Standard Duelist Lvl 45

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update 11/10/2017

Stage 45-50

Here is a list of decks that used by standard duelists. Defeat them by getting to know what cards are used in the deck!

Divine Grace

Meteor B. Dragon

Meteor B. Dragon Lvl: 45

Monster Cards x12
(Fusion Monster x3)
Lord of D.Lord of D.3
Spirit RyuSpirit Ryu3
Meteor DragonMeteor Dragon3
Red-Eyes B. DragonRed-Eyes B. Dragon3
Meteor B. DragonMeteor B. Dragon3
Spell Cards x8QTY
Stamping DestructionStamping Destruction1
The Flute of Summoning DragonThe Flute of Summoning Dragon3
Shard of GreedShard of Greed1
Trap Cards x0QTY

Masked Beast

Machine's Unrest

Silent Magician

Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon

Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon Lvl: 45

Monster Cards x13
(Fusion Monster x3)
Thunder DragonThunder Dragon3
Versago the DestroyerVersago the Destroyer2
Goddess with the Third EyeGoddess with the Third Eye2
Mystical Sheep #1Mystical Sheep #12
An Owl of LuckAn Owl of Luck1
Twin-Headed Thunder DragonTwin-Headed Thunder Dragon3
Spell Cards x7QTY
Fusion GateFusion Gate3
Shard of GreedShard of Greed3
Makiu, the Magical MistMakiu, the Magical Mist1
Trap Cards x0QTY

White Dragon Ritual


Hot New Top
Cerberus should be able win against all those decks? none of those decks have the usual cards to destroy him
<< Anonymous(Joe)
Joe Reply
Thanks for the advice. I guess I'll take my chances with three Javelins. It takes forever to beat s.o. with Cerberus though
<< Anonymous(Joe)
Anonymous Reply
Twin dragon has Maiku (destroys your monster), Divine Grace has 3 Sphere kuriboh, so no , not all of them
<< Anonymous(Joe)
Anonymous Reply
Cerberus only works on masked beast decks because it has no card draws, no senjus to pull cards out of their decks, and no spear kuribos or gravity blasters to counter your cerberus
<< Anonymous(Joe)
Optional Reply
Dont waste your time on these guys; they dont drop anything good
This is a deck I created to auto-duel L45 standard duelists to win quickly and hopefully get 2-4 chests. Did a lot of tweaking over a couple of days when I'd lose a duel and this is the end result with what cards I have available. BC would be a lot better than SOrb.

1x Sphere Kuriboh 
3x Des Kangaroo 
3x Big Koala 
3x The Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion
2x The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion
1x Riryoku 
1x Fusion Sage 
1x Super Rush Headlong 
3x Polymerization 
2x Security Orb 

Extra Deck:
Master of Oz 

Video of the deck in action:

I did swap out the third Koala for B.E.S. Big Core basically for an easy tribute and protection while I get the fusion together.
I also pulled 3 fusions and 3 koalas after the video so I felt I needed an easy tribute that could survive a couple turns.
<< Anonymous
Nine Reply
Nice !!
<< Anonymous
1PunMan Reply
Not gonna lie, didn't think this was gonna work but i gave it a shot. it works. shit i didnt even have all the cards and it works. thanks dude
<< Anonymous
Aceress Reply
Believe me or not, I just faced a SD that used a similar version of this deck, called "The World of OZ". He had 3x Skelengel and 3x Master of OZ. I'm at Stage 48 so my SDs should be lvl 45.
<< Anonymous
Newbie Reply
They use it as new standard deck the world of oz at level 45
Hi, is it recommendable to fight with Standard Duelist Lvl 45? Because when I was fighting with SD level 33 I won easily with a deck for all, but when I up for SD level 39 I am suffering a little, I win 3 or 2 for 5 fights and I am using 3 decks for the SD. Thanks for you tips
<< Anonymous(elias4805)
Matsumuto Reply
It's fine. As Long as you have decent spell and trap should do. E.g Wonder Balloon, Riryoku, mirror wall. Oh and run a couple of lady bug since majority of them plays lvl 4 monster.
<< Anonymous(elias4805)
Charbroil Reply
Fusion decks work extremely well against the standard duelists Lv 45. I use 1 copy of Meteor B. Dragon and two copies of Twin Headed Thunder Dragon, 3 of each fusion material, 3 fusion substitutes, (gotten through levelling Joey, Kaiba, and Yugi) and two copies of Black Dragon's Chick, I win pretty much every game against AI. The ability is irrelevant; with Keith you can use Switcheroo.
<< Anonymous(elias4805)
Anonymous Reply
My deck for level 45 duelist. Win % is almost 100%.
My own autoduel deck. It works really well, unless you start with a very crummy opening hand. I have dark magician girl for the SilentMagician SD. Even though I don't have polymerization, the ThunderDragon SD fusion gate works for me. This deck pretty much works for all the lvl 45 SD's, but the duel assessment points are low, only from 2500-3000. But the goal in mind is to gain win a lot while autodueling, since I dont have time to invest in the app most of the time, and I want stuff from winning from events such as the Pegasus or Bakura one right now
<< Anonymous(Optional)
Optional Reply
Picture is small so reposting
<< Anonymous(Optional)
Optional Reply
Hope this helps and that I didnt just waste 5 minutes of my life
<< Anonymous(Optional)
It's helpful Reply
Yes it's helpful thanks!
If u have bad starting hand, let them hit u (i use lp boost)set ur trap, shard and ready to fuse five dffrent fusion monster
<< Anonymous(Benny)
Baroski Reply
Best for me :D
<< Anonymous(Benny)
Kuyf Reply
Extra deck
any way to defeat Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon???
<< Anonymous(Nexx)
Optional Reply
To target the dragons: Mask of the accursed, hane hane, yomi ship, metamorph, shattered axe, summon one of the gate guardians "materials," or bring your own thunder dragons from the card trader w/ an equipped spell Or you can target Fusion Gate by using twisters or magic jammers
<< Anonymous(Nexx)
Paprika Reply
i used relinquised card. so easy
(.Y.) boobs
not an auto-duel deck. 95% winning rate deck.
<< Anonymous((.Y.) boobs)
(.Y.) boobs Reply
another 5% is losing against vagabond. :P
<< Anonymous((.Y.) boobs)
anon Reply
I made a similar deck, based off what you posted and my lord does it ever work great!! perfect for farming keys for the event!
Arata Itsuka
Because everyone else is I'm gonna post my auto duel deck. I would much prefer to have more Grasschoppers and Milenium Scorpions but both Weevil and Odion hate me. Ah yeah you'll most likely want to manually summon Milenium Scorpion over Grasschopper. Just my personal opinion.
<< Anonymous(Arata Itsuka )
mimanl123 Reply
what is the win rate?
<< Anonymous(Arata Itsuka )
Arata Itsuka Reply
Win rate? Well that all depends on the decks used, luck, a lot of stuff but a rough estimate is around 60-70% win rate. Again it's all luck of the draw so it may be different for you
Does anybody have a good farming budget deck that doesnt include relinquished, sphere kuriboh, mirror wall or enemy controller?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Using it for event right? :)
What is a standard duelist? Is that a person that's just in the duel world or is it an actual pvp duelist
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah Standard Duelists are just the normal people spawn in
Freaking white dragon ritual is annoying
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hahaha weak
Focus on summoning Monster of Oz as early on in the duel as you possibly can (always pick any fusion related card if Crystal Seer lets you). If you don't get Oz right away, use Nutrient Z, Enchanted Javelin, Windstorm and Apophis to stall, and Golden Apples in defense position at the right time on their strongest monsters (which should be obvious if you've played them a few times), to make epic stall. When you summon Oz, none of these duelists can do a thing. They just sit there and burn turns. Deck out and Piranha Army combo your way to a reliable 6k score.
<< Anonymous(Dan)
Dan Reply
Oops shitty picture. Trying again.

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