The Vagabond

This page notes what the vagabond is in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, where to find, and the list of challenges assigned to a player .
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update 19/12/2016

The Vagabond

What the Vagabond is

The vagabond is neither a standard duelist nor a legend duelist. He is a man of few words and looks the player character in the other Yu-Gi-Oh game, the Tag Force series.

Where to find

The character appears in Duel World randomly. Have a duel against him when you find him fortunately.

Great amount of EXP

By winning a duel against the vagabond, Players can gain EXP by about three times the amount usually gained.


Since players can gain a lot of EXP by winning a duel, the vagabond does not show up often. Additionally, players are assigned challenges during a duel. For details of conditions, see the list below.

List of Challenges

ChallengeDegree of
Small monster zone
Opening Hand: 3 Card
Opening Hand: 2 Card★★
Opening Hand: 1 Card★★★
Opening Life Points: 1000
Only 1 Spell/Trap Zone is Available
No Monster Effect Activation★★
No Special Summons★★
Starting a Duel with 3 Spell/Trap Cards on the Vagabond's field★★
Starting a Duel with 3 Monster Cards on the Vagabond's field★★★

Starting Hand Reduction

Use versatile cards to win a duel with the challenge. Combos and summons, such as fusion summon and ritual summon, is not easy to use in a duel with less hand.

Spell/Trap Zone Reduction

Build a deck with less spell/trap cards, and fight with mainly monster cards.

Negate Monster Effects

Only your monster card's effects are negated on the field, in the hand, and in the graveyard. Monster cards with low lever, high ATK, and negative effect, such as Nuvia the Wicked and Giant Orc, will work well,

Starting with set 3 Spell/Trap

The degree of difficulty of the challenge depends on what cards are set on the vagabond's field/spell zones.

Starting with 3 Monsters

Maybe the most difficult challenge. The 3 monster cards on the vagabond's field are randomly selected. That means high level monster can be there. You may want to use cards increasing your monsters' ATK, such as Riryoku and Metalmorph


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I had Big Shield Gardna with the "Negate Monster Effects" challenge but his effect worked like normal and he switched to attack position after an attack. Is it because I got Gardna through the "Conscription" trap?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
"Negate Monster Effects" means an effect you activate by tapping the monster during the main phase (ex. Barrel Dragon)
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Then, some one should remove Giant Orc's effect being negated, because its activation is similar to Big Shield Gardna's. Their effects activate automatically. Also The Unfriendly Amazon requires a tribute despite the effect negation.
<< Anonymous
Chris Reply
But i dont understand the devine trap. For example the barrel dragon, the little one (1700atk) effect is activate automatically, but i can negate with the devine. So how does it work?
Anoymous 29days ago
Why 1 card challenge? Are the rewards greater than 3 cards?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 29days ago Reply
It's for xp farming. Even if you lose, u get a lot more xp and can level your chars a lot quicker.
<< Anonymous
B. 29days ago Reply
Pretty much what anon said, for xp. Wheb your character reach a high lv you only get 500+ xp (not including the 1.5xp event going on now) and it's fairly slow.
<< Anonymous(B.)
B. 29days ago Reply
This guy is obviously our character from GX Tag Force, I played that game everyday in PS2 and that damn red hat with "...." dialogue can't make me forget about that guy.

I hope there's a further update for this guy rather than becoming a exp
<< Anonymous(JOTARO KUUUUH~JO)
Arkalagna Reply
You can get the vagabond icon by battling 100x pvp battle
<< Anonymous(JOTARO KUUUUH~JO)
Anoymous Reply
I feel like red from pokemon is the vagabond because after completing the pokedex he climbs Mt silver and vanishes. What if, distraught that there was no more to do he challenged the duel monsters game and that's where he vanishes
<< Anonymous(JOTARO KUUUUH~JO)
Anoymous Reply
It's not Red but I think the GX Duelist might be based off of Red because they look very similar.
Mine started with 2 monsters 1700 and above, and one blue-eyes white dragon! WTF
<< Anonymous(OMG)
Anoymous Reply
Not bad, once against me he started with 2 relinquished and red-eyes. You like that?
<< Anonymous(OMG)
BEWD Reply
What can i do?
<< Anonymous(OMG)
Manolasso Reply
I faced this situation too! 2 Relinquished + 1 Dark Magician!
Each time he comes with the 1000lp challenge, I always lose by his second or third round. By the same strategy, with his cards coming in the same order. I feel like his deck is hand-built so he never loses with the 1000lp challenge. It's a bit disheartening. Any suggestions or tips to win against this.
<< Anonymous(Koraxtu )
Lawrence Reply
There's something called standard English--it's best if you learn it. Better for you if you wish to be respected and better for all because all of us need to communicate.
<< Anonymous(Koraxtu )
Lawrence Reply
Sorry about my comments earlier, yes the vagabond seems to use an LP-draining deck whenever the 1000LP challenge is selected
<< Anonymous(Koraxtu )
sjp91 Reply
Ummm kraft's English wasn't perfect in his post but it certainly wasn't terrible and it demonstrates that he is indeed capable of communication,not everyone is an English teacher bro,also most people are probably typing with a osk (on screen keyboard) so grammar is more than likely going to deteriorate in one way or another or perhaps English is his second language, either way that comment seems r
Is it just me or the Vagabond suddenly became a joke? Since yesterday, he plays like a lvl 10 duelist and I keep beating him with no difficulty, even with the 1-card challenge! (not complaining, but he was such a challenging bad*ss it feels weird!)
<< Anonymous(Gally)
Ren Akaba Reply
Ikr I actually liked when he was challenging
<< Anonymous(Gally)
Anoymous Reply
I also noticed this issue. I Hope Konami makes him challenging again
<< Anonymous(Gally)
Anoymous Reply
Since today, the Vagabond return to play in a very good way with powerful cards, so you have to be lucky or use a very good deck to win
I have an unlockable portrait (I accidentally clicked claim before I could read how I got it)
<< Anonymous(Vagabond)
Vagabond Reply
<< Anonymous(Vagabond)
Vagabond Reply
More proof:
<< Anonymous(Vagabond)
jiji Reply
By playing 100 pvp duels.
Sometimes he wants you to refer a friend for him to duel and sometimes he just says "Excellent dueling." Does this depend on your score perhaps?
<< Anonymous(Maz)
Anoymous Reply
That's a good question. I want to know it too
<< Anonymous(Maz)
Anoymous Reply
If you win he'll ask you to refer a friend. If you lose he'll say "excellent dueling" even though most of the time he'll wreck you.
This guy seriously reminds me of Red.
<< Anonymous
Stef Reply
Yeah... For those who dont know Red, read Pokémon manga
<< Anonymous
sjp91 Reply
This guy (vagabond) is seriously a douche giving you these challenges then laughing at you when he wins,funny thing is though without those challenges he's actually worse than standard duellists
This is clearly Red from pokemon.

The "..." is a dead giveaway
<< Anonymous(Erroth)
Dominick Reply
No, its not, its MC from YuGiOh TagForce, not pokemon
<< Anonymous(Erroth)
BIZa Reply
Clearly a reference.
by far the easiest challenge for me was,, starting duel with 1000 LP..
other than that,, depends on my luck with the card
<< Anonymous(cassandra)
Chronomalous Reply
I used to think 1000 LP was a good one, but now prefer (and send to friends [my name here is same as in-game, anyone here can add]) the 3-card hand, because he one-shotted me on 1000-LP by dropping Gravity Axe - Grarl and Shooting Star Bow - Ceal on his Leotaur, bypassing my somewhat strong field.
<< Anonymous(cassandra)
Ljun Reply
NOPE, it really depends on luck, I got one and met a burn deck, i cant even get my turn
Start with one card is definitely the hardest challenge
<< Anonymous(Bora)
Anoymous Reply
Actually that is debatable. The worst challenge most of the time is the start with 3 monsters challenge, because the monsters are random, you have the chance of the vagabond starting with 2 tribute monsters such as a blue eyes
<< Anonymous(Bora)
sjp91 Reply
At least with the 3 monsters you get a full hand and can therefore actually prepare a somewhat decent defence whereas with starting 1 card you need either good luck or a bloody good top deck

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