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Why does this card have so many drawbacks? Comparing with similar cards like neos fusion, shadoll fusion, gem knight fusion, they even have a BENEFIC SECONDARY EFFECT
This card has only one drawback and it isn't even that bad because you can still set a monster.
Drawback what? This card isn't limited and you can have 3 in your deck. When they release Archfiend Black Skull Dragon & Meteor Black Comet Dragon you will see its real power.
Neos fusion is just a much better card given its ceiling is rainbow Neos.
<< Anonymous
RE Fusion's ceiling is freakin' RE Dark Dragoon.
its a horrible card like he says, i havent summoned a monster or special summoned and i cant use it for the deck part it just lets me set it i can never activate it
<< Anonymous
1. Are you 100% sure didn't summon ANYTHING this turn?
2. Are you sure you didnt used a skill that forbids you from special summoning (lets say Balance)?
3. Are you sure you had resources in deck/hand/field to use this card (red eyes monster and a warrior??
4. Are you sure your opponent didnt had a monster to interrupt you?

Well, personally, I am 100% sure you are mistaken.


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How did you summon them? By the effect of a battlin boxer card? Maybe said effect locks you to on...
You are fired!
You're seriously underestimating it, lol
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