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update 08/04/2017

Example auto decks

Fortress Whale
Ritual Level 7
Will be your first deck for Auto Duel. Easy to build relative to other decks.
Hungry Burger
Ritual Level 6
In case you opened a lot of Neo-Impact packs.
Meteor B. Dragon
Double Fusions
Very expensive but works well even against SDs Lvl 45.
Kazejin & BEWD
This deck is not pefectly auto-oriented. Play by yourself to summon BEWD or Kazejin, and tap "Auto" button.
Insect level 5
An auto deck with a good win rate using insect monsters.
Enemy Controller
EXP earning
An auto deck focusing on getting as many EXP as you can by winning more often.

What are auto decks?

Auto decks are decks that are mainly made to be used with the "Auto-Duel" function. The reason why people often want to go with Auto-Duel is simply because it is done much faster than manual play, since it is fast forwarded and easy to use with just one button. Keep in mind that win rates for auto decks vary depending on what level of Standard Duelists you are going against.

SD's decks

2 types of auto decks

1. Made to win

Some decks are made to have a high chance of winning and ends fast. This is good if you ever want to level a character quickly or buy a "Boosted Duel Orb" from the shop. With only an hour of infinite standard duelist spawns, winning the duels quickly can earn you a lot of exp, levelling a character up quite fast.

2. High score for items

The other type of decks are made to get a high score with auto duels. These decks might not have a consistently high win rate compared to the ones made to win, but they can often give up to 3000 or 4000 easily by using auto duel from the start. Earning a lot of points from the Duel Assessment will give more rewards like golds, stones/orbs, and most importantly, the standard gate keys and the colored ones used to farm Legendary Duelists.

How to make an Auto Deck

3 things you should know to build a good auto deck:

1. AI Interaction
You will need to get a good understanding of how the game's AI work, which can change from time to time. Press the auto-duel and see how they interact with some of the cards. It's recommended to keep things simple by using cards like Reinforcements, Metalmorph or Riryoku.

2. Which monsters and spells work best
Making an auto deck that's made to just win the duels can be pretty easy. All you need is to put a lot of monsters with high attack like Warrior Dai Grepher or Jerry Beans Man, and use spells that can increase their attack like Banner of Courage, Reinforcements or any equip spell cards like Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou.

3. Check the Duel Assessment page
To make an auto deck that gives a lot of points, you will need to understand first what are the things you need to do to get a lot of points. Take a look at the Duel Assessment section. Make an auto deck that can tribute, fusion or ritual to get more points, destroy 5 enemy monsters or be able to summon Meteor B. Dragon to deal over 3,000 damage. Being able to end the duel fast from either turn 1-4 can also earn the quick victory bonus.

Useful skills

AI cannot activate skills manually. That means you will set a skill activated automatically to your auto deck.

Example of skills work in auto duel

Power of DarkPeak Performance
Dinosaur KingdomeMythic Depth
BalanceLP Boost skills

Example of skills AI cannot use

As mentioned above, skills activated manually cannot be used in Auto Duel since AI do not activate them. You should not build auto duel decks with those skills. Here are examples of such skills.

SwitcherooDraw Sense skills
Draw PassRestart

How to speed up

Change the "Power Usage" from the in-game settings and set it to max to increase the game's speed. It will make it look more fluent and smoother, but it will of course drain more of your battery to run it.

More examples of auto decks

In the game, you can also find a lot of people sharing their auto decks that work well for them and might be good for anyone that have those cards. Visit the deck board from the right most building to see what they use, and use the copy feature to copy the recipe to your characters. Check for the highly rated decks and see their deck names, if they have "オート" written on them, it means that they are an auto deck.

Comments appreciated!

Got any Auto Deck? Feel free to share them in the comments below by attaching a picture of your deck, be sure to post which level of Standard Duelist it works well against too!


Hot New Top
What is the best reward you can get from an NPC?
<< Anonymous(Incognito)
Anoymous 30days ago Reply
A new take on the Fusion deck with Buster Blader instead of Thunder Dragon. BB's fusions have some cool effects that can help make things faster and easier, and because every card here can fuse with each other (besides BDS, who searches for fusible cards anyway), the risk of dead starting hands is low.
A long time with all the characters in the MAX, so I made a platform to appeal to the maximum to the attack with the Kaiba. A KAIBA MAN card a CPU does not use very well !!!This always wins every time!!!
<< Anonymous(Milliard)
Anoymous Reply
That looks good. I too had some trouble with Kaibaman. The AI doesn't recognize the effect when you have a BEWD in hand. The AI set (SET!) Kaibaman instead of summoning BEWD for an easy win.
lol the AI in this game is so unbelievably one of my auto decks that I created, I have Cu in it and the AI will summon it but then there are times when it won't activate the ability so it will leave it in attack position with only 500 ATK and I'm just over here like WTF?!? Stupid AI making me rage haha
<< Anonymous
Arren Reply
Programming AI for this game is really difficult, the billions of combinations. You should attempt to code an AI that tries to handle everything.
<< Anonymous
not yami yugi Reply
it's not that easy trying to code AI
<< Anonymous(Arren)
Anoymous Reply
Easy. Everything has a value between 0 and one, greater than .5 is a go. all you have to do then is adjust the input variables, which btw, isn't really that hard to do. Yes there are millions of card combos but there are not millions of inputs that result in the same conclusions
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
And coding e-card games isn't a pioneering project. I remember playing against well programmed enemies in old Yugioh Forbidden memories 16 years ago. I admit it is time consuming, but it does need some work since everyone uses it.
I don't trust auto decks since I had a metalmorph face down and two 1700 atk monster on the field, and the lvl 57 SD duelist had a monster with 2800 of atk, and instead of using metalmorph in one of my mosters, the AI put them in defense position and I lost lol
<< Anonymous(ImLosingMyPatience)
ImLosingMyPatience Reply
There was also this time when I had like 5 good lvl 4 monsters in my hand but guess what monster the AI decided to put in attack position on the field? The f*cking Big Shield Gardina.
<< Anonymous(ImLosingMyPatience)
Anoymous Reply
You have to not only learn your cards, but opponents cards. I had a full field of beef monsters against a puny atk monster for my opponent. One attacked, he used mirror wall, halved my atk and destroyed my monster. Then the other two proceeded to suicide against mirror wall, auto clearing my field and taking a ton of damage. Dead next turn.
Unlucky at All
One of my best Auto-Duel decks! It works greatly against SDs lvl 57 ! BTW, it helped me reaching Platinum 1 in the Qualifiers :)
<< Anonymous(Unlucky at All)
JJ Reply
I just want to thank you for the options.I added 1 TJ, 1 MM, 1 rising, 1 mask, 2, reinforcements, 1 4 starred, and 3 beta. I only had 1 twin barrel. it was tough, but finally made it to plat 1. I quit right after too much stress. I only felt I lost when I had a bad draw.
<< Anonymous(JJ)
Unlucky at All Reply
You're most welcomed. Congrats for reaching Platinum 1! I hope you took the right decision of what to confirm from the free SR cards. BTW, I advise you to trade another 2 Twin-Barrel Dragon for it is very useful.
<< Anonymous(Unlucky at All)
JJ Reply
Every cell in my body wanted an econ. Like I said before I don't have one. but instead I went for another Dimension Gate. that makes 2, so to make it a little easier to farm Kaiba. Hope I get 1 (or a couple) soon. ok once I save enough gold I'll pick another TB up.
<< Anonymous(JJ)
Anoymous Reply
lmao, the only reason anyone loses is bad draws haha it's a card game
Is there anything better than this for level cap SD's?
any good auto duel deck for stage 51 ?
Best (to me) auto duel deck with no skill.
<< Anonymous(Ren )
Anoymous Reply
oh yeah, the best auto duel deck
Dumb Boy
Elements Unite <<< Use This Skill
99.99% Winrate

I'm looking for an auto deck for LD lvl 57, to farm the keys, so a deck that could do 3500-4000 score if possible.

Thanks guys
<< Anonymous(Spilim)
Unlucky at All Reply
Check out the deck I've already posted. I always get 3000k and sometimes 4000k assessment.
I use this deck for SD Lvl 57
Win rate: 99.99%
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
That deck is overpriced lol
<< Anonymous
Alex Reply
Any chance you could list the cards? Please

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