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I don't know why they did not just use mask change II that card seams more balance for this
I don't know if I like the idea of Vapor being used in general WATER decks, though. But it would have made Anki much less powerful. That being said, if it's enough of a problem, they could easily just limit Anki to solve the issue.
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ya but if u think about if they released this in stead of mask change then they would have had no need to limit Anki. the only problem I have with the Mask Hero deck summoning anki one after another
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I get that. But I think Mask Change II's versatility outweighs Mask Change's OTK potential overall. (I also don't see limiting Anki as a big deal.) It would also reduce the chances of any other Masked HEROes being released, since any deck could potentially break them. (That being said, Divine Wind and Dian are the only ones that really have any shot of coming anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter.)
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Ya I actually missed that 1 face up monster XD
dunno, I have a hunch... this one might actually come in the 16th main box
The fact that is says once per turn instantly makes it way more balanced.
If balance then nobody bought it


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Most of Ishizu and Zane's Cyber Dragon cards are in boxes. A characters cards being in boxes...
This seems less useful than the original.
1st turn summon xex special yagan and set W nebula meteorite. Xex is almost guaranteed to survive...
it seems good for cycling between excess monsters and adding Dark magic Circle
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