The Vagabond [Jul 22 Updated!]

This page notes what the vagabond is in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, where to find, and the list of challenges assigned to a player .
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update 23/07/2018

The Vagabond

Who is the Vagabond

The vagabond is neither a standard duelist nor a legend duelist. He is a man of few words and looks the player character in the other Yu-Gi-Oh game, the Tag Force series.

Where to find

The character appears in Duel World randomly. You can also ask your friends to send you The Vagabond when they get the chance. Duel against him when you find him.

Great amount of EXP

By winning a duel against the vagabond, Players can gain EXP by about three to five times the amount usually gained.


Since players can gain a lot of EXP by dueling The Vagabond, he does not show up often. Additionally, players are assigned challenges during a duel. These challenges are set at random when the Vagabond randomly spawns, or set by your friend when he sends you The Vagabond. For details of conditions, see the list below.

From v2.5.0 onwards, when challenging the Vagabond, the player is told what Deck he is using and who was the player who built it, and is allowed to look at said Deck after the duel.

List of Challenges

ChallengeExp for WinExp for LoseDegree of
Opponent begins the duel with 1000 LP 1900950
Draw 2 cards during your Draw Phase 1900950
Defeat The Vagabond1900950
You can Normal Summon twice per turn22001100★★
Both players begin the duel with 3 Monsters on the field22001100★★
Begin the duel with Spell/Trap Cards Set.22001100★★
Begin the duel with 8000 Life Points22001100★★
Tribute summons do not require tributes22001100★★
Both players begin with 7 cards in hand22001100★★
Start the Duel with 3 Monster Cards on the Vagabond's field22001100★★
Begin the Duel with 1 card in your hand25001250★★★
You cannot Special Summon25001250★★★
Monster effects cannot be used2500 1250★★★

Begin the Duel with 1 card in your hand

Use versatile cards that work well on their own. Combos and summons, such as fusion summon and ritual summon, are not easy to pull off in a duel with a smaller starting hand.

Monster effects cannot be used

Only your monster card's effects are negated on the field, in the hand, and in the graveyard. Monster cards with low lever, high ATK, and negative effect, such as Nuvia the Wicked and Giant Orc, will work well,

Both players begin with set 3 Spell/Trap

The degree of difficulty of the challenge depends on what spell/trap cards are set on your field. It would be very much a disadvantage to clog your backrow with unusable spell/trap cards. To give yourself an advantage, only use spell/trap cards in your deck that are helpful at any point in the duel, like Wall of Disruption, Enemy Controller, etc. If your deck runs a very low spell/trap count, you can use only three spell/trap cards so you will be sure what is put on your field.

Both players begin with 3 Monsters

Again the difficulty of this challenge depends on what gets put on The Vagabond and your field. To put this challenge in your favor, fill your deck with high stat monsters with powerful effects. Additionally, it is possible to tilt this challenge even more to your favor, by filling your deck with hard to summon monsters because this challenge bypasses their summoning conditions.

This very much places you at a disadvantage depending on what monsters are put on The Vagabond's field. Cards that can disrupt multiple monsters like Windstorm of Etaqua, Curse of Anubis, and Wall of Disruption are helpful.


Example Deck

Sorcerer of Dark MagicDestiny HERO - PlasmaHorus the Black Flame Dragon LV8Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerGravity Lash
Gravity LashGravity LashMirror WallWall of DisruptionWall of DisruptionWall of Disruption
United FrontUnited FrontUnited FrontHalf CounterHalf CounterHalf Counter
Curse of AnubisWindstorm of Etaqua--------
Armed Dragon LV10Sorcerer of Dark MagicHorus the Black Flame Dragon LV8Forbidden ChaliceForbidden ChaliceForbidden Chalice
Super Rush HeadlongSuper Rush HeadlongSuper Rush HeadlongEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerDivine Wrath
Divine WrathDivine WrathMemory LossMemory LossMemory LossWall of Disruption
Wall of DisruptionWall of Disruption--------


First Deck:

  • With your monsters you effectively lock your opponent out of using any card effects.
  • Now you only need to worry about Destiny HERO Plasma dying to big beaters so use spell/trap cards to protect him.

Second Deck:

  • Lock your opponent out of using backrow with your monsters.
  • If you go second you can use Armed Dragon LV10's effect to clear your opponent's monster zone and attack directly for a quick win.
  • When facing Fur Hire decks and going first, it is better to not clear their board with Armed Dragon LV10 so that they do not have space to special summon and OTK you.
  • Negate opponent's monster effects with your Spell/Trap cards

Begin the Duel with 8000 Life Points

You can use an Aromage deck against this challenge to take advantage of their effects which activate when you have higher LP than your opponent. this immediately put you at an advantage. Another option is to use Mausoleum of the Emperor and use your extra LP to quickly summon a powerful monster.

Both Players begin with 7 cards in their hand

Use a Burn deck to take advantage of the huge starting hand to FTK The Vagabond even before he gets a chance to play.

Tribute Summons do not require tributes

Fill your deck with high-leveled Normal summonable monsters, preferably ones that can activate their effects even without being tribute summoned.


Hot New Top
Im convinced Vagabond chat by Adding cards from outside his Deck to his hand. Had him locked down, I had a Cyber End Dragon and 400 LP, he 3 fur hires and 1300 LP. Turn before he decks out, he summons Winged Dragon of Ra, destroys my Dragon, Powerful Rebirth a monster and kills me.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Vagabond, no effect activation challenge, he's using Anki deck.

His opening hand? Decider, Cosmic Cyclone, Mask Change, and Canadia. Then he draws a second Decider.

Literally the most perfect opening hand you can have for that deck.

And then he just happens to Cyclone my WOD, as if he already know it's the dangerous one for Anki and my other Set card is Econ, thus can be chained to Cyclone.....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not to mention, I check the deck afterwards, the deck only runs 2 Decider and 2 Cosmic Cyclone. He has one of each in his opening hand.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, Vaga🔥 always has perfect starting hands and draws, as well as knowing what your facedowns are
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just dueled Vagabond who runs an Amazoness deck.

I would've won with my Aromage deck, but....not only the Amazoness deck just happens to be one that runs a single Sphere Kuriboh in it, but also, Vagabond, as usual, has it in his hand within his first 3 turns.

Seriously, every single time Vagabond uses a deck with Sphere Kuriboh in it, he always has it within the first 3 turns. Obviously rigged.
Thought i come here and ask since the people on gamefaqs never answered me but ever since the recent update, there's been times where if i'm dueling, it's been skipping my draw phase. I would contact konami but i know their reputation. Anyone else been experiencing this issue?
<< Anonymous
Brishawn Reply
It happened with several of my characters who weren't using restart. Bakura for one
<< Anonymous(Brishawn )
Anonymous Reply
Please dont lie
<< Anonymous
Brishawn Reply
I got no reason to lie. If it happens again,i got no problem taking a screenshot & showing you
<< Anonymous(Brishawn )
Anonymous Reply
Did you go first? U don't get to draw a card going first.
I hate Vagabond. As ALWAYS! How can I defeat him when I only have one card in my hand in first turn, while he uses Koa'ki, huh? OTKed.
<< Anonymous
Vagabond Reply
lol that was you I just wasted? lol! why come here and cry lol? don't be sad here I'll give you a nice!
<< Anonymous(Vagabond )
Anonymous. Reply
Gee "vagabond" (ie dumb kid pretending to be him), why don't you try winning your matches fairly instead of relying on rules which disadvantage the other player and not yourself??
Too pathetic to fight fairly? I thought so.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous Reply
Another unfair treatment from Konami:

If you get a 1 star challenge, you are far more likely to brick (in other words, your draws are rigged), just because 1 star challenge is easy.

Which would have been fair, if Konami didn't also rigged Vagabond's draws in the 1 star challenge to be incredibly perfect.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Amen to that. If this guy followed his own rules, or got gimped by them instead of us, I would like this challenge better. Seriously, he always has Legend/KoG decks. This guy does not need to gimp his competition when he can just turtle up behind traps till he gets bored.
Has anyone else had this issue? I’ve only encountered it today, and it’s extremely bizarre.

It’s a duel against the Vagabond with the 7-Card opener challenge. Vagabond is playing a Destiny Heroes deck utilizing Mask Change while I am playing a basic Jinzo deck since I’m working on Espa Roba. I have a tribute summoned Jinzo out on the field early, and even bring another one to the field with Jinzo-Returner’s effect. But, for some reason (beginning around Turn 10 or 12 of the duel) the game no longer permitted me to attack his Destiny Hero-Decider with the tribute summoned Jinzo, hence why I brought back the other one, but it wouldn’t let me attack with him either. All my other monsters could attack just fine... Only both Jinzos had this issue, and I saw no effects used by either side that would’ve stopped these attacks from even being declared. It’s just highly strange and I have no clue how it happened, but I don’t like losing the game because of a glitch like this, especially if it’s in PvP (Thankfully, this duel wasn’t)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
maybe read decider effect
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can't attack decider with a high level monster
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'm impressed that you fail to notice Decider's very first line of text

I mean, not noticing the very last line of Rose Lover's text at least has the scrolling excuse, but in this case, it was the VERY FIRST LINE OF TEXT on Decider......
<< Anonymous
Ho Lee Fuk Reply
'Level 6 or higher monster ur opp control cant target this card as an att target', in case you're wondering ...
In one turn this 🔥er just special summon 3 monsters and 2 face down cards! this isn't a challenge,is not funny and all developers (and particulary the "Vagabond fans)can kiss my royal ass!!
<< Anonymous(Dante)
ok Reply
<< Anonymous(Dante)
Anonymous Reply
royal a ss lol
<< Anonymous(Dante)
Anonymous Reply
old joke
Sometimes he wants you to refer a friend for him to duel and sometimes he just says "Excellent dueling." Does this depend on your score perhaps?
<< Anonymous(Maz)
Anonymous Reply
That's a good question. I want to know it too
<< Anonymous(Maz)
Anonymous Reply
If you win he'll ask you to refer a friend. If you lose he'll say "excellent dueling" even though most of the time he'll wreck you.
<< Anonymous
Jollter Reply
He'll say either one no matter if you win or lose. It's entirely random.
<< Anonymous(Maz)
Anonymous Reply
says the same all the time
1 card vagabond challenge add me 544-444-434
<< Anonymous(DarkChaos)
Cyber_Angel Reply
I'll add you, name's Cyber_Angel
<< Anonymous(Cyber_Angel)
DarkChaos Reply
sorry I don't friend ppl who play cyber 🔥.
<< Anonymous(DarkChaos)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Ur mom Reply
Meta slaves should burn in hell!!!!!

I play around an hour or two every day, so usually will get a 1 card challenge from me.
<< Anonymous(Justin)
Red Eyes B. Reply
I'll reciprocate in kind... You're a life saver.
<< Anonymous(Red Eyes B.)
Anonymous Reply
Oh yeah !

<< Anonymous
Red Eyes B. Reply
Darn it... I made mistake and sent the challenge to someone else.

I'll delete everyone else right now ! Sorry.. ><
<< Anonymous(Red Eyes B.)
Red Eyes B. Reply
Alright ! Ur my only friend now ! The NEXT one is heading to you ! One card challenge right ?
it is just me or if you use destiny hero plasma on "start duel with 3 monster". he is not automaticly on the field?
*hmm they had time to fix this lol*

nice exp change too konami, i hope people are happy about this and this game keep growing in terms of player base. might as well hoping for new content this game could bring *not new card, but content/pve event or whatever*.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think special summon only monsters not always 100% summoned on the field. Sometimes my Horus lv. 8 not automatically appear too, only Plasma and Dark Sorcerer appear.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If the monster is part of your opening hand, it won't appear on the field.

Basically your opening hand is already determined first by the game before the Vagabond challenge is applied. If your opening hand contains the monsters....well, you're screwed.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It happened to me once, Berserk Dragon got into my opening hand so I ends up having just 2 monsters on the field.

Even worse, Vagabond goes first, and his backrow cards screwed over one of my monster, so I ends up with just 1 monster on the field. Lost the duel because of that.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"If the monster is part of your opening hand, it won't appear on the field."

ohhh, this is the answer!
As of the Zexal update they improved his AI, so now when going first he sets weak monsters with higher attack than defense instead of normal summoning them. This pisses me off, I hate it when they go out of their way to make things harder for players.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"konami made the AI closer to real life players waaAAAAA"
cry more
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Way to be an absolute shill, Im sure Konami loves your paychecks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Imagine defending a game company making your own gameplay more stressful. What a 🔥ing cuck.
912-910-857 1 card challenge, active daily. :)
<< Anonymous(Akumage)
Anonymous Reply
just searched your ID, last time you were active was 12 days ago :D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
here's the proof
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol busted XD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Funny thing is he posted this 16 days ago
I had Big Shield Gardna with the "Negate Monster Effects" challenge but his effect worked like normal and he switched to attack position after an attack. Is it because I got Gardna through the "Conscription" trap?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"Negate Monster Effects" means an effect you activate by tapping the monster during the main phase (ex. Barrel Dragon)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Then, some one should remove Giant Orc's effect being negated, because its activation is similar to Big Shield Gardna's. Their effects activate automatically. Also The Unfriendly Amazon requires a tribute despite the effect negation.
<< Anonymous
Chris Reply
But i dont understand the devine trap. For example the barrel dragon, the little one (1700atk) effect is activate automatically, but i can negate with the devine. So how does it work?

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Or, you could, you know, wait for them to activate the spells/traps first then chain your immunit...
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