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This page notes what the score is in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, the list of conditions, and how to gain high score.
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update 15/02/2017


Based on Duel Assessments

The amount of score is based on the conditions players achieve in a duel. The more amount of score can be obtained as the achieved assessments are difficult.

One Reward by 1,000 Score

Players can obtain one reward per 1000 score when winning a duel. For example, when the score is 2000 or more but less than 3000, you can get 2 rewards.


Over 6,000 score

Quick Victory and Comeback Victory can be active at the same time and gives you score of 2,500. Not easy to achieve two of them in a duel, but not impossible.

Over 9,999 Damage and Cards on the Brink

To achieve those two is the most popular way to get high score from Legendary Duelists. See the list of cards that can increase their ATK over 10,000.

Quick Victory and No Damage

Quick Victory and No Damage are the easiest conditions to achieve. Using high stats monster cards and equip spell may also allow you to achieve Over 3000 Damage.

Depends on your opponent

If your opponent use spell cards decreasing your life points, LP on the Brink will be easier to achieve. Understanding cards in the opponent's deck is important.

List of assessments by type

Standard conditions

Following conditions cannot be overlapped.

Duel Loss1,000Lose a duel.
1,500End a duel in a draw.
Duel Victory
2,000Win a duel.
Deck Out Victory
2,100Win a duel by reducing your opponent cards in the deck to 0.
Quick Victory2,500Win a duel within turn 1 - 4.
Special Victories3,000
Surrender0Surrender a duel.

LP/deck on the brink

Following conditions can be added to the score by each.

Comeback Victory500Win the duel when your LP is lower than your opponent at the start of your turn.
LP on the Brink1,000Win a duel when you life point is 100 or less.
Low LP500Win a duel when you life points is 1000 or less.
Cards on the Brink500Win a duel when the number of cards in your deck is 0.
Few Cards200Win a duel when the number of cards in your deck is 5 or less.


The following conditions can be added to the score by each.

Victory by Effect Damage Only1,000Reduce the opponent's life points to 0 by only effect damage.
No Damage Taken
500Win a duel without receiving damage.
Destroy 10
(or 7 or 5)
Destroy 10 or more monsters.
Over 3000 Damage!500Decrease the opponent's life points by more than 3,000 with one attack.
Over 5000 Damage!1800Decrease the opponent's life points by more than 5,000 with one attack.
Over 9999 Damage !3,000Decrease the opponent's life points by more than 9,999 with one attack.


The following conditions can be added to the score by each.

Perform a Ritual Summon400Conduct at least one ritual summon.
Perform a Fusion Summon400Conduct at least one Fusion Summon.
Perform a Tribute Summon300Conduct at least one tribute summon.
Perform a Special Summon100Conduct at least one Special Summon.
Activate a Spell100Use at least one Spell card.
Activate a Trap100Use at least one Trap card.

Glossy/Prismatic card

The following conditions can be added to the score by each. More score you can get as you use more glossy/prismatic cards.

Played Prismatic Card200Use a prismatic card.
Played Glossy card100Use a glossy card.


Hot New Top
Does anyone know if tokens count as monsters destroyed? I think not
<< Anonymous(Optional)
Anonymous Reply
On a related note, repeatedly attacking apophis when NPC has tiki gives 10 monsters destroyed, too (and the AI always chooses to re-set it, which is a cheap way to stall while setting up your 10000+ hit against It's All Traps during a double gate key event).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Best is when the AI has Tiki and 2 Apophis.

You can keep attacking Apophis without having to worry about other backrow cards, since Tiki makes the two Apophis stuck to the field, permanently locking their S/T zones.
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Not very nice Reply
In this game words may have different meanings for example how a fusion summon isn’t a special summon but in reality it is. The game can have different terminology so don’t judge someone for not yet having that knowledge. You wouldn’t want people calling you an idiot if you just started learning to build cars.We Need this world to be a better place! YOUR AMAZING for attempting to help!
<< Anonymous
Honestly why be so rude. How does it benefit your life? Do you really have nothing better to do then abuse people over the internet. Well I hope you realize your mistake and revert to the amazing person youve been before!
Hey, This has probably been mentioned somewhere before but i figured id add it just in case cause i haven't seen one but this deck is pretty easy to attain with f2p through Trader and Special Missions. 8300 is consistently achievable for your LD farming. Pretty much just aromage + ra with your and Life Boost-α Fragrance storm for card draw horseytail as tech if you want to make 9999+ easier. Only downside is Enemy Controller but meh not every LD runs it and you can run tech cards for specific LDs
<< Anonymous(Fredrickson)
Anonymous Reply
Can't see the cards, way too small. What is does the deck consist of? I can only figure out Ra.
<< Anonymous
ValleCula Reply
Aromage Jasmine, Bergamot, Rosemary, Aromage Garden and I believe there's also a Fragrance Storm.
<< Anonymous(Divanihsta)
Anonymous Reply
Based on the previous comments and some looking over the card trader list, I think these are the cards in the picture. Let the blurry image madness stop:

x1 The Winged Dragon of Ra
x3 Aromage Jasmine
x2 Rose Lover
x2 Aromage Bergamot
x3 Aromage Rosemary
x1 Horseytail
x1 Twister
x3 Fragrance Storm
x3 Aroma Garden
x1 Treacherous Trap Hole

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
considering that treacherous_trap_hole and rose_lover are semilimited, how we deal with the problem? what we can change/add? thanks
Does special summoning a fusion monster count as performing a fusion summon?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I agree, also a square is a perfect rectangle lol. If you don’t know what your taking about 🔥
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
A fusion summon is ALWAYS a special summon lmao
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The issue here is that there is a difference between special summoning a fusion monster, and fusion summoning a fusion monster.

Basically, if you special summon a fusion monster using anything whose card text does not explicitly call it as a "fusion summon", then it's not a fusion summon.
<< Anonymous
2ndCommenter;I agree Reply
Exactly, so your thinking to literally because we all think of the definition of special being unique or different. Which leads to the conclusion that a fusion summon must be a special summon but in the terminology of the game it isnt.
For those who don't already know, the description for how to get comeback victories mentioned above is incorrect. The life point difference doesn't matter. You just need to have lower life points at the start of the turn that you defeat the opponent.
<< Anonymous(SirBaconMonkey)
SirBaconMonkey Reply
Yep. It's easy
<< Anonymous(SirBaconMonkey)
SirBaconMonkey Reply
The issue people have is that they increase their lp or lower the opponents lp so that theirs is higher but don't beat the opponent before the turn ends.
<< Anonymous(SirBaconMonkey)
Daemon Blitzkrieg Reply
Well I can definitely confirm that this is the case. As long as your LP was lower than your opponent's when the Turn starts & Win that turn, Comeback Bonus (2500 btw) triggers. I will never be able to pull this or Low LP bonus (which likely runs on the same principle) w/ my Cerberus/Spirit deck. ;;~;; ce'la vi
<< Anonymous(SirBaconMonkey)
VVeasel Reply
Easiest way to get it:

Wrecker Panda + Only Monsters + Destiny Draw (or anything to get the Panda)

=) Very fast for lvl 58
Anonymous Commenter
I once got a 50 points for gloss, but it says 100 shown above. Does 50 only count when you play a gloss monster card in face-down defense mode, but dies afterwards by the opponent?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous Commenter)
Anonymous Reply
If you lose, the bonus becomes 50 instead of 100.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous Commenter)
Anonymous Reply
When you lose the duel, The glossy cards get you only 50 and the prismatics get you 100
<< Anonymous
Common sense Reply
no... playing a glossy card counts as 350 according to that screenshot that you posted
<< Anonymous(Common sense)
common sense is Reply
He played 7 glossy card.
The Deck out victory is 2100 not 2000
<< Anonymous(Killua)
hanv Reply
How is Played Glossy Card? Killua, Tks for answer.
<< Anonymous(Killua)
hanv Reply
Played Glossy card is now 50 per card (16/12/2017)
<< Anonymous(Killua)
sky Reply
May I ask how Deck Out and Comeback achieved at the same time?
The Comeback requirement seems not simply the life difference listed above.
<< Anonymous(Killua)
Anonymous Reply
The more recent versions of the game have patched this. You can longer receive duel victory and comeback victory in a single assesment. This page should be updated to reflect this change.
Yo, don't forget to udpate this page. there is a new category : summon divine card( winged dragon of ra, obelisk the tormentor, and schliffeer the sky dragon) worth 1000 points.
<< Anonymous(IceBerg)
Anonymous Reply
You got slider??!!
<< Anonymous(IceBerg)
Anonymous Reply
You got slider??!!
<< Anonymous(IceBerg)
Trey Reply
I love sliders, my favorite is bbq chicken or buffalo chicken with ranch. I have also had the pulled pork and beef bbq and roast beef and even turkey. Arby’s added sliders to their menu recently and everyone that has ate them have really enjoyed them.
<< Anonymous(IceBerg)
Nameless Reply
It's called OSIRIS!
Something is wrong with the 'comeback victory' criteria. My LP dropped to 700 while my opponent had 4000, yet I didn't get the bonus. Not the first time this has happened
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes, I recovered lifepoints, but how does that cancel the bonus? It was still a comeback victory by the criteria listed here. Under what specific circumstances is the bonus lost?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well, I've figured it out. It's probably a bug. If you meet the comeback criteria, then increase your life points so that it goes above your opponents, you lose the bonus for whatever reason. It doesn't matter if you decrease their life points, but you can't increase yours above theirs. It's stupid but that's what it seems is happening
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well, I've figured it out. It's probably a bug. If you meet the comeback criteria, then increase your life points so that it goes above your opponents, you lose the bonus for whatever reason. It doesn't matter if you decrease their life points, but you can't increase yours above theirs. It's stupid but that's what it seems is happening
<< Anonymous
Daemon Blitzkrieg Reply
It is just something I noticed with my Cereb/Spirit deck, thinking it was sucky but a given counter to gaining way over 10,000 LP back. XD
Como assim vitória deretorno, no meu fala que tem que ganhar uma revanche contra o Chazz usando Yuki mas eu luto contra ele e nada
<< Anonymous
Segamegadrive Reply
Brother de retorno eh o mesmo que de virada
<< Anonymous
Gordo Duelista Reply
Luta de revanche, você precisa estar com seus LP abaixo do oponente (tipo, oponente com 4000 e você com 2000) aí você vai e vira o jogo, ou seja, mesmo com LP menor que o do oponente (tem que ser uma diferença considerável, geralmente eu deixo cair 2k de diferença pra virar o jogo) e ganha.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Jogar esse jogo em inglês é uma ótima forma de se divertir e aprender uma nova língua, recomendo!
<< Anonymous(Gordo Duelista)
Namaste im fabien Reply
En na khafi kulaye sesto elemento veneno reventon centenario berlinetta koenigsegg primera enzo aperta s2000 RX8 performante LP 640 murcielago gallardo
I saw a match that their lp was over 60000 how could this happen?
<< Anonymous(Moos)
Anonymous Reply
super ez
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ok how?
<< Anonymous
TFOH Reply
Probably something like an Aromage deck with Nutrient Z, Draining Shield, and Aegis of Gaia. That's only like 21k plus something like 14k from Aroma Garden after a long duel and whatever Draining Shield can get.
<< Anonymous(TFOH)
Anonymous Reply
The Ra-Kiseitai deck can reach enough LP to give Ra its max 65,355 ATK.
Juan Umana
Duel links is a cool way to 🔥 the downtime at work.
<< Anonymous(Juan Umana)
Piroca Reply
Yes! But it's actually killing the uptime too! Unemployment soon :(
<< Anonymous(Piroca)
Joeisjack Reply
<< Anonymous(Piroca)
Anonymous Reply
Piroca, If you get in trouble for playing games at work that's no one's fault but your own.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No 🔥. Did piroca try to blame someone/something else?
This is my high score
<< Anonymous(TOXIC27)
TOXIC27 Reply
Another 9000++
<< Anonymous(TOXIC27)
duler Reply
Share us your deck
<< Anonymous(TOXIC27)
Shinji Reply
How did you do this ?
<< Anonymous(TOXIC27)
Anonymous Reply
if i ever got 9300 da and got that trash as my rewards id probably hang myself tbh

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This seems less useful than the original.
1st turn summon xex special yagan and set W nebula meteorite. Xex is almost guaranteed to survive...
it seems good for cycling between excess monsters and adding Dark magic Circle
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