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update 27/12/2016

Mask Change

Mask Change
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect
Supports ArchetypesHERO / Masked HERO


Target 1 "HERO" monster you control; send it to the Graveyard, also, after that, if it left the field by this effect, Special Summon 1 "Masked HERO" monster from your Extra Deck with the same Attribute that the sent monster had when it was on the field (its original Attribute, if face-down).

How to Get

PackValiant Souls [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Great way to summon a powerful monster.
  • Being a Quick-play spell gives you lots of timings to activate this card.


  • Requires a Hero monster on the field to activate, otherwise a dead card in your hand.
  • A Hero can only change into a Masked Hero of the same attribute.


Extra attacks

You can use Masked Change on an Extra deck Masked Hero you control to special summon another copy of himself from the Extra deck. Use this during the battle phase to gain extra attacks. Masked Hero Anki can do this most efficiently. Attack with your DARK Hero monster, activate Masked Change to special summon Masked Hero Anki and then let Anki destroy a monster. Anki will let you search a Masked Change from your deck, which you can use on him to special summon another Anki ready to attack. Repeat till your opponent runs out of monster.

Masked Hero

Here is a list of masked hero monsters that can be summoned with Masked Change.

Multiple monsters

Drilldark lets you special summon another monster when it's summoned, this can let you use Mask Change on one of them without leaving your vulnerable to cards like Enemy Controller. Use Drilldark's effect to special summon Destiny HERO - Celestial so you can use its effect when it's in the graveyard. Vyon can also be pretty good since you can use its effect to send Destiny HERO - Malicious from your deck to the grave, then activate it from the grave to special summon another Malicious from your deck, which thins your deck as well as letting you use Mask Change using your deck as a resource.

Return from the graveyard

Decider's effect lets you return a Destiny HERO monster from your grave at the end of the turn. This can let you use Mask Change on him after he attacks to return Decider back to your hand at the end of your turn.




ActionsSends from your field to your Graveyard
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your Extra Deck


Anonymous 1days ago
Why isn't possible to chain "Wall of Disruption" with this card? Example: The opponent attacks, I skip "Wall of Disruption" activation, then he uses "Mask Change". After its activation, the game doesn't ask me if I want to activate "Wall of Disruption".
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
u cant activate wod during damage step, the one time they ask u to activate wod is the only moment u can.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Sorry, I wrote chain but I meant after "Mask Change" activation, specifically when the Mask Monster declares an attack.
Anonymous 2days ago
I don't know why they did not just use mask change II that card seams more balance for this
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
I don't know if I like the idea of Vapor being used in general WATER decks, though. But it would have made Anki much less powerful. That being said, if it's enough of a problem, they could easily just limit Anki to solve the issue.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
ya but if u think about if they released this in stead of mask change then they would have had no need to limit Anki. the only problem I have with the Mask Hero deck summoning anki one after another
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
I get that. But I think Mask Change II's versatility outweighs Mask Change's OTK potential overall. (I also don't see limiting Anki as a big deal.) It would also reduce the chances of any other Masked HEROes being released, since any deck could potentially break them. (That being said, Divine Wind and Dian are the only ones that really have any shot of coming anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter.)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Ya I actually missed that 1 face up monster XD
Anonymous 6days ago
This card is cancer
Anonymous 7days ago
Every time I duel someone using the mask HERO Anki deck, they conveniently have 2 of their 3 mask changes in their opening hands. lol
Anonymous 12days ago
Nobody likes this card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
Just kidding, I'm just salty that i've been otk'ed so many times by it. It's actually good.
Anonymous 24days ago
We only have a dark, water and fire masked hero, so hero cards that are wind, light and earth arent supported
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
Screw that. I want to see the meta break down with Dark Law.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
I feel like we might get Dian eventually. (I'm actually surprised we got Anki before it.) Divine Wind would be interesting. It's better than the three we currently have, but you'd have to use Avian since there's literally 2 non-Fusion WIND Heroes. (The other being Stratos, who I doubt will ever be player-obtainable.)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
Do you think prisma will ever come?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
The only masked heroes i think would be too powerful are acid, dark law, and koga (blast might be a bit too much, but at least he has low stats and reliance on avian). I could see the other ones getting added to the game at some point.
Anonymous 24days ago
If dark law will ever be added, it will become a tier 0 deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
More like anti-meta since most meta decks right now rely greatly on graveyard
E-Mask Hero 24days ago
Hello to all,
If we use this card with diamond Dude,can we special summoned a masked Hero? i will be supppa usefull if we can !!!!
<< Anonymous(E-Mask Hero)
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
Mask change is a quick-play spell
Anonymous 24days ago
i think the only hero subtype left is evil
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
ya know, i thin I'm ok without them coming lol. theyre just kinda meh like original E
p4F 25days ago
where is shadow mist?

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