lvl30 is better for farming period.
<< Anonymous(Cuck)
Red Eyes B. Reply
So which is it.. ? :/
<< Anonymous(Red Eyes B.)
Anonymous Reply
40 is significantly better for farming
<< Anonymous
Red Eyes B. 27days ago Reply
UPDATE: I challenged level 30 Kaiba many MANY times and NOT ONCE did I get Flute of Summoning Dragon or any other rare or super rare cards. HOWEVER, after dueling kaiba at lv 40 for the same amount of times I managed to get TWO "Wingbeat of Giant Dragon" and TEN "Flute of Summoning Dragon"
Red Eyes B.
You can also win it by vs. other players in ranked duel matches.

Basically you win a prize that looks like a ticket. You can then exchange that ticket with a cad of your choosing depending on the CLASS of the ticket (R, SR, etc.)

More info here:
<< Anonymous(Red Eyes B.)
Red Eyes B. Reply
P.S. You can exchange the ticket at the page where the card trader is. There's a small black bar that appears just to the upper right of the card trader icon that lets you select it in order to exchange the ticket. The bar only appears when you are in possession of the ticket.
<< Anonymous(Red Eyes B.)
Red Eyes B. Reply
P.P.S. 20th WIN = ticket(R) -> Can be used to claim Flute of Summoning Dragon. 40th WIN = ticket(R) -> Can be used to claim a second Flute of Summoning Dragon. After that you'll have to wait till' things get reset in coming October before you can try again for the third ticket(R) OR you have to get it straight from mining Kaiba.
<< Anonymous(Red Eyes B.)
Red Eyes B. Reply
P.P.P.S. UPDATE: Go to the pvp screen and there is a giant button near the top to exchange tickets, I think they might have recently added it because I didn't notice it like 10 minutes ago
I need a way to get lord of dragons
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just level kaiba to level 10
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How can I get this card and blue eyes white dragon
<< Anonymous(Jay)
Anonymous Reply
Farming Kaiba at lv 30-40. its hard to get since its an UR
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Its R mate. Its easy to farm
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
He meant BEWD
Is it easier to get this card vs lvl 30 Kaiba than lvl 40?
Duel links
Am I the only one that can't target spells and trapse against a dragon summoned by the flute? It doesn't let me pick that monster to destory it or switch it's battle position. Glitch?
<< Anonymous(Duel links)
Anonymous Reply
See Lord of D. effect dude..
Switch to another character and go to the portal to challenge him
So if I started with Kaiba, can I still get this?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If I started with kaiba how can I get it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just play as another character and duel kaiba

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