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update 04/12/2019

Red-Eyes Fusion

Red-Eyes Fusion
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect / Condition
ArchetypesRed-Eyes / Fusion
Supports ArchetypesRed-Eyes
SupportsFusion Monster


Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster that lists a "Red-Eyes" monster as Material from your Extra Deck, using monsters from your hand, Deck, or your side of the field as Fusion Materials, and if you do, its name becomes "Red-Eyes B. Dragon". You cannot Normal or Special Summon other monsters the turn you activate this card. You can only activate 1 "Red-Eyes Fusion" per turn.

How to Get

PackStructure Deck: Return of the Red-Eyes [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Can use materials from your hand, field, and -deck.
  • Changes the Fusion Monster’s name which makes it compatible with support.


  • Cannot summon other monsters the turn you activate this card.


  • You cannot activate this card if you have already Normal or Special Summoned during the turn.

Similar Effects

Neos Fusion is similar in that it allows you to Fusion Summon using monsters from the deck as materials. With the right Fusion Monster, this can be used to pitch a monster of your choosing out of your deck. The difference is that Neos Fusion lets you Special Summon during the turn before activating Neos Fusion and you are still allowed to Normal Summon throughout the turn.

Red-Eyes Fusion does not allow you to summon at all the turn you activate it. They both also provide support in their secondary effects relevant to their own archetype.

Future Fusion is the most generic card for the purpose of pitching monsters out of the deck to use as Fusion materials.

Fusion Monsters

Here are some Fusion Monsters you can summon with Red-Eyes Fusion. Choosing to summon Red-Eyes Slash Dragon lets you pitch any Warrior-type monster you want into the graveyard.
B. Skull Dragon and Meteor B. Dragon will need the name change provided by Red-Eyes Fusion to benefit from Red-Eyes support.



  • If you are fusion summoning "Red-Eyes Slash Dragon" using Red-Eyes Fusion. You must use a certain monster. Therefore, you must use "Red-Eyes B.Dragon" as a fusion material, as it is specified on the "Red-Eyes Slash Dragon".


ActionsSends from your hand to your Graveyard / Sends from your field to your Graveyard / Sends from your Deck to your Graveyard / Fuses Materials from your hand / Fuses Materials from your Deck / Fuses Materials from your field
Summoning categoriesFusion Summons / Special Summons from your Extra Deck / Prevents your Normal Summons / Prevents your Special Summons
Stat changesTreated as alternate name


Hot New Top
Anonymous 15days ago
Sth got nerfed with this card, i have no idea how it works anymore
How do people have multiples of the single cards from the deck? I’m assuming an event right?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Bruh it's called money
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its a one time purchase per account tho..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
one-time purchase with gems, and two more with money. three total.
a bit embarrassing to read people asking for Fusion Red-Eyes monsters when RED-EYES SLASH WILL BE MORE THAN ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU ASK FOR BANS.

I bet this card will be the next one all the noobs of duel links will want to be limited. Fortunately, each day people pays less attention to dumb and whiny peeps.
<< Anonymous
Drone Reply
Unga bunga. Clown here forgot that others put in other 🔥 cards in their copy decks. I keep on fighting 🔥 with 🔥. But hey since we haven't found a cure for 🔥 yet this won't stop either.
Lightning Dragon
This, neos fusion, next up= ancient gear fusion, cyber fusion, six samurai fusion lol
<< Anonymous(Lightning Dragon)
Lightning dragon Reply
I hope not blue Eyes fusion though
<< Anonymous(Lightning dragon)
Anonymous Reply
No such thing... yet. Dragon’s Mirror is the best they got so far
Amusingly, RE Retro, is SR AND is the cover card.

With the exception of Neos deck where Neos Alius is listed before Brave Neos for some reason (although both are UR anyway), they always put the cover card as the first card of the deck, and it is always listed based on rarity.

.....Which means, there's probably nothing beyond SR in this deck.
Putting an SR as cover card when there's an UR in the deck also kinda makes no sense.

Which in turn brings me to the point I want to say:
The only RE fusion we have in the game that's not UR, is Black Skull Dragon, a.k.a. the weakest RE fusion monster we have. That alongside the vanilla Summoned Skull is probably what we're going to get in this deck, because komoney says "FU as usual".
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yes we getting the black skull dragon reprint(probably), also - " because komoney says "FU as usual". " and u still gonna buy their stuff (support them) ...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No UR is probably why it is not "Ex"

Also means cheaper to buy more copies of red-eyes fusion. And honestly If it wasn't Archfiend comet fusion I am glad their is no UR glossy reprint of any previous red-eyes fusions.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
New cards in a Structure Deck being UR or not makes absolutely no difference. (Actually, the one difference it does make actually means being UR is preferable. Looking at the tickets we're getting for the WCS celebration, we're not getting a Dream SR Ticket, so Dream UR tickets are more "common", lol).

Meteor B. Dragon seems a likely inclusion here just to avoid including Summoned Skull.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lmao none of us is right, we actually got RESD in the structure deck
Whoa OKAY bruuuhhhhh
Deck recipe?
This game has really become p2w
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It is not true
No one guarantees you a victory when everyone uses the same
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol it is a card game.
This card is not any good. We don't have good red eyes fusion monsters
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you have slash thats not true
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*coughs* red eyes-fusion

You can easy break a deck using red-eyes fusion and buster blader fusion hybrid deck.
So this card works like neos fusion?
<< Anonymous
ValleCula Reply
It's more limiting, but it's very similar. Well, at least you can search it via Insight.(I'm thinking Red-Eyes + Shield Warrior to Summon Slash Dragon)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can call it a "worse" neos fusion
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yea it's definitely worse here. Now we had access to Inferno Fire Blast it'd be a different story, but Konami isn't about to give us an easy FTK deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's worse overall but it can be searched by insight which makes it more consistent.
F2P version: 3 Insight, 1 RE Fusion, 3 Spirit. Insight searches both fusion and Spirit. Who needs anything else.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You don't need anything in platinum
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Already KoG. Try again
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh, red eyes insight can add red eyes fusion to the hand, totally forgot about that

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