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update 12/11/2016

Hourglass of Courage

Hourglass of Courage
Monster TypeFairy
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect


If this card is Normal or Flip Summoned, its original ATK and DEF are halved until the End Phase of your next turn. After that, the original ATK and DEF are doubled.

How to Get

PackUltimate Rising
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--


How to GetRarity
Pack: Ultimate RisingN


Will be useful due to high stats if you have spell/trap cards that can protect this card being attacked for 1 turn.


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  • Both the effect cutting stats by half and doubling stats are trigger effect.
  • The effect of this card starts a chain only when summoned or flip summoned.


Stat changesChanges own ATK value / Changes own DEF value / Changes original ATK / Changes original DEF

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You really do need courage to use this bad card XD
Does this card effect work if you use it with Interdimensional matter transport
<< Anonymous
Imico Reply
It does not
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I tried dimension hole too. Doesn't work
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The effect is only in play when it's Normal or Flip Summoned. When it's removed from the field, its effect doesn't "continue counting", and since it doesn't get Normal or Flip Summoned upon return, its effect simply does nothing
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Summoning monsters from a card effect is Special Summon, not Normal or Flip Summon so it won't work.
Rope of life might give it enough boost to survive but I think it would be a waste. There is probably a card somwhere good for this monster but it's not common apparently.
<< Anonymous(TECS)
Anonymous Reply
The double stats effect only triggers upon normal or flip summon though, so rope of life will just resurrect it as a generic 1900 akt monster.
security orb, half shut and sphere kuriboh is the best way to save this card for one turn.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Actually windstorm of etequa, curse of anubis or half shut are the best way. The other ones protect only one attack.
Maybe Staunch Defender will defend this card if there is a high-level monster beside it
No it doesn't. I tried it.

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If your missing a set of danglers this is the deck for you
If your missing a set of danglers this is the card for you
Traptrix are male creatures with female appearence. that's they named TRAPtrix
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