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12th Mini Box Clash of Wings is available now!
update 05/09/2017


Duel Links server seems to be down now. We can't login to the game yet.


Konami at GamesCom

Konami will be present at GameCom 2017, the biggest gaming convention in Europe, held in Cologne, Germany, where they will be showcasing their newest and most anticipated games. YuGiOh fans should visit Hall 5.2/A030/B031, where duelist will get the chance to play in tournaments and demonstrations for both the TCG and Duellinks.

50 million downloads!

To celebrate 50 million downloads, Konami will be giving duelists free 500 gems. In addition, a limited time sale will be available to purchase from Aug. 23 13:00 - Aug. 25 13:00!

Version 1.9.0 update

  • Preparations for an event.
  • "Where to obtain" feature.
    • By tapping on a card in the card catalog or deck list, you will see a "how to get" button on the top left side.
  • Improvements to deck editor.

Previous versions before 1.9.0 will no longer be supported starting Aug. 29.


Card Trader updated!


Ver 1.7.0 Issues

There are known issues that occurred after the maintenance and update to the newer app version.

  • Temple of the Kings can't be activated to special summon a monster, despite properly meeting its condition.
  • When switching characters, the currently selected deck is switched to a different one.
  • Messages in the Global Chat are displayed by oldest going from the top.

Konami is working on fixing these issues, so be sure to check the in-game announcement to see the updates regarding these issues.

Character Skill changes

Certain character skills will be rebalanced, and the affected ones are: Harpies' Hunting Ground, Parasite Infestation, Fairy's Smile, and Three-Star Demotion. Check the Skill changes for more details and discussions about it.

Forbidden/Limited card(s)

Additional information and details have been announced regarding the Forbidden/Limited feature. Shown on the in-game announcement, the first card to be "Limited" will be Restructer Revolution, and that it will start on Aug 3.


Yami Bakura unlock event!

Period (GMT +00:00)Jun 28 - July 10

Yami Bakura unlock event "Fear the Deck of Terror! The Destiny Board of Doom" has returned! For a limited time only, you can duel Yami Bakura at the gate to earn points and get golds, gems, orbs, and exclusive card rewards! You can also get EX gems this time, which can be used to purchase certain cards from the card trader.

Ver 1.7.0

Version 1.7.0 is now available for download. It is mandatory for everyone to download and update after the maintenance. The in-game news announcement shows that the new version includes updates for some language options, preparations for improvements to the shop, and ranked duel revamp preparations. One of the card shop improvement has been mentioned before in the announcement, which is the ability to upgrade a card to glossy/prismatic versions. Visit the July plans for more details. The issue regarding the unhappy girl has also been fixed. It previously affected cards like Guardian Statue, or Guardian Sphinx (which were used by Yugi Muto) when it was face down. Now it will remove the effect when it goes face down.


New Card Trader Cards

4 new cards have been added today.


Mokuba Kaiba in Duel World

PeriodJune 19 - 28

Mokuba Kaiba has appeared in Duel World! For a limited time only, win duel(s) against Mokuba to get event exclusive card rewards!

Exp 1.5 campaign

PeriodJune 19 - 28

During this campaign duration, each duel will give increased exp rewards. Use this opportunity to level up your characters to get their level rewards. Fighting the Vagabond with the "1 hand" challenge will give you the most exp, ask your friends or add other players to send you Vagabond challenges over at the Vagabond page!

Character max level is increased!

After the completion of today's maintenance, the character level cap has been increased from 35 to 40. New level up rewards have been added.


Advanced notice: New Legendary Duelist

For a limited time, a new Legendary Duelist will be coming next week! It is not yet revealed who the character is, but we are given the hint "Want some new cards? You're gonna have to beat me!", written on the in-game announcement. For more discussions about who it might be, check the upcoming events page!

New Card Trader Cards

4 new cards have been added today.

Additional Legendary Duelist Campaign!

During the campaign duration, up to 2 Legendary Duelists can appear at the same time. Use this opportunity to get cards from them without having to use your keys!


New cardbox added!

A new pack has released!



PeriodJune 12 - 19

Fill the event meter by dueling to get rewards! There are cumulative rewards as well as a daily rewards, so be sure to check them everyday. To see more details about the event, check the event page.
Note: There is an event timer which resets at 18:00 (GMT+0) daily.


Advanced notice: Duel-A-Thon Event

After the Final Qualifiers ends on Jun 12, regular ranked duels will resume, but there is also going to be a pvp event. Ranked duels will give players points to fill a meter, which will give more gems and new cards. More information about this event will be posted soon, when the event goes live.

World Championship Location Changed

Previously announced that the World Championship was going to be taking place in London, the latest announcement states that Konami decided to change the location to Japan. Further details on the new location will be posted soon.


Hot New Top
Bones i want still maybe you can make it a helloween link?
I think it marik this next link june
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yea i heard him talk on a update as well saying yugioh linkd
Your hell
This PVP like a virus, if you click PVP otomatly your signal phone Will lose.
I got all the magnet warriors except Gamma and it was a lil annoyin bc i have like 15 betas.
<< Anonymous
Kappa Reply
Try having all three warriors but no Valkrion to use with them
<< Anonymous(Kappa)
Anonymous Reply
i have 3 valkyrions and only 1 gamma it sucks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
just realized i can get a second one for dueling him 15 times so im good
Yo anyone having problems with connection in tournament? Server down or something?
<< Anonymous(Anton)
yugi Reply
I get the message "try again with a better connection/signal" or something like that. I lose because of this problem and can't rank up.
I ask one question how do I favorite a replay of sorts
Before we move on to another event...can we at least get 1 of each SR from the Joey event. I don't get it. I hardly get any drops and when I do it's the same sr's I already have. or worse, 2 sr in one duel both the same. why is it fair that others receive the best sr's and other don't? How will that be fair at worlds? Because points are more important than actually wining a duel? I don't remember yugi worrying about farming? ah right yugi wasn't secretly wanting duelist to buy packs....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You guys are too serious. Its just a game. Better quit soon if not getting a mon or two is such a big deal. It would be better for your health bro.
<< Anonymous
jj Reply
I understand what you're saying. and if this game was COMPLETELY free I wouldn't care. but when there is actual money involved there needs to be some sort of fairness/consistency. How in the hell do people have 9-10 U.A and some none? E.C.?
<< Anonymous(jj)
Anonymous Reply
Hi bro. I really think its rng. I farm kaiba everyday but not yet get a ec. The same with eevil and odion. Only decent drop is dark magician girl.
<< Anonymous(JJ)
NotaChild Reply
Grow the up. It's a game and drops are random. Keep farming bc that's the name of the game, asshole
Yugi Muto needs to come back with the Magnet Warriors event. I don't have the complete set and Yugi wasn't here long enough. Even though I played all week I could not get the cards I need from him. Plus he doesn't appear fast enough. Should have done the event like they did with Pegasus and Bakura
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I got everything except a gamma, which sucks. Have valk and unless I fork out for deltas have 0 way to get him onto the field. Why was one of the components made a super rare? So dumb
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Agreed, Gamma is a royal pain in the ass to get. Got over 30 of each Alpha and Beta but only 1 Gamma. Like Muto don't have enough SR already, moreover their drop rate are worse than non-exclusive LD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I got 1 Gamma and 1 Valkyrion, 1 Rain of Mercy, 1 Union attack. No Gandora. In the other event got only one rain. So I´m happy with this drops.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Damn, you guys got hosed, I ended up with 3 alph 2 beta 1 gamma 2 valkyrion
Add in deltas for a fun viable setup
I opened 100+ packs + 50 more from the last time this pack was released and still no Sphere Kuriboh? WTF KONAMI? How do some people have 3!?!?!?
<< Anonymous(Dankiroth)
Dankiroth Reply
... and I wanted 3 Mirror Wall lol
<< Anonymous(razkaran)
Lucky Reply
Some people got lucky like me I only spent 200 gems to get kuriboh..
<< Anonymous(razkaran)
Lucky Reply
But for mirror wall I have no luck.. I got mirror wall after opened 178 pack.. So it was almost the last pack..
<< Anonymous(razkaran)
Anonymous Reply
I got 1
Sphere kuriboh months ago and let me tell you. It's overrated. No need to have 3. If your looking for 1-cool. 2- your trying to cheese, 3- your just scared and think you need 3 sk to win n protect yourself. I've made
Kog 10 times with 1 or no kuriboh. My current deck doesn't even have a sk. I would rather use security orb. Sk is decent for ritual decks but nobody should want 3
I read it as Yugi mouto baby at first. I was like when the fudge sid he smash?
1st event 320 + 2nd event 64 x 4 days = 576?
Why konami bring back the old boxes so fast? Its supposed to be discontinued. And they bring back the boxes in less than 2 mths? Its like eating their own words, I guess they will often do flip flop action from now on?
<< Anonymous(Trist)
Boxman Reply
I didn't say don't ever rerelease the old boxes again. But the time frame is too short. Its suggesting to us its a money grabbing decision. They can do this again in future.
<< Anonymous(Boxman)
Anonymous Reply
obviously its a money grab. its a company with a product. the only reason they do anything is for money. if you dont like it dont support it.
<< Anonymous
#fundamentals Reply
business is rarely ethical, that is common sense. products are made to be sold for profit. that is business 101 lol
<< Anonymous
Boxman Reply
That's why we are discussing this. We should at least bring to attention some of these unethical practices. It may not do much but it may serve as record.

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