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update 15/03/2017


Just like Exodia the Forbidden One from "Grandpa's Cards", this skill also serves as an alternative win method. As long as Dark Necrofear remains stagnant in your graveyard for 5 turns after activating his skill after its criteria is met, you will win the game.


Can be used if Dark Necrofear is in your Graveyard, and your LP are at 2000 or below. At the end of your 5th turn after activating this skill, you win the Duel. This skill is negated if "Dark Necrofear" leaves your Graveyard. This skill can only be used once per Duel.


How to get

  • A drop skill obtainable by dueling against Legendary Duelist when using Yami Bakura.

Rating and explanation

This skill is excellent when used with stalling decks and against decks that do not counter cards in the graveyard. However, it may be difficult to pull off the alternative win method as it has many flaws:

  • You must take at least 2000 damage in order to activate the skill, which is at least half your starting life points.
  • You must have Dark Necrofear in your graveyard for 5 turns.
  • You can only activate this skill once per duel. In other words, if "Dark Necrofear" leaves your graveyard within the five turns, you cannot activate the skill again. You will not be able to win with the alternative method. Stalling decks that depend on this win method will most likely lose in the situation mentioned earlier.

One example that can shut down this skill is Disappear which happens to be a non-meta card for now.

Available decks

Coming soon...

Yami Bakura skills list


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This troll deck is fun to play
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1hour ago Reply
go watch anime series bakura vs yugi, bakura use this skill in that awesome but at the end...haha
It was difficult, but I finally got It
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
Did u get it in the event ? Can u use it without being in the event ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2hour ago Reply
you must got it from yami yugi,right?
Anonymous 24days ago
Does anyone has a deck that I can get above 5 k ?I want use it with yami bakura
Anonymous 25days ago
Can I use it without being in the event ?
<< Anonymous
Anonyboy 25days ago Reply
Yes. You jus A: Must own Bakura, and B: Meet the conditions to activate this. While keeping Necrofear in the GY is easy, if you have 1 unusable Necrofear and under 2k life points left then you are very likely in trouble.
Anonymous 25days ago
Can I get destiny board skill without being in the event or in the event ?
You can activate destiny board at 2000lp + necrofear in the grave.

However you can make your lp go higher than 2000 again afterwards right, without negating your destiny board?
<< Anonymous(QuestionDestinyboard)
Anonymous Reply
Trust luck
So this is my destiny board deck its only prob is bad hand or finsihing the duel with attacking also if i put damage translation will it be good with needle ball ?
About Time!
<< Anonymous(¥ona*than~)
Anonymous Reply
I've tried to get Destiny Draw for a long time but have never even gotten one of Yugi's exclusive drop skills. It took me less than a week to get destiny board, and I wasn't even using a farming deck at the time. That was the most WTF moment I've had with this game so far.
<< Anonymous(¥ona*than~)
Zaid Reply
What level were u on for Yami bakuras level up thing
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same for me I've tried to get Destiny draw past 2 weeks and nothing came out and now I've got it from duel lose! So I guess best thing is keep using yami yugi.
<< Anonymous(¥ona*than~)
Anonymous Reply
How? I've played over a hundred duels against any legendary duelist at lvl. 30 or 40, each time 8000-9000 duel assessment points... Still didn't get it... :(
I have been playing with bakura since the first event I UNLOCKED EVERY SKILL BUT THIS SKILL STILL WONT DROP
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
only been farming for two days and managed to get three different dropped skills yet none of them are destiny board. it's like Konami is toying with me
Please download available decks yami Bakura "destiny board"
i used this deck and win a couple rank game with any idea to make it better ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not a bad deck, but it can be better. Try replacing your metalmorphs and yellow luster shield with cards that can either make it easier to summon dark necrofear or send him to the graveyard. My recommendations for cards are fiend griefing, wonder balloons, and divine wrath. I also highly recommend you add in sphere kuribo since he's a fiend with an immensely useful ability.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I also recommend you take out one of the twin barrel dragons and replace it with another low level fiend. Also, try adding in a card that can increase your life points once you reach 2000 LP (like supreme berry if you can get it from Tea. If she won't cooperate, then try enchanted javelin instead).
<< Anonymous
Ironhead Reply
My suggestions. Drop the twins, minions, lister shield and the princess. Add trance archfiend 2-3, another necro, wonder balloons, sorcerous spell wall (if you want to buff). Don't mix in a kuriboh, it's useless. You are better off dumping necro. Even if you can activate his effect, it's easy to counter. Fiend griefing works also like anonymous said, but there is a chance you pull them together.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You need labyrinth wall, just like i had met at pvp really annoying xd

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