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I can see them doing that on the PC version
Obviously using Mako with Balance skill.
I was initially wondering if this is a bug but then I read the text again. Since the text states that the number of spell/traps you bounce bakc must be "Equal To" the number of your ninjas, if your opponent has less Spell/Traps than you have your Ninjas you won't be able to activate this effect.
What about pheonix????
Sama :( kesel banget udah beli 3 copy lagi
Just finding out that you can ez farm with mod apk meanwhile normally people spend lots of time to farm. Just want to say, fuvk those losers that using mod apk. Also fuck konami for too pussy to ban cheaters.
Good idea.if me i use radiant mirror force to protect my worm to prevent enemy attack directly
Dude i never get any srs only useless n and rs hell i only got one four face one tiki elder two mask 1 defender 1 spell of pain that it and i dueled him at lvl 40 all the time after i chould basically this game is just luck can you get the best cards in the short time given no well then fuch you youre gonna lose all your pvp duels because everyone else got good fucking farming drops
this card sometimes more effective than greenkappa. and it's literally cheaper
This card is so badass. Won me so many games with my burn deck.
Damn how much you spend
This + 1 ojama monster + 1 labyrinth wall= New farm method ???
This deck is so cool, just send rose lover with dust knight, i prefer u have at least 2 dust knight, but I think u need at least 2 tribute to the doomed too, to discard rose lover from your hand. Talaya is really necesarry for avoid trap cards. Hmm, dont forget to protect your plant with SRH or Econ. Use 2 magic deflectors to avoid those.
It's a staple for Yami Yugi and possibly toons.
Because if you can't get rid of it right away, you're screwed.
Poor Man's Mirror Wall :D
I replace crimson with Flame Armor Ninja, Got Legend 1 now. I finally found out the problem. Too many lvl 1 ninja. And my Ninjitsu is only 1 so it is hard. So i change Crimson for Fire Armor.
you mean chaos AG giant? There's almost no way to summon that lol. It'll be as hard as Five headed Dragon to summon
Some people just have serious brain damage don't think about it to hard
Will they add this one?
Is Rose still available from Card trader?
Bad reaction to simohi + stray admisary will help with burn
stupid AI sends RE-Wyvern instead of my REBD into the graveyard when activating this card
.l. 31days ago close reply If the challenge was "no monster effect" he can do that -- Vagabond rules affects YOU and not the vagabond himself you moron.
Ok my bad (slightly). Silent Magician Lv8 only cancels spell effects used against it. Dark Paladin can cancel any activation of a spell card. However Horus does the same.
Y u need it for? Get loys better.
i want mystical typhoon release now.
Heads up guys, it's a scam.
Just one little question - does it work on a Ritual Monster which I summon with Earth Chant if it is killed in battle and sent to the Graveyard?
Lol basically hand-mirror wall
İ loved marik’s sexy skill!!
Each time this card declares an attack, you must Tribute 1 Aqua-Type monster.
brushfire knight is not a pyro, its a warrior
NOT to mention it also had super rush
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Chivalry Not activating when Sphere Kuriboh effect is used...worked once and stopped working afterwards..anybody know why.... (and no, no monsters on the field that prohibits trap or spell cards from being activated)
wow just like amazoness version
Actually the card trader can give a quick spell card, don't remember the name but his effect is special summon a fairy type monster from your hand, serket is a fairy and vassal can be normal summoned the same turn.
This card turns me on, and im ashamed of that
>calls people who needs help in a majoritys kids game kid >plays that kids game Shut bro.
Solid snake would be proud
This shit doesn't even fit with a dino deck, dinosaurs are moslty earth and this is fire, and the fossil excavation card or mega evolution OR ultra evolution spell/trap cards doesn't work with this, i don't recommend having it in any dino decks.
reminds me of maajin buu and ultraman.
What about goka for this build? Easy special summon and drops fire/pryo tokens for ignis? I'm pretty new so I donno what meta means. This is my first tcg so sorry if this is a bad idea...
This card can be revived in Graveyard by rolling a 6 in the dice of Agido's effect. One thing I've learned in Agido's special effect.
This card is MVP. I battled the Fairy deck of Vagabond and once it rolls 6, it can revive Neo Parshath. Like wtf.



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Use knight of red lotus. If heavy knight dies u can special summon him from the graveyard then a...
How about you just get a job and stop whining. The people who manage this site have jobs- they do...
x gay kid confirmed x
I swear to fucking god the Ninja deck is fucking garbage.
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