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Axel has several unreleased cards, that's why he still can be released as unlockable character, there are enough cards relevant to him that can be used as drop and level up reward.
And the comment you've replied to is even older. Good job
Does the skill even work with this build?
You may not like it but this is how peak Yugioh players look like
Either they didn't test it or they put the wrong skill on this page
dude, it was Portuguese
Not sure why you're replying but it isn't working anymore. The skill got nerfed.
Awww, are you sad because you can't use your little coc anymore? How sweet. Sorry I forgot to put my name so I had to post it again.
What are you on about, she doesn't even look like a child and there is no card lore stating that she is so your just pulling this out your rear end
Riryoku Field. You’re welcome
real Garbage Event only keep complaining and will never thank Konami You don't know that's not real Garbage Event.
Yeah, I don't want Zeus in DL too
Maybe next month...
I believe the issue is only on Dark Trap Hole which they already changed into Darkfall many years ago
Trader EX is the white and gold Trader near the Gate....
Dimensional Fissure is so good
Furries are no longer banned! However, they're no longer OP :/
You can get it from KCGT login tickets that konami recently gave us last week.
Is this another "Release it and put it to limit 1" card?
WTF is going on with the comments on this page???
I love dog cards as well.
Maybe the only monster the opponent had in their graveyard cannot be special summoned by such means. That or you missed the part where it says "during your opponent's turn" and it was your turn.
Isn’t there an actual beautiful girl behind all of them? Sitting on that purple dome.
Or just contact the support. But it might take them a while to reply
Back when arkana was the master of blue eyes
As the artwork suggests, this card is extremely useful in Ojama decks
Most Yugioh player hate losing duels
Senju and Sonic bird come also in exclusive bundles
Yo maderfakker, enjoy your red rose deck before the upcoming nerf
The question doesn't make sense
Is this SB the one with the most amount of generic cards?
I mean, that still requires Kozaky or preventing it from destroying itself some other way first anyway...
They took it out of sr tickets because they want people to suffer apparently
I suggest not running too many high-level Deskbots. Try to keep a balance between the low and high-level ones.
Ok konami employee
Everywhere I go... I see his face...
because you are adopted
You can summon it with Shark Drake the same way you can summon Utopia Ray with Utopia
I know, right? I have a mod installed in PC that swaps the TCG art with the manga one. Totally worth it.
F2P mat farming Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max
Yeah, Mist Body makes this skill far more viable. Equip Mist Body to opponent's defense position monster, attack it with Chimeratech Overdragon 5 times.
Good cards have multiple effects When a card has multiple effects, it has a long text This means that cards with longer texts are usually better The way it is written makes this card automatically better because the text is longer
Broken skill to use with The Meklord Dragon boss monster. Easy to obtain skill by winning 4 duels with Primo using only machine monsters
this is n ticket worthy kek
You play ygo like he|| you have offspring
Why do you guys hate the 2nd handsomest Yugioh character? (the 1st is Flip Turner)


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This is basically a do nothing skill. You searched for the cards you shuffled back into your deck...
The effects kinda confusing even for expert players but it's basically banish 2, draw 3. Bet...
Who dares to make a joke about the 2nd handsomest Yugioh character?
No, Scud is the 2nd handsomest. Nice pick too.
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