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update 29/05/2018

The Vagrants

Vagrants can now be purchased from the shop. If you purchase this item, 6 Vagrants will appear in Duel World. Vagrants give out 5 to 30 times more EXP than Standard Duelists. Like the Vagabond, the Vagrant uses the decks of high ranking players.


  • A Level 1 Character will reach Level 15 by defeating 6 Vagrants!
  • If the Vagrant was purchased for the 5th time that day, a Level 1 Character will reach Level 31 by defeating 6 Vagrants!
The Calculation is based on the player purchasing the Vagrant for the 1st time that day

EXP Calculation Details

Vagrants ★EXP GrantedCumulative Total
2 Vagrants (x5 EXP)50005000
1 Vagrant (x7 EXP)35008500
1 Vagrants (x10 EXP)500013500
1 Vagrant (x15 EXP)750021000
1 Vagrant (x20 EXP)1000031000
2 Vagrants ★3100062000

♦ 62000 EXP:

  • Is Enough to go from LVL 1 to 20.

  • Is Enough to go from LVL 20 to 25.

  • Is Enough to go from LVL 25 to 29.

  • Is Enough to go from LVL 29 to 32.

  • Grants 3 LVL to a character @ 32 - 34.

  • Grants 2 LVL to a character @ 35 - 40

  • Grant 1 LVL to a character @ 40+

Cannot Purchase Vagrants ★★ until you have purchased two Vagrants ★.
Vagrants ★★EXP GrantedCumulative Total
1 Vagrant (x7 EXP)35003500
1 Vagrants (x10 EXP)1000013500
1 Vagrant (x15 EXP)750021000
1 Vagrant (x20 EXP)1000031000
1 Vagrants (x30 EXP)1500046000
2 Vagrants ★★4600092000

♦ 92000 EXP:

  • Is Enough to go from LVL 1 to 23.

  • Is Enough to go from LVL 23 to 29.

  • Is Enough to go from LVL 29 to 33.

  • Is Enough to go from LVL 33 to 36.

  • Grants 3 LVL to a character @ 35+

  • Grants 2 LVL to a character @ 40+

Cannot Purchase Vagrants ★★★ until you have purchased two Vagrants ★★.
Vagrants ★★★EXP GrantedCumulative Total
1 Vagrants (x10 EXP)50005000
1 Vagrant (x15 EXP)750013500
1 Vagrant (x20 EXP)2000033500
1 Vagrants (x30 EXP)3000063500
2 Vagrants ★★★63500127000

♦ 127000 EXP:

  • Is Enough to go from LVL 1 to 26.

  • Is Enough to go from LVL 26 to 32.

  • Is Enough to go from LVL 32 to 37.

  • Is Enough to go from LVL 37 to 40.

  • Grants 3 LVL to a character @ 40+

All Vagrants purchased at this point will always be Vagrant ★★★
  • The EXP Multiplier and the Price of Vangrants in Duel World will change based on how many times you have purchased within a day.
The number of Vangrants you purchased will be reset every day at 23:00 and Vangrants will not dissapear unless you defeat them.

Auto Duel

Here are some Auto Duel decks you can use to defeat the Vagrant.


Hot New Top
What stage level is it that vagrants are able to be obtained
a vagrant is a homeless person btw
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I don't know why but i am laughing so hard at this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
that's why you gotta pay them haha
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Brace yourselves the refugees are coming.
<< Anonymous
goodiesohhi Reply
So is a vagabond. One just has a nicer connotation.
I never realized how useful these guys really are until now, sometimes it takes ages to lvl up a character.
£1 for 1 level at the high end is so worth to get that essential card for a deck
Wow konami this is too p2w, i can't pay it, make it free, i don't care if you have to pay for programmers, graphic designer, testers, artists, etc... i'm not gonna pay 1 dollar.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's your fault, when you talk to brainless kids straight out of kindergarten, you cannot pretend they'll understand sarcasm
<< Anonymous
George Reply
I'd agree with the 2nd guy's post. If you can not afford it then simply grind more on to the game each day and create different kind of decks for having fun than being bored and free to play. Cause this game is f2p on the other side if you look upon their "gems".
<< Anonymous
George Reply
The only downside for this game that I see is that konami missed a lot of cards they should of have added for us, like when fighting a character's lvl40 deck, like ex. zane's deck that contains "cyberdark cannon" and "cyberdark claw" should be obtainable as well or Alexhis Rhodes ritual sanctuary, which would of be nice to have it as a skill, but it does not even exist as a skill for us.
<< Anonymous
George Reply
Cards at least that would of make decks more balanced and almost OP. Dat all.
What is the drop rate on the pick up card? They are always very enticing cards that I never seem to get even though I don't lose.
<< Anonymous(EfficientKiller)
Anonymous Reply
They aren't drops. They just show you the "strongest" card in their deck so you have idea what they'll play.
<< Anonymous(EfficientKiller)
Anonymous Reply
Ok, so why the hell so many kids are complaining? You can obtain every single card for free in this game, putting in it a feature that let you level up crazy fast for real money DOESN'T MAKE IT PAY TO WIN. Just don't try to be kog every season, god damnit
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol kog is way too intense. Just stay at silver/gold so you can use whatever deck you like rather than being forced into each new meta. Lot more relaxed and free.
<< Anonymous
Aquablast Reply
You know, you CAN'T obtain every single card for free in this game anymore. I don't think Vagrants is the one causing the outrage, rather than a combination of Konami's recent moves, so every flaw gets magnified. (I.E. Structure Deck EX.)
<< Anonymous(Aquablast)
Anonymous Reply
Idk about others, but the skills nerf got me furios.

First they implement skills which traditional cards games don't have, then they nerf every single useful skills that players actually use.

So I'm supposed to make use of draw sense spell trap and get kog? Funny komoney
Killer Queen
On the bright side what money goes to Konami can go into making Duel Links a better game.
vagrants works with 1.5 exp or not? thanks!
<< Anonymous(David)
Anonymous Reply
No it doesn't. Exp is same
I understand maintain server cost alot of money so devs need money from spenders, but isn't this game started to be p2w?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think this particular feature is more designed as a way for new players to catch up. It takes quite a long time to grind through multiple characters for rewards, so players that've been playing for a long time have a major advantage due to that.
To bad we only can buy this guy with real money...
Now p2w players will have an advantage even in farming!
<< Anonymous
YamiRyou Reply
They did, now if you lose you just get 1250 exp points.
Even with the one card challenge.
<< Anonymous(YamiRyou)
Anonymous Reply
That is 🔥ed we need to make them change that back with the power of the surveys I what my dam exp and I will not pay for these cheap pieces of crap
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
First survey feedback should be to ask for a permanent feedback box.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Shows an apparent lack of restraint.

Commens and feedback


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Very sure that anon was being sarcastic.
That’s cuz your mom sucks deez
The new ban list limited you to 3 total of Dragondark and Gold Sarcophagus, unless I'm missi...
Gotta love how Konami trolls the people who want to replicate the movie by making a key Yugi card...
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