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update 11/08/2018


Example Deck

Geargia Version

GeargianchorGeargianchorGeargiarsenalTies of the BrethrenTies of the BrethrenTies of the Brethren
Super Rush HeadlongSuper Rush HeadlongWidespread RuinWidespread RuinNeedle CeilingPulse Mines
Pulse MinesCurse of Anubis--------
Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill----------

Fusion Version

SubmarineroidSubmarineroidSubmarineroidCosmic CycloneFusion SageHey, Trunade!
Hey, Trunade!PolymerizationPolymerizationPolymerizationPulse MinesPulse Mines
Wall of DisruptionWall of Disruption----
Super Vehicroid Jumbo DrillPair CycroidPair CycroidPair Cycroid--

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Fusion Reserves - Roids
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1800. From your Deck, add 1 Fusion Material whose name is specially listed on a "roid" Fusion Monster card in your Extra Deck. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Syrus Truesdale
Syrus Truesdale

How to Use (Geargia Version)


Drillroid is able to destroy any defense position monster it attacks before damage calculation. This effect allows you to destroy stronger monsters which are hard to deal with when using low leveled Roid monsters. This effect also allows you to dodge Amazoness Onslaught's removal effect because it activates before damage calculation, allowing you to attack Amazoness monsters safely. Keep in mind however, effects that activate when a monster is flipped face-up, like Sylvan Komushroom, will still activate when attacked by Drillroid.


Steamroid is used as a regular beater and is able to get over most level 4 or lower monsters with his 500 attack boost when he is attacking. The problem is that when he is being attacked he loses 500 attack so you have to defend him with your spell/trap cards.


Geargia monsters are all good low-leveled beaters but have weak defense, and it doesn't help that they activate their effects by being flipped from face-down defense position where they are vulnerable. To work around this only flip them face-down after the turn they were summoned so that you can immediately flip them back face-up.
Their destruction effects also depend on the number of other Geargia monsters you have on the field which could gain you a lot of advantage if you are able to spam the field. Geargiattacker destroyes spell/trap cards, while Geargianchor destroys monster cards. Geargiarsenal searches your deck for any Geargia monster except itself and special summons it in defense position.

Ties of the Brethren

As previously stated Geargias are great when you are able to swarm the field with them, And Ties of the Brethren is perfect for this. All you need is one of your Geargia monsters, Drillroid, or Steamroid on the field then target it with Ties of the Brethren to special summon your Geargia monsters. Be careful as the turn you activate Ties of the Brethren will be your most vulnerable turn because you cannot attack and the Geargia's effects will not be helpful yet.

Needle Ceiling

Needle Ceiling destroys all face-up monsters and can be activated when there are 4 or more monsters on the field. With Ties of the Brethren you can fill your field with 3 monsters so Needle Ceiling will be easier to activate. Best thing is that you can flip your Geargia monsters face-down so they will not be affected by Needle Ceiling, turning Needle Ceiling into a destroy all your opponent's monsters card assuming all your opponent's monsters are face-up.

How to Use (Fusion Version)

Change Battle Position

Use these cards to defend your monsters by changing attacking enemy monsters to defense position. This will also allow you to destroy them during your turn with Drillroid, making for great synergy and removal of stronger monsters. Pulse Mines is particularly powerful because it changes all your opponent's monster and all monsters they summon for the rest of that turn to defense position. It could also be chained to cards that disrupt your backrow like Cosmic Cyclone and Hey, Trunade.

Sergeant Electro

Since the spell/trap cards in this deck are used for battle protection and none are for spell/trap protection, Sergeant Electro is a good choice to help you defend against backrow heavy decks. Sergeant Electro locks down your opponent's backrow which is effective against cards that can only be activated during battle like Wall of Disruption. Or forces them to chain it Sergeant Electro, activating it early.


Summon Expressroid to retrieve Roid monsters from your graveyard. If you have Polymerization in hand you can retrieve 2 copies of the same monster to fusion summon Pair Cycroid. Another option is to retieve Drillroid when you have a battle position changing card prepared for your opponent.

Direct Attack

Both of these monsters are able to attack your opponent directly and try to finish the duel quickly with this tactic. Submarineroid can change itself to defense position after attacking which makes for decent stall with his high defense stat. Pair Cycroid has high attack compared to other monster who can attack directly dealing relatively large damage to your opponent.


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The Thruthteller
The pornography in the comments on certain other pages is getting out of hand. This is a site about a game the KIDS will visit. The moderators need to do something about these comments or put a NSFW warning upon attempting to access the comments. This is getting ridiculous.
<< Anonymous(The Thruthteller)
Anonymous Reply
They cant afford the game anyways because of the garbage gem nerfs :/
<< Anonymous(The Thruthteller)
Anonymous Reply
so you are a kid .. lmao
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. Reply
" Anoymous
Bragging about drops is just as bad as the porn spam"
Not everyone who uploads what they got is "bragging" you moron. Sometimes they're just excited about what they got and wants to show others.
<< Anonymous(The Thruthteller)
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
Pollo Loco
3 Expressroid
3 Jetroid
3 Steamroid
2 Drillroid
2 Submarineroid
3 Veihcroid Connection Zone
1 Fusion Recycle Plant
1 Polymerization
2 Pulse Mines
3 Inverse Universe
2 Wall of Disruption
3 Supercharge
2 Fusion Reserve

2 Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill
3 Pair Cycroid

I wanna read your suggestions

<< Anonymous(Pollo Loco)
Anonymous Reply
A 30 cards deck? Too many. Your combos will be slower and your opponent will have a faster time getting their own. In this game, it's better to maximize efficiency.
<< Anonymous(Pollo Loco)
Anonymous Reply
Only run 30 cards if you plan on using TGLG. Otherwise keep your deck around 20 cards.
Your fusion deck lacks steamroid, necessary for summoning the Vehicroid
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I don't think it's intended to Summon Jumbo Drill, it's just there for the Skill. It's based around Pair Cycroid.
it feels funny when you fuse cyberstein to produce pair cycroid
Anyone else notice that Steamroid seems to be missing from the Fusion version's deck list? Or am I to assume Expressroid is a proxy of some sort?
<< Anonymous(Rhysk)
Anonymous Reply
The big fusion is there just to use the skill, your main goal is to summon the bike fusion.
Here's a list of Roids-themed non-competitive deck of mine:
(it uses "Check Out My Fusion!" skill obtainable by Syrus)

Expressroid 1
Drillroid 3
Steamroid 3
Submarineroid 2
Electro Sergeant 2

Polymerization 2
Enemy Controller 3
Cosmic Cyclone 1

Pulse Mines 2
Windstorm of Etaqua 1

Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill 1
Pair Cycroid 2

It is basically a 'control' deck that usually goes like, 'turning thy monsters into defense mode and then wreck 'em with Drillroids (and sometimes with Steamroids)', while dealing bits of direct damage with Pair Cycroids and stuff. When you need something to finish the game, then you can just use the skill listed above to summon Jumbo Drill and then deal the finishing blow(by the means of piercing damage etc.).

I used this list in ranked games right after hitting KoG and alas, got beated a lot by other KoG-worthy tier decks(just as I expected). This one's NOT that competitive in ranked duels obviously and I'm not sure it's optimized enough, but if you want to build out Roids deck for various purposes, I think you still can check out my Roids list above a bit. :)

Newbie very
I think, UFOroid Fighter is good.. with Gate Guardian the attack is high.. or other warrior card.. :)
The fact that the fusion deck doesn’t have connection zone shows me how intelligent Game A is.
<< Anonymous(Xain)
Anonymous Reply
Connection zone would be absolutely worthless in this deck because it only works on "vehicroid" fusions, not pair cycroid. Perhaps GameA aren't the ones whose intelligence should be questioned.
<< Anonymous(Xain)
Anonymous Reply
Dat awkward moment when someone talk about intelligence while being stupid
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I thought it would work with Pair cycroid. Either way, it doesn't make the deck good.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nope, it won't work. Vehicroid is a sub-archetype of Roid.
Just give us cyber dragon.
Trash archetype, trash deck from trash character
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Trash comment, trash talk from trash person
<< Anonymous
Trash Person Reply
Hey why do you have to throw trash people under the bus? not cool man
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There is no win condition for this archetype. Most cards either don't synergize or have shit all to do with it. What paircycroid, drill and submerine are about the best. This is more like confeti than anything. But because ANIME!
these suck xD
i made a better roid deck on day 1 when syrus came :p
<< Anonymous(these suck xD)
judai Reply
post deck list or gtfo
lol, I'll put this PCroid in my Masked HERO deck + DNA surgery. TROOOLLLOLOLOL

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Lol No, dude. It is really just a brief letdown that I get for a little bit after each news updat...
Got to Legend for my first time with this set up.
i want a second copy of majesty with eyes of blue
I've seen a few people getting to KoG with it. It's actually easier to do it with Gearg...
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