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I'm bothered by the extremely large amount of people really obsessed with this card, to the point of running 2 copies of it in their decks AND still running tons of other traps. What's the big idea? Everytime I destroy one trap card they have and then they get this as a dead draw. When I destroy this and see it was this card I sigh and say they never learn.
Faruk Aksoy
FYI, this card is currently not in the most popular trap cards list
<< Anonymous(Faruk Aksoy)
Yeap. Treacherous has lost its shine since better removal traps got released like balista squad, karma cut, fiendish chain. Also, most tier archtype fdecks have at least 1 of thei main card semi limited so no room for treacherous. Despite that, should remain in banlist. Still a very strong chainable card that can offer +1 advantage
<< Anonymous
Now imagine if traptrix xyz cards were in the game activating this thing from the deck
I just checked and it's back on the popular list, but in very last place, just behind Chain Lost. Maybe it's a consequence of the most played decks having cards in the limited list?
<< Anonymous
This is the most played trap in the higher tier now, I have seen this card in legend 2 out of 3 duel when I check their deck.

The only reason Karma cut being the most popular is because newbie in the lower tier ladder all play blue eyes and use they at 3.


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If you go second, you have a chance to win. If you go first, you will probably die. ftfy
These girls just need a decent turn 1 endboard
yea its good with the bow card so it can attack twice and attack directly for game. but how to se...
I do have most of the UR staples. I will go for my third copy of high priestress of prophecy
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