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u can find them in some R cards
Probably the second, if they give us Cathy first.
it doesnt show @@@ if you beat a generic beatstick need a normal deck which have archetypes etc like heros etc.
And probably won't be out for a long while
And they'll probably going to limit it to 1 copy. Thinking about it, since this is Tetsuo's card, they could make this card his level-up reward at level 40 or 45, therefore hard limiting this card to 1 copy.
Thanks. I much prefer making positive comments. Sadly I am bad at anger management but when I suppress it it feels so much better.
Your skill being fanmade aside, there is no monster called "Red-Eyes Darkness Black Dragon" :p I can see Atticus getting a similar skill if we ever get him in DL, though.
Why is Duke Devlin still not playable in the game? They put freakin’ Triston in it.
nvm, had misread that the effect of Shiranui Samuraisaga, it's not targeting
What is the best way to get cards?
You miss the point. He needs a good deck to start. Des Gardius is a good deck but needs too much work to get it. What is gonna use until then to farm vs AI duelists? The terrible vanilla starter decks of kaiba/yugi? not to mention in auto duels deas gardius is useless since AI cant use the needed skill. He can just buy a red eyes deck or the hero decks and win easily every single game until then.
No, he doesn't. Trash players who misuse a character who would never use this sort of dishonorable deck do.
I´m pretty sure it´s because Blackwing Close is a Counter Trap. Those have Speed Spell 3 effects, which means only other Counter traps can be activated in response. Machine Angel Ritual doesn´t get a chance to activate, so it can´t protect Verre from being destroyed.
3x Wheeleder in every deck is the new 3x Junk Armades in every deck.
You can say the same that SSH get @@@ on by Aromage or any backrow heavy deck. No deck is perfect non useless.
Or decent nekroz cards
Finally, I can hit KOG.
You do realise that the only difference between sybchro and standard version is just adding or not 1 copy of their tuner?
Yeah, all we need is a TCG format so duels would be: 1st turn 10min waiting for your opponent to end with his special summpnings - 2 turn he surrenders. A typical tcg match nowadays.
NPC used it on me and I was like what the!!! something like that exists.
Attack and especially defense are extremely important in Yu-Gi-Oh!. I learned how to up my effects game and beat this card more often but fusions and rituals should not be underestimated. There are many cards that search and help Chaos Soldier today.
You mean that I cannot attack Equip Spell cards with my monsters or fuse my opponents monster with my own to weaken it? But flying monsters are still immune to grounded monsters, right?
Yeah, those are good, but this card is even better, destroying backrow is really good nowadays.
Astral 7
Trains indeed can get 3 Level 10 on the field easily, iirc Train decks in OCG/TCG do run No. 99 in their extra deck.
That's if we can get enough number C39 in the first place.
This card can actually see paly for infernity decks and making them free from relying too much on infernity inferno skill. The problem is with that skill is that you can only activate it on your second turn, would have been better if you can activate it in your second turn onwards but too strong if you can activate it anytime once per duel.
Lagosucho here seems to be only to quickly get Najasho into the field with Lago's second effect (since you won't want to special summon Westlo or Lago, you want to Set them). Which is....kind of a waste? Since there's only 3 targets in the deck. Also, Lago's first effect is meant to be combined with Evolsaur Vulcano for a quick Rank 4 Xyz.
Congrats. Gyzarus and Darius are came out. But GB is not meta anymore
If a dark meta deck Arise this will see play in the best character that can use it. Yamiu yugi with his skill destiny draw.
any deck that doesnt need a field spell or special skill can run it. remember that a weapon for you is a weapon to your enemy also, and if it would make you stronger, it could make the meta stronger as well. -3000lp is steep though, should be more like where the heroes dwell maybe?
There are currently a few boxes with future proof cards. But you can also wait for the next one to be like that ig.
.....not only Max Raider is a Rush Duel card, it's also a vanilla, so not a support.
Now waiting for Ib the World Chalice Justiciar.....
Good for when we get those photon dragons for XYZ world
Recently I am starting to realize if I use the skill Sorcery Conduit, I have a great chance of having Invocation in my starting hand, I only have 1 in my deck and I don't like it since it's -1 to me. I also play Invoked Neos (Switcheroo) and despite having 2 Invocations, It is less likely that I draw it in my starting hand. Any Sorcery Conduit user experience the same?
Please read necrovalley carefully.
Seriously? 8 win streak (3 while in dlv18 and 5 while in dlv19), still didn’t reach dlv max yet, but most of the are winning by enemy surrender.
Imagine if they actually release eagle, alligator and cobra. They will be the new @@@ deck lol.
Drowning Mirror Force, anyone?
Any form of non-destructive disruption can easily wreck a Mayakashi deck. Just bounce/banish/shuffle the fox, and they're stuck in a stutter-step. Plus, due to the deck's reliance on summoning its four-part "parade" from the extra deck, there's little room for other options. Sure, it can be viable, against certain decks. However, it's far from top-tier.
Because of genetic evolution /superiority
I hate how beating her in the super duel made the cute Duza fall down. I don't want to hurt such an adorable monster.
^True. Last time i face lava golem that so called "f2p deck" with 3 floodgate.There are some players who actually put effort by using good trap rather than complaining the trap card itself.
This is not a bug. Just a duel links errata-nerf, just like jester queen. Unfortunately, when this card came was supposed to be op: a monster that can attack directly in a 4000 lp format. Today, after 3 years and tons of op cards this effect is just laughable. So funny that konami just abandoned all the efforts to keep this game balanced. Now every op card seems ready for duel links.
This deck needing 3 Dragunity Couse emphasizes that this is a glass cannon deck. Glass cannons do not depend on skill, which is a plus.


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Yeah I guess they were pretty hyped overall. I just hope the repeat of the Kalin event comes with...
Oh yeah gravekeepers, these guys can humiliate meta decks and make them surrender turn 2 or ...
Este no lo entiedo mucho para desbloquear
Como quiero ese Konami lo puedes regalar de nuevo o vender por fa no estube en esos tienpos
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