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update 19/09/2016

Destiny HERO - Dogma

Destiny HERO - Dogma
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Trigger Effect
ArchetypesDestiny HERO / HERO
Supports ArchetypesDestiny HERO
Fusion Material forDestiny End Dragoon


Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by Tributing 3 monsters, including at least 1 "Destiny HERO" monster, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. If you still control this face-up card during your opponent's next Standby Phase after you Special Summoned it: Halve your opponent's Life Points.

How to get / Rarity

PackStructure Deck: Destiny Rulers [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Special summon.
  • Reduces your opponent's LP by half on your opponent's turn once.


  • Strict special summoning condition.
  • Effect only works once.
  • Percentage based damage means that it can never be lethal.


3 on the field

Requiring 3 tributes may sound like a hefty price, but the cards in the structure box itself can help with swarming the field.

  • Destiny HERO - Drilldark - If you already have 1 monster on the field, you can summon Drilldark to special summon another monster from your hand. With 3 monsters already on the field, you can use it to tribute summon Dogma, but you'll end up with a big card disadvantage so it's only recommended if it's enough to win you the duel right away.
  • Destiny HERO - Dreamer - This card can protect a monster you control from being destroyed by battle, including itself if you have another Dreamer in your graveyard, and summon itself to the field. It can be an effective way to stall, but the main downside of this is that you can only get more than 1 copy of this card through in-app purchase.
  • D Cubed - Summoning this lets you special summon 1 or 2 D Cubed from your hand, deck, and/or graveyard. You'll need to bring 3 of this card in your deck which can potentially create "bad hands", and it requires 1/2 discards to activate the effect, but it can be good if you ever want to make a turbo Dogma type of deck.

Other notable cards outside of the structure box that can help with special summoning are Over Destiny, Destiny HERO - Fear Monger, Destiny HERO - Malicious, and Destiny Mirage.

Effect damage

Halving your opponent's LP even when they have full (4000 without the use of LP increasing cards) is already pretty big damage. You could finish off your opponent by pairing Dogma with burn cards to help finish the duel without even having to attack.





ActionsTributes for cost
Summoning categoriesCannot Normal Summon / Cannot Set / Nomi / Special Summons itself from your hand
LPHalves Life Points / Your opponent loses Life Points

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Hot New Top
Evil hero dogma, kinda difficult to REMOVE.
lmao gamea deleting the ligma comments hahahahaha
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
destiny hero ligma lmao
Better replace this with plasma?
How do u even get this card? I fought aster phoenix yesterday and was surprised when Destiny Hero Dragoon popped out of nowhere
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Only available for Aster Phoenix at gate to use, not available for commoners like us.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Bruv, stay strong.
<< Anonymous
Hmada Reply
How i can get distny hero dragoon
<< Anonymous(Hmada)
Anonymous Reply
Thought it was Destiny END Dragoon...
Broken please release this card along with dragoon and second copy plasma
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's out now
Finally we will get him in D-Hero Structure deck
This plus ectoplasmer activated next turn is Good, although still not enough...
Soon ..
love this Card!
Broken pls release this card
This card should have been Aster's level 40 level-up reward -.-
<< Anonymous(Ragnarök)
Malefic Reply
Yeah.. The summoning condition is too hard in this current format. And the eff activation only applied once after this card summoned, basically, Plasma still better as he negate opp's monster eff. The only downside Plasma has is his low deffence

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I know there’s no point in using this what with Axe of Despair out there and all, but it&rs...
"There is easy ways to gain Lp on your opponents turn lol" How so?
And I honestly hate players who cannot think for themselves and need an easy win.
I doubt Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon will be in Duel Links just because you could literally sum...
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