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Great Kamen Rider card, maybe is it going to come in the next box?
Hmmm, might become useful smh because we are receiving quite a good amount of fusion monsters
Glad its effect doesn't activate once hes being summoned, otherwise it'd be very op
Hope Shirley comes with Jim, at least as side-character drawn behind him
hahahah well, I guess in this particular case a "baddie" always remains a "baddie" lol, weird. But even Frieza is becoming an ally in DB right now, and GX came so long ago, when we were living in a different world than the one we have today
If you guys want to use the 2nd effect, the one that switches places between monsters on field and graveyard. You need to make sure the monster on the field is not a special summoned vampire, or any other card that is going to be banished as long as it leaves the field, because if so, this card wouldn't activate its effect. (No monster sent to Graveyard, but banished instead)
Power of the guardians.
Most of my first turns end with one terror incarnation and one blue chicken of death. Sorry for my bad English i am a "Kraut" ^^
Mausoleum of the Emperor is a field spell as well as allowing you to summon it without tributing
Tatsu is better
Aromage Jasmine, Bergamot, Rosemary, Aromage Garden and I believe there's also a Fragrance Storm.
If you're running this in a Simochi deck (or anything really), you deserve to lose.
If it does not specify, then it's always from your field only.
You don't have to, the searching effect is optional.
Another unfair treatment from Konami: If you get a 1 star challenge, you are far more likely to brick (in other words, your draws are rigged), just because 1 star challenge is easy. Which would have been fair, if Konami didn't also rigged Vagabond's draws in the 1 star challenge to be incredibly perfect.
Treasure panda turbo, it’s probably the most consistent one out there. Otherwise, spellbooks exodia is the second best.
Half life 3 confirmed
I'd go as far as saying it should be in the real life game as well.
I mean she only had one duel against Kaiba so it is easy to forget. It was the main crux of her strategy against him. He used crush card and spell remover to trash most of her deck and then she used exchange of spirits to flip the table on him leaving him with like 8 cards to her 30.
Last gamble stall or Balance? However with the nerf of last gamble. maybe hard to last that long
Gods, no.
Have you been dueling SDs in just 5DS world? Because I’m pretty sure 5DS world has a different pool than the other two, usually features synchros.
If you can't pay the 10 cards. Castle get destroy.
Something like the level, but in XYZ monsters, search an XYZ monster and you'll see black stars at the left side of the card, under the name, that's the rank
No. the game rule change, the monster is not longer summoned by cattle call, now it was by interdimensional matter, so the destruction effect es "negated" in this scenario.
No he didn't. He was in season 4 for a couple episodes after they found him on a beach.
Been a long time old friend :/
I have problem with transfer data i have google account and whene i try to open the game i start like first time plz help me to recover my account
Really? I always thought plant types were very friendly and good like Aromages and Akiza, maybe you are tricking me? 〈(゜。゜)
Is this a Seto Kaiba's card? He used to play lots of VIRUS card in the anime. Btw, have those cards been released?
This card is great in a deck that has 3 Wheel of Fortune from JOJO (Sr from new box)
the guy next to the comedian looks like Pesci from JoJo
Looks like a great comeback for Archefiends, not bad at all. Wish they wouldn't pay such huge amount of LP lol, they are very self destructive
This card was a pain to face against in the old Yugioh games.
There are just plenty of heroes waiting to be released wow... this one, dark law, shadow mist, dian, stratos, absolute zero hmm !
Ive seen in in duelist of the roses as well ! I just realized how they are going to release a Collection Release for the 50th year anniversary. They should include Forbbiden Memories, that game is SOOOO popular, just sooo popular that even fan made versions were created
Yep, Im recently thinking that artwork really means a lot when someone picks a deck to play. Maybe they should just re-draw Moja's artwork in the TCG, so more people play it there and in duel links. Quite literally Ive never seen any1 playing Moja because the artwork is quite strange, bizarre... I dunno, it's very abstract
I havent seen too many playing Magician of Faith + Miracle draw... weird That combo is crazy, you get to draw almost you whole deck
its not really that strong dude. there are tons of cards that can get rid of yebel or stop her activation. this deck is actually preetty inconsistent altogether
Thanks! Yes, I continue to open it, I can not stop now, I also wonder how ridiculous it can be further Some personal anti-record
Unfortunately I don't think we'll get them. Gandora-X is too OP for DL format, but Gandora Giga Rays requires us to have Gandora-X as well for its "3" effect, since it asks for 3 different names. So the most likely thing to happen is that we don't get both of them.
It's likely we're getting a box with Gravekeeper stuff in it in the nearish future anyway. They need to mass-release Necrovalley regardless, and even the RL Speed Duels have a couple of Gravekeeper cards we lack. (And are getting more soon.)
Glad i had 3 copies didn't played Dino event they became meta but played dd tower and got counters
It's actually weirder that it kept its anime effect throughout the anime. Most cards eventually adopted their TCG/OCG effects during the series' run, such as Future Fusion, Thunder Giant, Grand Mole and Level Modulation.
No it's too much work, you have to resummon it to be a dinosaur, either you have birthright, powerful rebirth.
FAR worse. The weirdest thing is, this card is from a very old era where sending a monster from your Extra Deck to the Graveyard would be a really useless thing to do, especially with a cost that high. To this day no one knew what was Konami's intention with this card at that time.



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Fire Island is a one trick pony, nepthys is more versatile.
Has to be targeted by a card effect to use it's effect. Most players who can read won'...
C'moooooooooooooonnnn Konami!
nearly a year and this deck still doesn't have an out to "keep setting monsters one at ...
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