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update 15/03/2017


Just like Exodia the Forbidden One from "Grandpa's Cards", this skill also serves as an alternative win method. As long as Dark Necrofear remains stagnant in your graveyard for 5 turns after activating his skill after its criteria is met, you will win the game.


Can be used if Dark Necrofear is in your Graveyard, and your LP are at 2000 or below. At the end of your 5th turn after activating this skill, you win the Duel. This skill is negated if "Dark Necrofear" leaves your Graveyard. This skill can only be used once per Duel.


How to get

  • To be confirmed...

Rating and explanation

This skill is excellent when used with stalling decks and against decks that do not counter cards in the graveyard. However, it may be difficult to pull off the alternative win method as it has many flaws:

  • You must take at least 2000 damage in order to activate the skill, which is at least half your starting life points.
  • You must have Dark Necrofear in your graveyard for 5 turns.
  • You can only activate this skill once per duel. In other words, if "Dark Necrofear" leaves your graveyard within the five turns, you cannot activate the skill again. You will not be able to win with the alternative method. Stalling decks that depend on this win method will most likely lose in the situation mentioned earlier.

One example that can shut down this skill is Disappear which happens to be a non-meta card for now.

Available decks

Coming soon...

Yami Bakura skills list


anoymous 9days ago
I want to get this skill but it seems really hard to pull off since your life points need to be 2000 or lower and have Dark Necrofear in grave. Not to mention all the counter cards introduced in the new pack against this skill.
anoymous 7days ago
This my defend deck
anoymous 7days ago
Best way playing defend cards and drop ur LP with mirror wall and time to throw dark fear to graveyard
Luis 12days ago
I use this skill with a defensive deck and I have had sucess.
anoymous 13days ago
i used this deck and win a couple rank game with any idea to make it better ?
Kanchi 17days ago
Got it today from Odion lvl 40 farming 10times :)
anoymous 16days ago
im curious what sr did you get ahaha
anoymous 17days ago
Finally got it out of a fight with lvl 30 Odion
anoymous 18days ago
this skill sucks..chill
anoymous 20days ago
just got this skill grinding so hard for it lol
Yena 19days ago
i just got it today. omg so happy :)
zhizen 21days ago
we waiting for this card and this skill will be new meta
zhizen 21days ago
well i think next pack will be fiend supports
Mian 21days ago
Easly countered
anoymous 21days ago
Idk why Konami won't release this card
anoymous 22days ago
someone use destiny board skill for PvP !! Take a look guys !!
Kirex 22days ago
Kirex 22days ago
I was two days in to farm and I found it usually with the normal deck against rex raptor to level 30 that wasn't in the gate
ACiDvision 17days ago
Im STILL farming daily trying to get harpies hunting ground. My luck in this game is awful, no union attack even with consistent 7k wins and instead gave me 4 crappy gandoras. I have at LEAST 5 skills or more for every duelest except bakura and the only lucky skill ive got is destiny draw. This game hates me.
anoymous 22days ago
lucky you man i've been farming ld for this skill like crazy still dont get it
anoymous 23days ago
5k keys farming LD get HP skill and gems omg when skills drop for me ...
anoymous 18days ago
Lol same. I have every hp increase skill for bakura now. They even gave me beta twice. FML
anoymous 22days ago
I feel your pain

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Same as me,, i need 2 weeks for finishing this stage L.O.L :D
how consistent is this?
Me to.. Piranha and vesel not listed when this card activated.. I hope someone can report it to a...
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