Dark Synchro Preparations (NPC Skill)

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update 28/04/2020

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Skill Details

Play Dark Synchro Materials.

CharacterHow to Get
DS Kalin KesslerNPC Skill
DS Carly CarmineNPC Skill


Anyone knows how the NPC triggers the skill?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
He triggers the skill when he has low HP.
This is the most vague skill description I ever read lol. Must be an NPC only skill if Konami didn't bother describing it properly.
Carly, here i come

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wohoo, more shira supports and 500 free gems. Thank you Konami, you never left f2p.
broken skill Konami plz nerf, its way to op for my opponent
This card literally trash until the Extra Monster zone comes to DL. This card will only help your...
This is a good card that you can pick with that dream ticket.
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