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Vs npc we don't really care. But many of these guys used for pvp and brag at the same time.
but you can buy 3 sk, 3 senju , 3 mirror wall , 3 sonic bird
Como hago para obtener esta carta contra joey
You can get fisherman on mako starting deck right? To use 3 times, this is what you can do. Summon it. Use quill pen of guldos to return it to your hand. Repeat two times. Otherwise, use fisherman as material to ritual summon any monster, and bring him back using ascending soul.
Grow the fuck up. It's a game and drops are random. Keep fucking farming bc that's the name of the game, asshole
ya need to put your eyes on the notification button in the game...
Skill 248
Try my extra-extra deck on kog deck
I do have another E-con and still grinding on another CV, Vanguard of the Dragon is new to me. Interdimensional Matter Transporter became helpful to me against Relinquished Deck but I guess CV can handle it too. Thanks for your tip.
Pot of greed is only bad due to the speed of today's meta,if this guy thinks that monster reincarnation (and not reborn)is broken then he would absolutely hate some of the newer cards but then again he also implied that the Egyptian gods are broken so I think this guy is off his rocker
*12.5k Gold for Darklord Marie (A.K.A. Marie the Fallen One)
good support for tribute
Considering these strategies worked well on the previous LD's those methods might work for this too.
Chaos Necromancer 37kG+5SR+45Dark, Lucky Iron Axe 12k+32R+30Magic, Vanguard of the Dragon 110k+3UR+60Earth, Chaos Command Magician 32k+5SR+40Light, Doomdog Octhros 16k+50R+30Dark. Still didn't see Invader of Darkness yet.
dudee! i fucking agree i own 5 of them now he never drops shit nut when he does is repetetive BS
Tá com erros do bom e velho português pq escrevi rápido e ainda estou haha
Lol and relinquished isn't "to inconsistent"... i've slayed relinquished plenty with Venus Control...
Hard to use its effect. Plus still need a tribute to summon.
Since virtually every deck runs econ and harpies is likely to run otc, I think this is a pretty strong card. It runs well with jowls of dark demise and feint plans to steal your opponent's resources and tribute out invader. Run it with the octhros guy and necrofear and you have a lot of synergy right there.
These are from when it was added to the catalog a month ago then removed.
Funny, only one I don't have is Chimmera, and it ist one I want
Yes. I tied it it works perfectly
I had an opinion like the this thread's creator, but the last comment (this above mine) made me think about it indeed. Anyway, I believe it will be available on the trader sooner or later
Good with toons, would not run more than 2
Bought 4 packs and got a michizure. Good start!
yeah, it is pretty good?? This is like if you said "wow e-con only makes your opponent go to defense then you can't use the other effect and the card is gone so broken..." 9000 is still the best attack for a normal monster if you don't use the s/t effect which is pretty good... even then that just makes it an average attack. Some people use Beans Man and he has no effect. Wtf more do you want?
That's Not really true. Gemini monsters are normal monsters with an orange background bc they become effect monsters. If OTC works, so should this.
244-314-434 Played the game daily for months, will send 1 card hand! Add :)
That's not true. One of the Amazoness monsters has that effect, but the Village doesn't give it.
Yugi Muto 101
you are a lucky person my friend. always believe in the heart of the cards
I activated my quick-play spell card!!! Enemy controller !!!
First, secost, thist, fourst
You can use Enemy Controler, sacrificing the targeted creature, and taking one of his, so he gets to sacrifice one of the remaining ones to take the other.
It can't really just count graveyard or if it does it's a total screwup by konami as there are all kinds of weird destruction conditions such as returning to deck, extra deck (fusion deck pre-synchro era), remove from play etc.
How is this anti meta when it's the main deck of the meta?
red eyes metal dragon is useless
You need a spell in deck for mag merch to go off.
Ah, makes sense now. Thanks for shedding light guys.
If your opponent doesn't pay attention and activates Mirror Wall before the Damage Step (because they have something such as Enemy Controller face-down), then you can. But generally speaking: no, you can't.
Just got my first one :)
Use ceal arc... And no need murmur of forest and secret pass
You can get Gaia at any level including 10 and 20 because it's a rare, but 30-40 have higher drop rates.
Don't forget gradius option.
No what he meant was that after you special summon the banished monster this card stays on the field until that monster is destroyed, but if you tribute that monster the trap stays face up on the field forever if it isn't destroyed somehow.
Consistently beating Lev 30/40 Joey for 6400/6500 scores, getting only R cards or gold for drops every damn time.
More xp point. Win 2500, lose 2250 xp point.
Pinch Hopper is the best way to summon her to be honest.



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I dont have double summon card, have a any card that I can use??
First time using a deck almost identical to this and got my 1st E Con, THANK YOU!
▼ lv 50 7200 farming
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