Baggy Sleeves (Skill)

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update 27/02/2020


If one of your monsters of Level 7 or higher is destroyed in battle, in your next Draw Phase a normal draw gives you 2 cards. The Skill can only activate once per Duel.

CharacterHow to Get
Bandit KeithLegendary Duelist/PvP Duel Reward

How to Get

Skill rebalancing history

Description (Until 2020 May 20)

If one of your monsters of Level 5 or higher is destroyed in battle, in your next Draw Phase a normal draw gives you 2 cards.

Bandit Keith skills list


This skill is extremely OP in the current meta. It seriously needs a nerf since the last time I dueled with a Keith player. He used it like six times with a 30 deck. So basically six pot of greed draws
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If he was able to use it 6 times, you must have done something wrong.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's in the Legend rank duels. Keith players use the Thunder Dragon deck to put the dragons in place for his baggy sleeves skill. And since players can use the skill on their next turn their opponents are already at a disadvantage
Is there a number limit of uses on this skill?
<< Anonymous
MaJuV Reply
No, it's a continuous skill. Though the number of turns you will have a Lv 5 or higher monster destroyed BY BATTLE will usually be countable on one hand.
<< Anonymous(MaJuV)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, this skill really allows for comebacks in the event of a beatdown. Will not always trigger, but it’s great when it does.
Op in blue eyes, weak against mirror match up
Baggy Sleeves, Cheater's coin and Bandit
lol xD
Is this skill still dropping for anyone?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I got it as of feb 28 2018
<< Anonymous
Yeah it still is. I just got mine today. AUG 12TH
Can auto duel bot use this skill ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No. AI doesn't activate skills like Skyscraper, destiny draw, fiend farewell etc. They only activate skills that auto activated since the start of duel like Yami, Mountain, etc.
This is by far, one of keith's best drop skills. very useful in fusion or any kind of high level monster, deck styles.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous Reply
I just got this skill and I'm experimenting with it in XYZ fusion deck. Since you're often down a lot of cards when the opponent gets past those.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Some guy Reply
It's an extremely good skill.
Works with red eyes decks, blue eyes decks,fusions, sacred phoenix, Naturia.. heck practically almost anything these days, since most decks can easily summon high level monsters.
Underrated skill :( This skill very useful due to summoning high level monster are pretty easy nowaday
<< Anonymous(Otong)
Michael Reply
Also destroying them by by effects (not battle) is as easy.
<< Anonymous(Michael)
Realm Reply
Some card love being destroyed by effect though.
<< Anonymous(Michael)
Anonymous Reply
"in" battle not by battle
I could definitely see this being played in a Psychic Psi Station deck

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Eternal soul would be an interesting card to add to the skill
Cause mixeroid fusions self destruct.
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