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I use it in burn instead of cup of ace
Yami, stop act like you know everything in this game, what that you talking above is just bullshit without any proof
If this had have been card effects and not just monster effects it would have been a very valuable card. Instead it's crap.
same was with ishizu i was counting light monster but with auto duel so i didnt get her then i started summoning manualy and 150 monster later unlock same here with mako
what deck did u use ? can you post it plz Thanks =D
Def still considere good since only highest atk is 1800 for monster current for low level except blazing inphaci
Trap Jammer is bugged. 95% of the time it works as should. (I was afraid of even posting after reading so many comments of people obviously not even reading/understanding the game and about this card) My roommate had been telling me the same thing and I just said watch out for 1st turn set, maybe they had a Mirage Dragon or something you didn't notice, etc. I went first, in my first draw I got Trap Jammer, threw it down and summoned a monster. A couple turns later the Opponent has 1 face down spell/trap (Reinforcements) and 1 face up monster (Dragon of Nuit). He ends his turn. I move into Battle Phase, my field is 1 set (still Trap Jammer) and 1 equip spell (Dragons Treasure) equipped to my also Dragon of Nuit on the field. I attack his Nuit with my Nuit, he activates Reinforcments and Chains Nuits' ability to summon a dragon from his deck, but then... That's it.. his dragon got the 500atk, got his summon out, my Nuit went through with the atk and obviously lost.. no chance to activate my Jammer It would be nice to know if there's an official way to report bugs such as this
Yes you can its best when they don't have a spellcaster type in their deck great advantage especially combined with magicians unite in the same turn!
Yes the later cv will negate the first cv; I have negated someone else's cv with my own cv XD
what are the chances of this really being in the game
Pegasus > marik
I know it should be hard to get the best skills, but Duel Links takes it way too far.
Yes!!! 100% win rate! I'm lost 1000 keys before I found your comment, and I'm use only 168 keys to win! Thank you!!!
I think they should rename this to " how to hope and pray that the RNG gods favor you" because F**K THIS GAME'S STUPIDLY LOW DROP RATES!!!!!!!
WTF?!?!?! How did you get the RNG gods of the game to help you?!?!
Does second coin toss work with last gamble? Has anyone tried?
That's why I suggest bringing in a chivalry or divine wrath. Sphere Kuribo will be negated with those cards.
If you are destroying a FIRE monster, then yes, that is a bug. But if you are not destroying a FIRE monster, then that is not a bug, you are missing the timing because Kickfire activates when you destroy a FIRE monster, and the last action that you took was destroying a card that was not a FIRE monster.
If your using a Djinn from the Graveyard, then the total Levels must be exact to the Ritual Monsters Level, it cannot exceed it, even if the Ritual Spell Card you use would let you
wow my dude thats actually funny
No it isn't, in fact it was never banned in the actual game. The only Gravekeeper's Card that was ever put on the list was Royal Tribute, and that card was only limited, not banned.
foo.... dayuum.
Pretty decent list. However this list clearly needs to be updated. Vanguard of the Dragon, Guardian Angel Joan, Supervise, totem dragon are more examples of cards that need to be mentioned. (btw to anyone reading this later. If this list does get updated later, they didn't mention these cards when I wrote it).
I'm running with my own version handless deck.. quit good.. just reach plat with 47 win..
193rd pack, but still no this card :(
Worst version of axe of despair
This card cannot be activated during the damage step. It must be activated before an attack occurs. In other words you reveal it during the main phase or the start of the battle phase, NOT when the opponent or you select an attack target! Your opponent must see you activating it first
LOL .. idont know how to share without that phone app image sharing so make the pic smaller.. with just screencapture its too large. Ok.. I hope that my share can help you guys.. Keep tryin even in a limitation .. lol
to be honest probably
I faced an opponent who had 3 of these guys. How the f**k do you do that?!?!?! Last I checked, you could only get 2 relinquished from the Pegasus event. Well anyway, I hope he comes back.
Or better,counter counter.
Odion 48
It is 50 traps in duels. Not in one single session ;)
Thank you! :)
paradox seems somewhat unlikely too happen again soon, but i bet after the marik event pegasus will come, i recommend getting a second relinquished seeing as your new
Buy Mausoleum Of The Emperor field spell
Michizure miss the timing because your monster being destroyed isn't the last thing happen when you activate big wave small wave
great event but bad drop rate
Yubelllll can't wait for you to be added to the game
And 3 copy of this :D
THx all, worked
are the sunfish in face-up position?
I looked in the card catalog after the toon world event(I started playing a few days ago) and looked for cards that I had irl i.e. Relinquished and found out I could only get him with the event :'( now I'm begging you konami, bring the event back. Ps Or just gift him to me if possible, I only really want the one card (so you won't need to send the corrisponding spell card with him if you do)
If they ever add this card, I bet it would be as a Yugi level-up reward, so 1 of.
Why no vanilla red-eyes deck :(
very useful to unlock Ishtar (in nutshell)


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Lvl 30 spawn crazy for me and i need 2 anti-magic
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