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update 23/01/2017

Negate Attack

Negate Attack
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect


When an opponent's monster declares an attack: Target the attacking monster; negate the attack, then end the Battle Phase.









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I don't understand: what exactly does this card do?
<< Anonymous(Supreme Wolf MT)
Anonymous Reply
Het negeert de aanval van je tegenstander maar omdat het een trap kaart is moet het eerst 1 beurt op het veld liggen voor het geactiveerd kan worden en
<< Anonymous(Supreme Wolf MT)
E 25days ago Reply
Same with PoG, i still don't get what does that card really do.
<< Anonymous
Bahaa 25days ago Reply
What's wrong? Is easy to read it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
Wrong card lol
Bahaa 25days ago
Are they gonna release this powerful card on ex structure deck or regular?
Broken cancer asshole card. I swear level 40 Jaden is the most broken near invincible piece of crap CPU ever.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Level 40 aster is much more broken with his stupid ass D end Dragoon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nah lvl 40 chazz is one of the hardest with his spell which destroys all of opponents monsters with a discard. And his lv dragon suck ass
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can still negate chazz's lightning vortex with cards like dark paladin and he only has 1 lightning vortex.

D End Dragoon on the other hand can revive himself and destroy any monster you have EVERY TURN.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
UR confirmed
Any chance we can ever get this card? It would go nice with counter fairies.
windstorm better
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, because the opponent can play around winstorm and if he has 3 monsers, he can put 1 in defense and when you use windstorm you put his monster in attack position.
<< Anonymous
Another Guy Reply
Windstrom is still probably better. Switch the battle positions of your opponents monsters add more utility to the card and it can actually act as an out card as well as a stall card. Negate Attack is better at stalling, but can't be played as an out.
<< Anonymous
G-Kun Reply
No.. Cause if the eneny have 1 face up monster stay on defend, it will be you trouble
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I end up playing around windstorm by accident when trying to avoid getting all my monstered WoDed sometimes.
What does negate attack do?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
but im not shut the space up
<< Anonymous
We Konami have a system that knows what decks you play, the decks you are trying to build, how many cards you have, what cards you have and don't have. Because of this, our game arranges the cards in the boxes to get you to spend all of your gems in order to try to get you to spend $. That's why the cards you need or want is at the bottom of the box. Hope this clears your confusion!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That negatts the attack
Konami must release this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And then cry for nerf 3 days after release
<< Anonymous
Dier Reply
No need to CRY we got Mirage Dragon.. Bye SR Negate Attack
<< Anonymous(Dier)
Seto Reply
That is if you manage to bring out a Mirage Dragon on field
Konami is trolling us by giving only R rarity to this card
how to get this card? I can't even see in card catalog
<< Anonymous(tom)
Joseph Joestar Reply
Are you retarded?
Does arrows counter this? Or can he activate it anyways?
<< Anonymous(Vrf)
Anonymous Reply
Arrows beats all backrow cards
When your Cerberus attacks and this card his played, I have just confirmed that the spell counters don't go away, meaning that you can bait out a negate attack and attack again the next turn with the same attack points
<< Anonymous(GraveDoctor)
Anonymous Reply
I may be a noob reading this wrong.

So you attack with your Cerberus, activate this trap, then you bait out the negate attack? I don't get this part, then the turn ends and you attack again the next round still with all of Cerberus gained ATK?
Haha probably just being cooked but some clarification would be nice aha cheers
<< Anonymous(GraveDoctor)
Anonymous Reply
Never mind I been looking at this card as something to put in a deck so I read your comment that way. No need to clarify it is perfectly clear ahaha

So in a Cerb deck for L40 Mokuba farming you wouldn't need trap jammer?
<< Anonymous
KuraiDedman Reply
He could set it before your final turn.

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You stall with Necro+get one monster when it dies. He has only 3 counters against it: Discarding...
facts geartown, reactor dragon, catapult, and caos giant two
They have fear of a new cyber angel (the real tier zero) deck
No one cares about your opinion lol
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