Latest Comment Two different deck farm Yusei lv 40 Two different deck farm Yusei lv 40
If you fall for loli baits you deserve to be devoured by these monsters
Quite an underrated deck, but with the right build it CLAPS YOUR CHEEKS for sure lmao. Not really a big fan of Wod since I prefer to play Widspread ruins + 2-3 drowning mirrorforce. Destroy your opponent's biggest Atk monster with spark or widspread ruin and they will often potato into Drowning. 2-3 drowning. 3 canadia. 2-3 widspread ruins. are the best techs imo. Ultimate control deck.
Use LP boost or "I'm not done yet" Why use monstermorph when vamp needs to be normal summoned to have her effect activated.
I bet they are going to give us Cyber Dragon as a lvl 50 Reward.
New potential top tier? Probably one of the most underrated decks, but thanks to Armades and Junk synchron now it's pretty much playable.
Blizzard Prince Atty and Dartz would be cool, I dunno, they should create a poll in the actually Konami site asking for votes from players to see which character people would like to get.
The best reward by far seems to be Dark Magic attack ! , anyway, I hope they actually add that one as a ranked reward lol xd !
If you have trouble with posting picture, just write your deck list here :)
So i'm not the only one who watched the anime way back when! I don't feel so alone!
His Voice does give him Super Strenght.
Thank God for saving us from getting another piece of cancer on the ladder
Was for a short because was new and many dont know the monster effects of those new monsters. When all knew how that synchros works, blueeyes-synchro was demoted... never was a real meta deck.
Obedience schooled might find some use in this.
Nope, ritual need to be special summoned.
786-904-066 Active daily. Send 3 star challenges except 1 card in hand and I'll send back.
An Ojama deck with a couple of Embodiment of Apophis traps.
Leo 75
I done it using an ojama deck, with 2 Embodiment of Apophis.
Your brain has to come back first
So when you use this deck you automatically get crows missions
not necessarily because the gaining effect activates to the player when this card damages therefore you only need to attack for the simochi to be effective
It is high time somebody semi limited some of these. Especially that "Infinite banish Fate" combination that's so low IQ!
They sound like a bunch of spineless nerds that need to be shitted on and bullied. Can someone poison the ceo already for ruining the game
Where is my Zeman Ape King
Rise of Mojas, Slayer of Cosmo Brains
Is this meta for a otk ftk deck?
Make this card available to obtain as marik missions
P.S get a new table of contents
It's a cheaper substitute for people who don't want to pull from a main box for King of the Swamp.
What Tuner did you use, Spore via Luna's skill? Or something else?
I want to know about the Radiating Light skill, please.
lol Yes, I understand. Except once in awhile.
No. The AI uses synchro just fine. It only doesn't when the monster is equipped with very high atk cards.
beaver warrior beatdown support
Yubel 350
Used her against a Jesse and she's so salty. "Back off! Jaden is mine!" Lol.
but then you realized that they're running beaver warrior beatdown and u done fucked up
these days, we cant even make a comment on a children's card game without someone losing their mind about validity behind an anonymous comment made by a random ass person. What a world we live in
You don’t, just know you are that getting a hand that can FTK is really rare, so congrats, you just won the most unfun lottery ever
i do that. its boring playing the same decks unless youve never made it past legend before. this meta is boring right now
It's a good tech for stall deck, not counter them. Combo with facedown monsters+ Feint Plan.
Yes. The only problem was Dakini after all. And to be fair, the meta and duel speed have changed a lot since then. Really, it shouldn't even be a problem since the meta is becoming to look more and more like the TCG/OCG. Perhaps we need to wait a bit more for this card, but shouldn't be too long.
That's an outright lie since there's 8 copies of it in a box and you can't pull duplicate commons from a single pack.
Share your deck pliss
wait til I get free, you little sh*ts
the guy was playing too close with the little cherry tomatos
atleast they immune canadia,treacous and econ.



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PS PS. The beatch bruised my right dangler by sucking too hard :)
You know he spends money on the game, right? Konami doesn’t give him cards he invests mone...
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