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update 14/11/2018

Updated Information

  • Card's Rating Updated
  • Tradable Requirement Item Added

Aurora Wing

Aurora Wing
Monster TypeWinged Beast
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect / Condition


When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position. You can only use the effect of "Aurora Wing" once per turn.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card traderTradable
50,000 Gold
SR Jewel x7
Stone of Water x60
OtherCard Flipper Campaign




  • Revives itself when destroyed by battle.
  • Can revive once every turn.


  • Low attack stat.
  • Always revives itself in attack position.
  • Can only revive once every turn.


Tribute summon

If this monster survives your opponent's battle phase after being revived, you can use her as tribute to summon a stronger monster.




Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons itself from your Graveyard


Nunya Buisness
Is the effect once per turn as in each card. Or once per turn as in if you use the effect and you have 3 aurora wings on the field you can only use it once
<< Anonymous(Nunya Buisness)
Anonymous Reply
The latter. The restriction applies to all copies of Aurora Wing, so with 3 copies of Aurora Wing, only 1 can be revived.
This card is good with Spirit Barrier.
this card is only good in your first turn after that is only a weak or occasional defender
<< Anonymous
SerpentineKing Reply
if they release "The Dark Door," then this card would actually be great since as long as the opponent can't inflict piercing damage, or you equip big bang shot to their monster, you're generally sage from direct attacks.
This card or 100 gems what's better???
<< Anonymous
akubane Reply
id say a non-farmable sr is better than 2 packs, except you already own 2
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you can get it from sr ticket
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you also can use the ticket for better cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I used the SR ticket last time on Aurora Wing. (There really wasn't any other option. I guess I could've gone third Anti-Magic Arrows, but glad I didn't. Aside from that, it would've been a third Queen's Pawn or Mosaic Manticore, both of which would have been massive wastes.) So the gems were an easy choice for me. If you want to use the SR ticket on something else, though, pick the card.
Lol great for stalling if enemy has only 1 monster
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You know that you have to summon it in attack position, right? And it has only 1200 atk, right?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's why he said 1 monster...
I'll use this as a lubricant for Mokuba's 🔥 in her upcoming spawn event so she can reward me better.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
She? You think Mokuba is a crossdresser?!
<< Anonymous
B. Reply
My first initial response was yea he is and bring up princess adena (if ypu remember that episode.) But he probably meant to write his instead of her.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How will this card affect your rewards??
<< Anonymous
Beta Reply
This is actually canon, lol!
This card acts as treeborn frog effect except, one has to be destroyed by battle and treeborn with no spell/trap cards. I'd chose this over treeborn only because you're most likely will have a spell or trap card set.
<< Anonymous(B.)
Anonymous Reply
But this card has to be summoned in attack position, so it won't be very good if you can't tribute it on your turn
<< Anonymous
B. Reply
Assuming that your opponent doesn't swarm the field with monsters so you can survive. There's ways to prevent it from being destroyed a second time or taking damage, Half Shut, Enemy Controller, Windstorm Of Etaqua, Rope Of Life to gain attack. I wouldn't use his effect if the opponent have high lv/attack monsters on the field.
<< Anonymous(B.)
Beta Reply
This is terrible compared to Treeborn Frog. Frog comes back, every turn, no matter how it went to the Grave. This dies to removal or being attacked twice.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I got 🔥ed over on this, I had card left to flip, cause it always the last card, the event was gone when it wasn't suppose to be over
Feeding time
Can revive every turn!!! o.o
Can you special summon this in your next turn?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same turn only.

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2 questions, why gishki over senjus and what is the card with cardnumber 17-18(I cant see)
I used Shiranui, need luck to get the red coin toss tho
Yes, just listen to your credit card and make some purchases. Whatever you buy you cannot go wrong.
So bad it's too late for red-eyes darkness dragon, it won't see play. My favorite card...
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