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24th Mini Box: Soul of Resurrection
update 09/12/2019

New Event Details

Date11 December 2019 - 19 December 2019

Exclusive Rewards - Jester's Panic [UR] and Jester Queen [SR]

Jester Queen
Jester Queen
DARK Spellcaster ★2
ATK 800 / DEF 800
Leo & Luna Duel Carnival Event [SR]
This card can attack your opponent directly for each Spell/Trap Card you control.
Jesters Panic
Jesters Panic
Normal Spell
Leo & Luna Duel Carnival Event [UR]
Select and look at 1 face-down card in your opponent's Spell & Trap Card Zone. Reveal 1 card from your hand of the same Type to destroy the selected card. If a card is destroyed by this effect, all Level 2 or lower Spellcaster-Type monsters you control can attack your opponent directly this turn.

Event Details

Date6 Aug 2019 - 16 Aug 2019

How to Play

1. Choose which faction to side with

2. Compete in teams to earn Event points

3. Keep joining teams! Fight for your faction's victory!

4. Received Rewards by Dueling in the Event

Leo & Luna's Appear!

After 10 Aug 13:00, there is a chance that Leo & Luna will appear. Duel them to obtain Event Points!

Exclusive Rewards

Beast Machine King Barbaros Ür [UR]

Beast Machine King Barbaros Ür
Beast Machine King Barbaros Ür
EARTH Beast-Warrior ★8
ATK 3800 / DEF 1200
Leo & Luna's Duel Carnival Event [UR]
You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by banishing 1 Machine-Type monster and 1 Beast-Warrior-Type monster from your hand, field, and/or Graveyard. If this card attacks or is attacked, your opponent takes no battle damage.

Armored White Bear [SR]

Armored White Bear
Armored White Bear
WATER Beast ★4
ATK 1800 / DEF 1400
Leo & Luna's Duel Carnival Event [SR]
When this card is destroyed by battle or card effect and sent to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower LIGHT Beast-Type monster from your Deck or Graveyard.


Cumulative Points Rewards

2000Gems x20
4000Result Booster x1
6000Gems x30
8000R Jewel x30
10000Gems x30
13000EXP Booster x1
16000Gold x2,000
19000Goblin Marauding Squad
Goblin Marauding Squad
22000Gems x40
25000R Jewel x30
28000Gems x40
34000EXP Booster x1
40000Card Sleeves: Leo & Luna Duel Carnival
45000Result Booster x1
50000Gems x40
55000R Jewel x40
60000Gold x5,000
65000Gems x50
70000Armored White Bear
Armored White Bear
75000R Jewel x40
80000Gems x40
90000Gold x10,000
95000Gems x40
100000EXP Booster x1
105000R Jewel x40
110000Gems x50
120000Game Mats: Leo & Luna Duel Carnival
125000SR Jewel x1
130000Gems x40
135000Gold x10,000
140000R Jewel x40
150000Gems x40
160000UR Jewel x1
170000Gold x10,000
180000Result Booster x1
190000Gems x60
200000Beast Machine King Barbaros Ür
Beast Machine King Barbaros Ür
210000R Jewel x60
220000Gold x10,000
230000SR Jewel x1
240000Gems x50
250000Gold x15,000
260000UR Jewel x1
280000Icon: Leo & Luna Duel Carnival
290000Gold x15,000
300000Gems x50
310000R Jewel x60
320000Gold x20,000
330000Gems x50
340000R Jewel x60
350000Leo & Luna Duel Carnival Event Completed Achievement

Golden Treasure Box Reward List

Silver Treasure Box Reward List


Hot New Top
Anonymous 1days ago
Hmmm so, is Blair coming right in the middle of the duel carnival? wow
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15hour ago Reply
Good times when Sho came in during the Gladial Island event and actually interacted with the current event and characters exclusive to this game. So sad they didn’t do these fun interactions again.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10hour ago Reply
Yeah, that was a fun interaction. They even referenced it again during his unlock event.

Unfortunately I have my doubt that they will do the same for Blair and Duel Carnival. She's a GX character, and this is technically a 5Ds event.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3hour ago Reply
So good to see someone else liked it. And the almost total lack of interaction between the worlds is a lot of missed potential for fun dialogue. Like ops, Rei ended up on 5D’s world by accident, falls in love with Ushio, silly things like that.
Anonymous 10hour ago
Round 1:
"This round will be about Warrior Types"
"Cool, I'm using Blackwing"

Round 2:
"Now, it's time for Machine Types"
"Cool, I'm using Blackwing"

Round 3:
"Now, let's use Spellcasters."

Round 4:
"Now, Synchro Monsters get a bonus"
"I'll pass. I hate facing Synchro themed decks! They're so annoying!"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10hour ago Reply
This is totally what will happen, which is why I hate this event.

As long as they don't find a way to force people to stay to the theme, this event is just a pretty version of Ranked.
Anonymous 1days ago
Does this mean we can unlock Lazar?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10hour ago Reply
Unfortunately, we're not getting him, it seems. Not only two of his "Jester" cards are in this event as rewards, other "Jester" cards are also on the next minibox.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10hour ago Reply
Which is weird, considering he's already part of an animation the game, when you get a gem after clicking the card shop's roof in 5Ds world.
Anonymous 1days ago
:) !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15hour ago Reply
Anonymous 1days ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15hour ago Reply
Nice(six) 1days ago
Meta Fest...
Boring event. I bet it will be 6 Sams, Darklords & Blackwing Meta event.
<< Anonymous(Nice(six))
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
6 Sams? Meta?
<< Anonymous(Nice(six))
Anonymous 23hour ago Reply
6 Sams is not even a meta they got hit like 3 times I bet you are still at Bronze league
Anonymous 6days ago
I can feel a Blair - Jester meta coming.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Yeah, why not?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Anonymous 1days ago
I actually asked for PVP in the survey.

But maybe it's not a good idea these days since there are so many plague spreader zombies around and... they infect people's mind. LOL
Anonymous 1days ago
dude 1days ago
damn bro.
This event used to drop a lot of gems in the chests.
Hope this helps
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Sean M 1days ago
More like GEM CARNIVAL event.

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