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Rating B for BROKEN
This looks good but I wonder if you get to use it often. If I'm not wrong, this card will be usable against Cyber dragons, yubel and Quintet decks only ? I don't even know if "Starlight Road" will destroy the Quintet Magician.
Not gonna happen. This skill is to rewards the most nerdy and the most loyal fan of duel links. Those who obtained this drop skill play this game a lot. Usually those people end up buying a lot of cards with money.
Humm, actually I just tested that a few minutes ago. I made a 30 cards deck with 4 spells, 6 traps, and 20 monsters. My skill didn't activate and I didn't get my awesome character line. The second time I made a 30 cards deck with 6 spells, 6 traps, and 18 monsters. This time my skill activated and I get my awesome character line. So I guess 10 spell/trap isn't enough
Since it gives consistency on the first turn ( along with spell specialist), this card will be limited soon. Thats what happen with masked tribute. They had to either limit the card itself or do something about the skill.
Shiranui crashes with spiritmaster, gets banished GG
does it work with ? attack. like fortune ladies
Fun fact: When Gearfried the Red-Eyes Knight will be available, you can't even use him with this skill.
Oops, sorry. Didn't read the part where you mentioned "catalogue". Didn't use it before so I discovered a new tool today. Thanks
used this on my thunder dragon deck
Game on, get your game on! you better play your cards right!
:-) haha
His hand would be empty and then he would draw bubbleman, which led him to draw pot of greed as one of the cards drawn from using bubbleman's effect. I feel like I saw this happen more than once.
You could easily find out if you look at the cards in the deck. There is only one card with the initials MP
Even if you wanted to do that, you could run a better card like Amazoness Queen or Lightray Madoor.
Not entirely sure why you'd WANT to waste a card like Summoner of Illusions or Cyber-Stein on a card like this, but sure.
someone got me with this in platinum running ojamas. shouts out.
Will they add the card "Unpossessed" to Duel Links?
How can get another one without the limited 2?
Oops. Just remembered the start of the Joey event is still January. lolz
I like the new prismatics
furthermore if it negates your monster's effect and doesn't stipulate until the end of the turn, your monster is actually having it's effect negated until it leaves the field.
MRGamez When you are ready!
2100 DEF level 4, with access to archetype support, and it's an N rarity XD Meanwhile, Soul Tiger is an SR drop
I'll add that its first effect fuels its second effect, which is extremely convenient.
*not obtainable Also, it's impossible that it happened 2 years ago, we don't even have the data for this card yet 2 years ago. You most likely remembered it wrong and it was actually another card, or it was a dream.
The artwork is beautiful.
Konami doesn't want blue eyes players to counter Yubel or chocolate magician XD
I love this useful card.
Yep, it only says "other" without mentioning name, so having another copy of this card will cause them to protect each other.
Sooo, this card doesn't negate Quintet magician either ? Too bad X(
i tried it with "WHERE ARF THOU?" it inflict 2000, still cannot chain.
good but sorcerer of dark magic are better
You need at least 2 Hawks to make this work.
The fun thing about the deck is sometimes you get free wins when the opponent doesn't even want to bother dealing with your shenanigans
It's B for best
i bet SR on main box


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Is it me or is Sagan the only monster that can search Deep eyes ?
Well, that is great XD
Well done Konami. They took some economic lesson from Seto Kaiba himself on how to make money
I was thinking that but then I had my hopes up when I thought that special summoning yourself cou...
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