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update 09/12/2016

The Legendary Fisherman

The Legendary Fisherman
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect
Related to ArchetypesUmi


While "Umi" is on the field, this card is unaffected by Spell effects and cannot be targeted for attacks, but does not prevent your opponent from attacking you directly.

How to Get

Level-up rewardMako Tsunami level 7
Victory againstMako Tsunami
Card trader--
OtherMako Tsunami's starter deck



Stats is not high among high level monsters that require a tribute to be summoned, but the effect works well in many situations.


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Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesUnaffected by Spell Cards
Attack categoriesManages attack targets / Allows direct attacks

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anoymous 5days ago
Magical arm shield works to get him to drop the card
Scarecrow 5days ago
The card would be slightly better if they released Tornado Wall...
Summer 7days ago
Card is honestly terrible. Riryoku and maybe Ceal's Bow are like the only spells you might profitably avoid with this, and that hardly matters since his stats are outclassed by... Like, everything. He doesn't even get the stat boost from Umi. It doesn't interact with anything else that an Umi based deck wants to do. Not to mention that it's an utterly flavorless card. Why is the fisherman a warrior? What does being great at catching fish have to do with not being targeted by attacks? I HATE this card, and I'm pissed that I have to use it for stage 48.
Winter 6days ago
Don't say that. I can hear Mako's father rolling in his grave :(
anoymous 13days ago
Legendary Fisherman III I hope you arrive to the game soon.
Daemon Blitzkrieg 12days ago
Just looked up LFIII and sweet madness, its like Neo Deadalus on a rager. D:
Ulle 27days ago
Had 2 of them and converted them for UR stones and can't complete Stage 48 now... Also grinded Mako 40 but he never drops another copy of it -.-
VVSR 25days ago
same exact situation -.-
JOJO 21days ago
Me too. so ..... sad
anoymous 20days ago
Same :,)
anoymous 5days ago
GUYS, I found the solution! Someone posted it in the QA but I want to help spread the word. When you are fighting lvl 40 Mako, use the spell card exchange to grab that mofo's fisherman and you're good to go! I can't believe how much time I spent trying to get him to drop it lol.
Edtron 29days ago
Never summon it if you only have 1 monster on the field, the enemy can directly attack you
anoymous 29days ago
It can only work if Umi is on the field. Because Umi triggers this card to be not targeted for attacks.

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