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Why did I got a server maintenance window?
Almost anyone play it so why are you complaining?
i dont really care about regular marik hes a boring character
nobody really knows he will probably be added to the gate soon
wasww good statss
This card no longer works on guardian sphinx or other cards that flip themselves face down? Is it a glitch oe change in rules
Tried using Barrier lockdown, failed 5 out of 5. You must get perfect hand, otherwise this little cunt will OTK you. Even if you finally managed to get the engine, he will still destroy your barrier with his equip card mid game.
It is worded correctly. Whenever something in Yugioh refers to an archetype, it always uses quotation marks.
Can you even auto dueling with 90% winrate using single deck on that stage? lol
Konami is a retard
The Madolche Loop: Madolche Chateau + Madolche Waltz + Desperate Tag + 2 Warrior Type Madolche monsters Thank me later.
We need Aromaseraphy Angelica too, the in-theme Tuner for the deck.
Not to mention Aki never play this card in any media, so this isn't even a reference to the other games.
true enough
It's funny, this is actually best outside of X Sabers because it's generic, easy to summon, and if you special a level 2 or 3 tuner warrior monster from the hand (not sure if we have any level 2s yet but we do have a level 3) that's a level 7 or 8 synchro monster right there.
This card is supposed to combo with Witch of the Black Rose, which IS a Tuner. The issue is, we don't have Witch of the Black Rose yet.
So when I use her deck to grave effect, I typically choose trap, which cucks my opponent from getting to use their TTH. They retaliate with a hard rage quit lol, too many people run that card.
Life Stream Dragon is quite demanding for its summon though, the Skill is fine.
How Do I Get This Skill?
Normal Summon it? It has to be on the field during the End Phase, though, obviously.
Do not use this with Yubel. It misses timing.
You can get that Waifu Magician using the dream ticket we got today from 5Ds event.
The only deck I see that might use this is F2P Cyber Angels, since Dakini can fetch your discard back, and Absolute Ritual can shuffle Herald back into the deck. I wouldn’t recommend more than 2 to replace Petit Angel though.
IKR. But they do this so that our deck will suffer. If we want black rose, we will need to do something with the 2 copy plant in our deck as well. Might need to use a level 6 monster that can SS easily like D Hero Malicious then summon copy plant (no need use its effect). That's all I can think for now.
I used this card in elementary school and it was good then so it's probably just as good now
Cosmic cyclone/any spell or trap removal cards. Galaxy cyclone is good.
This card is a must for any budget player.
Sure would be nice if you could get this as a duel reward, or with an SR/UR ticket, or from a pack, or literally any other way besides a SINGLE level up reward at the very end of the character's cap.
Imagine having The Calculator on the field when that effect resolves.
I like its symbolic meaning. Black Rose is portrayed as a brutal dragon, hurting everyone who comes near it, and this furthers that motif by leaving its enemies on the field to torture.
That boy is banned from the TCG you really think they're going to put him in duel links?
Sea stealth attack annilhates yubel deck lol. Easy.
Fix this card, please.
Missed timing on everythang = gusto
This is what I use for farming Aster. I'm too lazy to explain it so, I will make it short. Skill must be Destiny Draw to get The Regulation trap ASAP. If you had Defense Draw, then use it and remove D. Shield. The combo is Jam breeding + The Regulation to prevent attacking. The goblin traps are for drawing and controlling your deck. Pot of B. is to prevent your opponent from decking out. Only return monster cards. E-con is to steal Plasma and tribute him incase he was summoned. You can tribute him with The Regulation trap or you can tribute him for Ra. Make sure that you use Emerngecy Provisions BEFORE Jam Breeding summons a monster. Otherwise, you won't be able to use Worm Bait. DON'T SUMMON ANYTHING ON THE FIELD. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FIELD CLEAN. Otherwise, he will summon Plasma and that would be trouble for you. I already recorded a video of me farming him but I'm too lazy to upload it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.
If any one is wondering how to unlock this trash. Win with leo 100 times. Not rly worth it tho
I don't have ebola, this seems good for avoiding OTK.
you will constantly have Stardust on your field ez
All I use is Aromage I've played field spells at least 50 times so i don't think so it may be fairies though... I hope not
You can pick one(or two) from the 5ds SR ticket :)
Same I was a legend duelist once This game is not made for fans like me Even Mokuba is unlocked The worst characters nobody liked are playable But Marik Ishtar ... Good luck guys I'm no longer a duelist I quit now Mission accomplished :)
I suppose you grew up watching Twilight...
Why not trade 5000 gold for 3 gems?
Just a small note: you can chain this card with every spell/trap card you activate, being normal trap like wall of disruption or quick play spells like econ, cosmic cyclone, super rush, or why not, another double cyclone. If you do that you won't waste your backrow to destroy opponent's backrow. So this card becomes a SR dust tornado, destroying enemy's backrow for free
You can get a third silent magician with the dream ticket.



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The game is run by both luck of the draw and how much text is on a card, not by some weird skill ...
5D's is great and this is okay, but we need more cards for crow's and akiza's deck...
You have to get 5000, not 4500. After that, he'll appear.
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