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Try using Kaibaman deck with Reinforcements skill. I use this deck to get Last Gamble and Luck on Your side. Btw, your english isn't bad at all.. :)
The point is I am no Gemini expert. However, I have spoken with Gemini experts! I have been crushed by these Experts. I asked them for tips! They told me BRANCH! They said any Gemini deck which doesn't have branch is trash! So The Gemini Guy deck is trash! The player using that deck doesn't have branch. I barely know anything about Gemini's. Yet, I know enough to say that this deck is trash.
Very prety and interesting
Balance with 7 monsters
Eg: Blue eyes 2x ? I always use blue eyes + burst stream of destruction to destroy all opponent monsters, Fusion summon Ultimate dragon. Gift of martyr + tribute BEUD Use Piranha to direct attack. But this way i need to wait till 22 turn+ Cuz i don't own paladin of white dragon yet to just summon them directly.
>R pfft hahaha yeah right. We're in the middle of an event where a shittier version of this card is an UR
omg Venominaga its near
I got a prismatic card of this yesterday
Got HHG skill a 2nd time after winning against Kaiba Lv. 40 but still got not a single Enemy Controller from him. My Mai got Lv. 40 today.
Yes! I own a deck like this. My deck must be a side variation. I use different monsters.
Yeah likely Mirage dragon was on the field at the same time
His lv40 deck is so lame and weak. I can't believe Konami didn't put legendary ocean or other better water effect monsters into his decks.
I simply use Relinquished deck. I don't reach high score but I win everytime. Find 2 econ and 2 CV
Use the new Kidmoto Dragon to summon on opponents turn, normal summon on your turn... profit
1 months? I played this game of 4 months...i'm king of games...991 pack?ahah its a joke..
it is a level reward now fyi
But Kaibaman added card trader after from my post :D
Necrovalley buffs Gravekeeper's Vassal so he is above ATK range for Secret pass. You need to deal with Nerovalley...failed farm.
Hue hue hue BR Gibe moni plox
Will they make this event again??? I missed It because I was on hollidays... :'(
Nope it isn't because this card can't be summoned with the Sage's stone. sorcerer of dark magic =/= dark magician
Ritual Monsters can ONLY be Special Summoned by a Ritual Summon until they're Ritual Summoned. Since the discarded Hungry Burger wasn't Ritual Summoned, it can't be Special Summoned in a non-Ritual way yet.
Is this card able to bring other monsters with "Buster Blader" in it's name or just the original?
I'll add in 1,000,000 coins
How to god card updet
I do remember my old id and my progress in the game,the company said that it might take a weak or two to recover it.
Polymerization is a Spell Card that is unlocked by leveling up Joey. Its level 4 I believe, you add a Fushion Summon monster to your extra deck and then use Polymerization while the two monsters that form this monster (Faith Bird & Skull Red Bird) are in your hand or on the field.
This card will void most field spell skills plus it uses order to charge. 4 star guys shouldn't go this high
The key answer is : "not consistent ". Don't be so bad to question when you aready know the problems.
This card is disgusting...
really good card for farming level 39 standard duelists with autoduel guardian deck.
Unless your intention is to Mill, then Derg is still the better one.t
Only for water decks of course, but far superior to Reload and the like (since when it is done you have one less card in hand). This, like Switcheroo or Restart, maintains a strong hand.
Might be time to revisit this card and maybe put a restriction on it. It's become way to easy to get a level 7 normal out first turn. And this card is way to strong
This should be in Super Mako deck
These decklist are trash. I'm on a 13 game win streak and have made it to plat 1 so far with this decklist: Red Lotus x2 Venus x3 Shine Ball x3 Blazing Inpachi x2 Dunames x2 OTC x3 ECON x2 White Elephant Gift x2 Windstorm x1
summoned skull can't ressurect like redeyes lol
Add red-eyes metal d instead of darkflare
i literally only have like 18 more packs to go until i have opened all 200 of them and i still haven't gotten escape from the dark dimension which is one of the few cards for which i have even started to open valkerie's rage packs to begin with! am i the only one experiencing like this or is this card just harder to get than other ultra rares in this pack? i'd love to hear what happened to all of you guys and if you were luckier than i am..
Dueled Rex like 20 times, 8K every time, didn't get a single skill. Then I dueled Weevil just 3 times, got Creator 3 times and then got It's a Toon World. Just lol.
You have a weak monster and enemy have 2 strong monsters. Tribute these 2 monster and take control of lava golem with econ. Deal 2800 dmg directly. Lava Golem goes back to enemy. Enemy takes 1000 dmg.
Why they change the name of this card !!!!
I have one PDS, and 1 4*ladybug in my gravekeeper deck, it saved me from HHG and Reliquished decks more than my deck 3*d, my gravekeeper deck now beats easy my 3*d
Odion 46
Has anyone tried to win 100 times or so against Odion while playing as Joey? Maybe that's the way to unlock Yami Marik :P I know, it's most likely not, but he has this line of dialogue when losing against Joey where he says that he can't hold Marik's evil side back any longer. I think this would be a cool hidden mission, but it sadly doesn't work with what Bakura said about YM during his event...
A new take on the Fusion deck with Buster Blader instead of Thunder Dragon. BB's fusions have some cool effects that can help make things faster and easier, and because every card here can fuse with each other (besides BDS, who searches for fusible cards anyway), the risk of dead starting hands is low.
It might be a bug. There was something similar going on with some of Joey's cards a while back.
This card and solemn wishes? WTF MAN!
I hate my life...


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Yup, as long as they doesn't have protection card (e.g : Ebola, E-Con, Sec. Orb)
Haahahaha BEST Pack ?? Tier 1 ?? You joking ?? Maybe for Red-Eyes, yes it's a good pack. But...
I'm a Bakura fanboy but this deck works much better with Kaibas beatdown.
Iv lost sometimes and won a good card I'm like wtf lol
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