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Structure Deck EX: Gladiator's Storm
update 08/02/2020

Event Details

For a limited time only, new duel quizzes will be available. Complete the special challenges available in Duel School to obtain exclusive cards, gems, and other rewards! You can only obtain each rewards once.

All duel quizzes have the same objective, which is to use the cards given to you and "win in this turn!" This section contains spoilers for the answers to the quizzes. Do not read further if you prefer to not know the answers.

Challenge Guide (3 Feb - 8 Feb 2020)

Event Information

New Challenge will be added over a period of time

  • Challenge #3: Start from 4 Feb 13:00
  • Challenge #4: Start from 5 Feb 13:00
  • Challenge #5: Start from 6 Feb 13:00

Event Rewards

Challenge #1Gems x10
Challenge #2R Ticket x1
Challenge #3Gems x20
Challenge #4Dark Burning Attack
Challenge #5Gems x20

Challenge #1

  1. Activate Elemental HERO Blazeman's effect to send Elemental HERO Burstinatrix from your Deck to the graveyard.

  2. Activate Miracle Fusion to fusion summon Elemental HERO Nova Master by banishing Blazeman and Burstinatrix.

  3. Attack Blade Skater with Nova Master then activate Nova Master's effect to draw 1 card.

  4. Activate Mask Change to special summon Masked HERO Goka by sending Nova Master to the Graveyard.

  5. Attack directly with Goka for victory.

Challenge #2

  1. Set Hiita the Fire Charmer on your field then activate Book of Taiyou to flip Hiita into face-up attack position.

  2. Use Hiita's effect to take control Lava Golem on your opponent's field then tribute Lava Golem and Hiita to special summon Familiar-Possessed - Hiita from your Deck.

  3. Special summon Inari Fire from your hand by using its effect.

  4. Attack Obnoxious Celtic Guard first with Familiar-Possessed - Hiita then use Inari Fire to attack directly for victory.

Challenge #3

  1. Attack Superheavy Samurai Wagon with Goyo Guardian then activate Goyo Guardian's effect to special summon Wagon from your opponent's graveyard on your field.

  2. Activate Wagon's effect to change its battle position into ATK then use Enemy Controller to take control Giant Rat by tributing Goyo Guardian.

  3. Attack with Giant Rat and Wagon directly for victory.

Challenge #4

  1. Activate Dark Magical Circle to add Chaos Form from your Deck to your hand.

  2. Normal summon Magician's Rod and activate its effect to add Illusion Magic to your hand then tribute Magician's Rod to add Dark Magician and Magician of Chaosby using Illusion Magic's effect.

  3. Ritual summon Magician of Chaos then use it to attack directly for victory.

Challenge #5

  1. Normal Summon Elemental HERO Solid Soldier and activate its effect to special summon Elemental HERO Blazeman then search out Polymerization by using Blazeman's effect.

  2. Fusion summon Vision HERO Adoration by sending Solid Soldier and Elemental HERO Stratos (from your hand) then activate Solid Soldier's effect to special summon Stratos from the graveyard.

  3. Activate Fusion Recovery to add Solid Soldier and Stratos from your graveyard then Fusion Summon second pieces of Adoration by sending Stratos and Solid Soldier again.

  4. Activate both Adoration's effect to decrease the two Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem's ATK on your opponent's field.

  5. Attack first to both Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem with two Adoration then Blazeman attack directly for victory.

Challenge Guide (7 Dec - 12 Dec 2019)

Event Information

New Challenge will be added over a period of time

  • Challenge #3: Start from 8 Dec 13:00
  • Challenge #4: Start from 9 Dec 13:00
  • Challenge #5: Start from 10 Dec 13:00

Event Rewards

Challenge #1Gems x10
Challenge #2R Ticket x1
Challenge #3Gems x20
Challenge #4Dark Magic Expanded
Challenge #5Gems x20

Challenge #1

  1. Special Summon The Tricky by discarding The Fabled Cerburrel from your hand to the graveyard.

  2. Special Summon Cerburrel that discarded by Tricky's effect from the graveyard.

  3. Synchro Summon Arcanite Magician by using The Tricky and Cerburrel.

  4. Activate Mythical Bestiary and put 2 counter on the Arcanite Magician.

  5. Normal Summon Magical Exemplar then attack with Magical Exemplar and Arcanite Magician for victory.

Challenge #2

  1. Use either one of your monster attacks Absolute Crusader to trigger Tour Guide activates Mirror Force.

  2. Special Summon Stardust Dragon from the graveyard by using Stardust Phantom's effect to trigger the effect activation of Absolute Crusader.

  3. Synchro Summon Arcanite Magician by using The Tricky and Cerburrel.

  4. Activate Stardust Flash to special summon Stardust Dragon then use it to direct attack for victory.

Challenge #3

  1. Use Rite of Spirit to revive Gravekeepers Headman from the graveyard.

  2. Special Summon Gravekeepers Spiritualist from the graveyard by using Headman's effect.

  3. Summon Gravekeeper's Chief by tributing Headman and use Chief's effect to special summon Headman back from the graveyard.

  4. Activate Spiritualist's effect to fusion summon Gravekeepers Supernaturalist by using itself and headman as material.

  5. Use Supernaturalist and Chief to attack for victory.

Challenge #4

  1. Activate Different Dimension Ground then Special Summon Cyber Tutubon by tributing Arisen Gaia the Fierce Knight from your hand.

  2. Special Summon Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier from your hand by using Arisen Gaia's tribute effect.

  3. Activate Sacred Soldier's effect to return Arisen Gaia to the graveyard then banish 1 Harpie Lady 1 on Tour Guide's field.

  4. Attack one Harpie Lady 1 with Sacred Soldier and activate its effect to recycle Arisen Gaia to your hand from the graveyard.

  5. Discard Arisen Knight from your hand and activate Rising Energy on Cyber Tutubon then attack the last Harpie Lady 1 for victory.

Challenge #5

  1. Activate Blackwing - Simoon the Poison Wind's effect to place 1 Black Whirlwind by banishing Blackwing - Oroshi the Squall your hand then Normal Summon Simoon the Poison Wind.

  2. Search Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind from your Deck with Black Whirlwind's effect.

  3. Normal Summon Blackwing - Hurricane the Tornado and activate its effect to target Sun Dragon Inti to become 3000 ATK.

  4. Special Summon Gale the Whirlwind and activate its effect to halve Sun Dragon Inti's ATK.

  5. Attack first with Simoon to Sun Dragon Inti, then Gale and Hurricane for victory.

Challenges Guide (15 June - 21 June, 2019)

Event Information

New Challenge will be added over a period of time

  • Challenge #3: Start from 16 June 13:00
  • Challenge #4: Start from 17 June 13:00
  • Challenge #5: Start from 18 June 13:00

Event Rewards

Challenge #1Gems x10
Challenge #2R Ticket x1
Challenge #3Gems x20
Challenge #4SR Ticket x1
Challenge #5Gems x20

Challenge #1

  1. Normal Summon Genex Undine then activates its effect to send Needle Sunfish from the deck to the graveyard and add Genex Controller to your hand.

  2. Use Needle Sunfish's effect to decrease Metal Armored Bug 500 ATK.

  3. Activate Double Summon to Normal summon White Tiger Summoner then use its effect to special summon Genex Controller .

  4. Synchro Summon Giganticastle by using Genex Controller, White Tiger Summoner and Genex Undine.

  5. Attack Metal Armored Bug with Giganticastle for victory.

Challenge #2

  1. Normal Summon Red-Eyes Baby Dragon then use it to attack Man-Eater Bug.

  2. Activate Red-Eyes Retro Dragon's effect to special summon itself and Baby Dragon from the graveyard which is destroyed by Man-Eater Bug's effect.

  3. Use Baby Dragon to attack Torike then trigger its effect to special summon Red-Eyes B. Dragon from your deck.

  4. Attack directly with Red-Eyes B. Dragon for victory.

Challenge #3

  1. Activate Fabled Soulkius's effect in the graveyard and discard Sunny Pixie and The Tricky.
  2. Normal Summon Junk Synchron and revive Sunny Pixie.
  3. Use Sunny Pixie and Fabled Soulkius to Synchro Summon Ancient Sacred Wyvern.
  4. Direct attack with Junk Synchron first and then direct attack with Ancient Sacred Wyvern.

Challenge #4

  1. Activate Neos Fusion to fusion summon Elemental HERO Brave Neos by sending Elemental HERO Neos and A/D Changer from your deck.
  2. Normal Summon Dream Clown on the field and use A/D Changer to change it into Defense Position.
  3. Activate Crass Clown's effect to destroy Granadora.
  4. Direct attack with Brave Neos for victory.

Challenge #5

  1. Equip both Axe of Fools to the Jinzo and Silent Insect.
  2. Activate Widespread Dud on Jinzo and Silent Insect.
  3. Normal Summon Breaker the Magical Warrior on the field and use its effect to destroy Widespread Dud.
  4. Direct attack with Breaker the Magical Warrior for victory.

Challenges Guide (3 May - 9 May, 2019)

Event information

New Challenge will be added over a period of time

  • Challenge #3: Start from 4 May 13:00
  • Challenge #4: Start from 5 May 13:00
  • Challenge #5: Start from 6 May 13:00

Event Rewards

Event RewardsRating
Quantum CatQuantum Cat [SR]C+
Deal of PhantomDeal of Phantom [R]C+

Challenge #1

  1. Special Summon Vice Dragon then Normal Summon Mecha Phantom Beast Warbluran.

  2. Activate Synchro Boost on Warbluran to increase its Level from 1 to 2.

  3. Synchro Summon Mecha Phantom Beast Concoruda by using Warbluran and Vice Dragon as materials.

  4. Activate Warbluran's effect to special summon one Mecha Phantom Beast Token on the field then tribute the token to special summon Warbluran by using Concoruda's effect.

  5. Attack directly with Warbluran for victory.

Challenge #2

  1. Activate Wind-Up Soldier's effect to boost up its attack.

  2. Activate both Wind-Up Warrior's effect to boost up Wind-Up Soldier's attack.

  3. Activate Overwind to double Wind-Up Soldier's attack.

  4. Attack Five-Headed Dragon with Wind-Up Soldier for Victory.

Challenge #3


Hot New Top
good guy
3rd challenge
1.use harpy hunting ground
2.use powerful rebirth to summon harpy dancer (dont chain it)
3.destroy divine wrath
4.use parallel twister,target powerful rebirth,destroy one of ojamas
5.summon harpy dancer with her effect
6.destroy wild tornado
7.destroy one of ojamas
8.tribute harpy dancer to summon swift birdman joe
9.use tribute to the doom,discard harpy hunting ground.destroy the last ojama
<< Anonymous(Onlyhuman)
Anonymous Reply
Don't chain rebirth after playing Harpie's Hunting Ground.
<< Anonymous(good guy)
anon Reply
did not know that harpie girl effect was a additional normal summon lol that what was f**ing me up
<< Anonymous(good guy)
Kaiser NeelTM Reply
<< Anonymous(good guy)
Anonymous Reply
Copying decks isn't enough, now you guys copy puzzle solutions too? I see a very bright future for you all with your critical thinking skills. That was sarcasm by the way, since I'm sure you can't tell.
<< Anonymous(some 10 year old)
Anonymous Reply
I COULDN'T TELL IF THAT WAS SARCASM?? Lol. JUST kidding. I can critically thihkn just fine thanks, n I see a particlarly BRIGHT future 4 ur an u 'SARCASM' skill, buddy boy -_-;;
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not everyone knows how each and every different card combos with others. And not everyone is good at the game to begin with, but want the gems and cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its not that hard, if you have critical thinking and can read its really not that hard.

and looking up solutions on the internet will really help you get better
<< Anonymous
Wataponkuriboh Reply
Challenge 2 (31 jan 2018)

Activate morale boost
tribute woodland sprite
attack master of Oz with gilfer
gilfer dies
equip it to gearfried
gain 1000
deal 500 beacause of fire princess
gilfer get's destroyed by gearfried
lose 1000 LP
re-equip to gearfried
repeat until you win
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wow calm down guy people are just thanking you
<< Anonymous(J.)
Anonymous Reply
Lol I think you're a part of the toxic community buddy. Also thanks for the answer ;)
<< Anonymous(J.)
Anonymous Reply
Hey I just want to mention you a proper thanks THANKS
<< Anonymous(J.)
lucca Reply
someone please post the third challenge please!!
Nobody can thinking for the answers, then you play with this game, and copy strong decks? Congrats. I solved every quiz right now, I dont saw any video or this site's comment until now. Good to see noobs in this game
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Most are kids who have no patience.
<< Anonymous(Grammar police)
Grammar Army Reply
Get Out!!
<< Anonymous
Vinnah Reply
Without noobs you wouldn't win a decent game. So be thankful.
<< Anonymous(Vinnah)
Anonymous Reply
Noobs helped me climb from silver to legend. You should be thankful that they give you free wins.
Why ppl need internet to find the answers? Its a quiz for crying out loud! Btw.. its so easy... why do u need help . Smh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
im just so πŸ”₯ing pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ”₯ im πŸ”₯ ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! SUPER SAIYAN ACTIVATE IM MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Joey always asks Yugi Muto about the quiz but that doesn't mean he's not good at duelling.
His red-eyes is the meta deck on this game now even though there's no one use Red eyes deck with Joey lol.
<< Anonymous
Realm Reply
The events content is pretty pointless if you have to come to this page to seek answers. Funny though, we arent joey and this site isnt yugi, Yugi only gives joey hints, this site gives the fcking answers.
<< Anonymous
Tyree 66 Reply
I've tried over and over again to understand how this process is done.Because if I don't bring out the spell card or if it is set, it doesn't work. Please respond. This is my last quiz and I'm stuck.
Challenge 5:
Normal Summon [Trance Archfiend]
Activate [Trance Archfiend]'s effect, Discard [Snoww, Unlight of Dark World]
[Snoww, Unlight of Dark World]'s effect activates, Add [Dark World Lightning] to your hand
Activate [Dark World Lightning], Destroy [Dark Coffin], Discard [Ceruli, Guru of Dark World]
[Dark Coffin]'s effect activates, Destroy [Trance Archfiend]
[Ceruli, Guru of Dark World]'s Effect activates, Discard [Broww, Huntsman of Dark World]
Special Summon [Dark Necrofear]
Activate [Advance Draw], Sacrifice [Dark Necrofear]

<< Anonymous(Archi)
Anonymous Reply
Thank you kind sir
<< Anonymous
Archi Reply
Thanks, once again (-_-;;) don't mention it, I can't help myself if I can 'think'. :)
<< Anonymous(Archi)
Likes to Mention it Reply
Thanks man, I was not gonna make it in my own
<< Anonymous(Archi)
Anonymous Reply
What is wrong with you, sickhead!?
For challenge #3 (if having trouble):
Equip the Noble Arms card from your hand to one of the enemy monsters other than 1900
Activate the effect to destroy one trap card
Use Double Cyclone to destroy 2nd trap and Noble Arms card
Use Noble Arms ability to equip Drystan (far right monster)
Use Drystans ability to destroy 1900 monster
Activate Noble Arms card again to destroy 3rd trap
Chain ability of Noble Knight to shift Noble Arms to enemy monster
Use Glory to search and equip Galatin to any target
Attack and win
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I’ll still clarify. Sorry for confusion.
After the Noble Arms card comes back and is equipped to Drystan, use the effect of Bedwyr(?) to transfer the card over to an enemy monster. After destroying the last trap, use the Glory of the Noble Knights spell to equip Noble Arms Gallatin to any monster on your side.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is not the only way. "Changing" equip card as the last step also can work.
<< Anonymous
Moken Reply
There is a second solution to #3 with no equip to opp's monsters.

1. Put Arf on Drystan, Destroy Gawain.
2. Use Arf twice with Cyclone to destroy all traps. Put second Arf on Drystan again.
3. Use Glory to put Gallatin on Drystan.
4. πŸ”₯ Artorigus with Drystan. Put Gallatin from GY on Bedwyr.
5. Attack with Bedwyr.
6. Use Bedwyr's ability to move Gallatin to Peredur.
7. Attack with Peredur.
<< Anonymous(Moken)
Anonymous Reply
Thank you, this made more sense than the solution posted on the page. They have medurat in the solution and he’s not even part of it

That's why you lose, you don't like thinking, you are freaking losers lmao !!
<< Anonymous(LightBulb)
Chris Reply
What you expect? They lose to FH Amazon MH FOR 6 MONTHS! They are not real players but competitors playing victim.
<< Anonymous(LightBulb)
haha Reply
Well said! I completely agree with you!!!
<< Anonymous(LightBulb)
Good kid Reply
Fur hires so broken deck
<< Anonymous(LightBulb)
Anonymous Reply
Actually, those guys wanted duel links dead since it was released. Always posting crap about the game and lying all the time.
How to solve exodia challenge?
<< Anonymous(Duuuude)
Anonymous Reply
Thanks man!
<< Anonymous
Duuude Reply
I know. It's definitely fine. I said it's no problem.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
thanks man, came on here looking for exactly that. goo detail
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
#2 solution
1. Polymerise the 2 monsters on your field to Darkfire Dragon
2.Use Oops! to destroy Darkfire Dragon
3. Normal Summon CyberDark Horn from your hand, equip with the petit dragon
4.Use release Restraint Wave on Petit Dragon(it is now an equip card for your Cyberdark) to destroy the 3 draining shields on the opponent's field
5. Activate Cyuberdark Impact and summon Cyberdark dragon and equip with Darkfire dragon
6. πŸ”₯ the Infamous Dyna, Hero fur Hire
[Solution achieved in 30 seconds.]
<< Anonymous(Valensia )
Yang Reply
I just want it to be believable for Haters - Sorry if I spoiled it.
<< Anonymous(Yang)
Anonymous Reply
Don't apologize. Some of us don't care enough about these brainteasers and just want to clear them, so thanks for the solution. No one is obligated to come here, if someone reads these solutions, it's no longer a spoiler. People come here looking for them.
<< Anonymous
Yang Reply
Thanks for you view, but either way someone will complain;(not my first time)
1.No answer [ Transcript: U support Komoney with giving us impossible event and hide the answers / Just admit ur'e high ]
2.Hint [ Some players just complain varieties of complaints that they still can't solve it ]
3.Full answer for 1 or 2 [ Transcript: We don't need your solution ty. Don't be a spoiler]
<< Anonymous(Yang)
Anonymous Reply
Thank you!
Challenge 4
-Special summon tricky by discarding lyla.
-Summon magical exemplar
-Set silent burning then activate storm
-Activate silent burning in grave, get silent magician
-Activate yami
-Use exemplar effect to summon lyla
-Use lyla effect
-Summon silent magician by tributing lyla
-πŸ”₯ attack using silent magician to summon lv8
-Attack with all your monsters.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How do I destroy the second Drowning Force?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Summoning Lyla using Magical Exemplar's effect.

Lyla will destroy 2nd Drowning.
<< Anonymous
JJ Reply
Thanks a lot :D
<< Anonymous
Kevin Reply
Hey Thanks !
Duelist Challenge #5 Solution

1. Summon Mermail Abyssturge from your hand
2. Activate the effect of Mermail Abyssturge
3. Discard Mermail Abysshilde
4. Add Mermail Abyssgunde from your graveyard to your hand
5. Activate the effect of Mermail Abysshilde
6. Summon Mermail Abyssmegalo from your hand
7. Activate the effect of Mermail Abyssmegalo
8. Tribute Mermail Abyssturge
9. Summon Mermail Abyssbalaen by discarding the other 4 monsters in your hand
10. Select every card on your oppoent's field to destroy
11. Activate the effect of Mermail Abyssgunde (chain to 10)
12. Summon Mermail Abyssleed from your graveyard
13. Change to battle phase
14. Attack directly (attack twice with Mermail Abyssmegalo)
Done :)
<< Anonymous(Pelly89)
DNastyKuriboh Reply
This one was easier than the last
<< Anonymous(Pelly89)
Anonymous Reply
thanks dude
<< Anonymous(Pelly89)
Kansas Reply
thanks a lot m8 !
<< Anonymous(Pelly89)
Anonymous Reply
Thank you very much sir well done

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