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Nerfed not needed*
You probably also need a Konami account... then you can just do data transfer in app. Alternatively try contacting support.
Seems bricky as hell, but the idea itself isn't that bad. Run more backrow hate and it should be good. Be careful about the new trap (widespread ruin) as it doesn't target and can destroy your hazy
Yeah, only one copy per duel. Only reason you want to run more than one copy is to get one into your hand faster.
I mean, what's the point? Just call all of them as a Deck, and put a sale tag on the special price one.
Go to any deck you have then "accessories" then "change accessories"
How is that considered a nerf, sounds like a buff instead to lower the number of Harpie's needed
This card is not so good: it's waaay too situational. The thing is, even if the opponent has 2 monsters face up, he has to either a) attack with weaker monster first b) have 2nd monster in defence mode Otherwise the monster you take control of will still deal damage to yourself. So if he has a 3k monster attack and you take control of his 1.6k attack monster, yeah you destroy the 1.6k monster but take 1.4k damage. Not worth it.
None Cyclone is your only hope
Kills spellbook, amazoness, and possibly masked hero. Just need to find the right deck for this
Got 2 of these AND 3 widespread ruin :)
As unga bunga nostalgia player, i disagree of synchro
If you want to chain Chalice to the targeting, then yes, you cannot, as this card would be in the Graveyard already at that point. As she is no longer on the field, Chalice is no longer able to target it, and you don't get any chance to chain with Chalice. You must use Chalice on her when she is still on the field and the player hasn't activate her effect yet.
The spell fissure isn't released yet(or I overlooked it), so don't worry about your banned plants.
She can't, she must first be fusion summoned using the written materials.
Pick up card is the card that is most useful in the deck. Like my deck is made for Blue Eyes White Dragon, like I have pretty much every card able in some way that would boost up my Blue Eyes.
It says synthesis can be used for Black Luster Soldier & Sacred Soldier. ??? I do not get that. Sacred is not a ritual monster.
yeah you said it right. this card is 1000x better than nest.
There's just no way Komoney is giving more than 1 of these for free.
Next main box will have sylvan support
so sad,but you can play Amazoness with her and the skill is Balance,as i will do (:
Useful for my double attacker deck. This skill will ruin rank.
I used to play it with duel, stand by T_T
Yea stop screwing with those other cards types and give spellcaster a some love
Feint plan it with than use ready for intercepting and than double it up with magical hats and that one card that summons monsters face down
Megacock dragon. Big thick and rock hard. mmmm..
If we ever get this card, or if an NPC would ever use this card, it's gonna have the latest errata for sure. As in, you need to wait until your next turn before you can use this card's effect. That is, if this card even survives being on the field until your next turn.
Finally figured out how to use him: Tribute to Doomed or Last Gamble, Reverse Reuse+ Dark Piercing Light+Bad Reaction to Simochi.
Great link. That's a pretty solid farming deck.
Why do people comments about the DARK tower in the FIRE/WATER tower page lol
@"should be UR" anon Your brain is too broken to be functional, it seems
Good against Wiz fur hire
Zahak is the name of a person from a persian legend. That guy had snakes on his shoulders. Two snakes. Each had multi heads. This is easily a reference to that. He also killed his brother who was a king.
super rares and ultra rares from packs will never get limited
no, lower attack points, many ''limited to hand'' effects, and can be countered in 101 ways
I was able to but now all of sudden today I couldn't.
Yes, but escape from the dark dimension will remain on the field.
Powerful Rebirth is lv4 or lower. But still, you are right as you can go Kaibaman -> BEWD instead. So there's really no point in using Rare Metal Dragon here.
Judgement of Anubis. COunters any spell that destroys spells/traps, then you get to choose one of their creatures, destroy it, and they take damage equal to its attack
Yes, but the card is not available to players except Pegasus' Creator skill
2018 OCG Effect: special summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Cyber End Dragon from outside of your deck.
You sure you actually had a Red-Eyes Spell/Trap to search? The only targets this card has in Duel Links are 2 copies of Red-Eyes Spirit. If you've seen both, your Instincts are dead.



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Mask and amazon are brainless but this deck atleast need some thinking less than spellbooks still...
Why choose over boring deck while it's easily beatable by fun decks?
Can’t use spell on boss floor ?
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