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PeriodMay 26 - 29

Always check your Special Mission tab to check out Special mission for the day and get your gem rewards!


Card Trader Inventory Updated

Test your skills with Ranked Duels!

PeriodMay 22 - 29

Just play a duel in Ranked Games 5 times and whether you win or lose a guaranteed 100 Gem will be rewarded!


Paradox Bros event announced!

PeriodMay 24 - 31

Announced today, the Paradox Brothers unlock event, called "Paradox Brothers: Guardians of the Gate", will be starting on May 24 (GMT +00). A small detail of the announcement states that to unlock him, you will have to duel him to earn points, which can then be used to unlock them. It does not mention anything about collecting event items in order to challenge them unlike the Pegasus and Bakura event.

Version 1.6.0 released!

A new version of the game is now released. In the update, certain skills have been changed/updated, but only against CPUs. PvP duels will be using the updated skills when the update is mandatory for everyone on May 24. The newer version is also for preparations for a new event and the World Championship. More details about them will be announced soon.

Note: Be sure to save/bind your account before updating the game version to avoid possible data loss.

Card Flipper Campaign

PeriodMay 19 - 25

Once a day during the campaign's duration, you get to choose 1 out of 5 Gift. Log in every day for the duration of the campaign to receive all the gifts!



1. Paradox Bros event

The official representative kindly brought a Paradox Brothers event trailer to us. For details, check GameA Paradox Brothers page.

2. WCS qualifier info

The official representative also mentioned the qualifier event will be held from June 1st to 12. It will be made in the game and be a kind of rank match (like a KC Cup probably?).

DateJune 1-12
LocationIn-app event


Duel Links Deck Guidebook leak

Duel Links Deck Guidebook will be published in Japan. It was leaked on May 2nd. The book contains card database and tips for defeating legendary duelists.

TitleY-Gi-Oh! Duel Legend Deck Guide Yami Yugi Vs Seto Kaiba
Publication DateJune 2nd, 2017 (JP)
Price1500 Yen + tax

Promotional "decks"

This guide will also have have two promotional "decks": Yami Yugi deck and Seto Kaiba deck. Check below for cards in those dekcs.

Yami Yugi deck

Seto Kaiba deck


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Robert R. 17days ago
I know people complain but they did ring him back like everyone wanted i just want two thing and ill be happy one need RNG and thee other needs Konami i need destiny board and ectoplasmer all im saying is plz stop complaining and plz pit ectoplasmer in the game (My full opinion not that this matters tho)
<< Anonymous(Robert R.)
Robert R. 17days ago Reply
Excuse my typing im in a war with atoucorrect right now
Anoymous 18days ago
This event wasn't good enough. Yugi appeared whenever he felt like it. Sometimes I had to wait all day for him to appear in the world. Even after restarting the app
Can someone please explain 3 things...
1-I just activated windstorm to stop relinquish from attacking and it didn't turn him to defense
2: they no longer let you use enemy controllers 2nd effect to take embodiment to your side of the field
3: I thought if you attacked, and opponent activated mirror wall, after one of your monsters died, you can twister it from your hand and destroy it before attacking again?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 30days ago Reply
3- Yes you can do it after your monster died. You can do it before your monster is destroyed if your opponent is stupid enough to activate Mirror Wall during Battle Step.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 29days ago Reply
2 - Maybe you don't have any monster on your field to tribute?
<< Anonymous
hhhh 20days ago Reply
Djinn makes an ritual monsters IMMUNE to traps(all traps) Apophis is a TRAP even in "monster form", but when relinquished absorb it, he will have his atk/def Twister is a quickplay, yes, you could use it in Battle phase after the 1st atk from your hand, or from the field if you set it 1 turn before(like a trap).
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 20days ago Reply
In order to take control of a Trap Monster such as Apophis, you need an empty S/T zone. In other words: you need 2 S/T zones total in order to take control of Apophis (1 to activate Enemy Controller, and another to place Apophis in: Enemy Controller does not remove itself until AFTER it has taken control of a monster, after all).
KevLight 21days ago
I hope they bring out some new characters!
Anoymous 21days ago
Money grab
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 21days ago Reply
Nice.. Now we can register an account. Good job GameA
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 21days ago Reply
Sorry wrong comment section :x
Tezca 29days ago
Someone just noticed the upcoming updates notification?
Anoymous 29days ago
yami marik is coming
Vagabond 30days ago
what is "econ" or "e-con"
<< Anonymous(Vagabond)
KennyGump 29days ago Reply
Enemy Controller
KennyGump 30days ago
Admin please put this thread at home page. I had to search for "update" to get here. I believe other users would also like to know what the 9mb updates are.
What about marek and dartz
Ugh I don't really like the new card trader cards, the beast and the UR look nice, but the other two
lmao so now they have 3 relinquinshed plz konami semi limit relinquish to 2 max at least

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Also if I am not mistaken, Double Summon by itself should allow you the ability to tribute summon...
"Nutrient Z can only be activated if you are about to take at least 2,000 damage or more, ei...
Sounds like a best case scenario. They have no way of stopping monster effects and Curse of Royal.
exactly, and the damage will feel as a direct atack anyways lol
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